Leased Equipment Tracking With QR Codes And Mobile Forms

Efficient Tracking Of Leased Asset & Equipment Powered By QR Codes / Smartphones

Do you lease out equipment to the clients, or loan to company employees and have a hard time to keep track of what is where?
Losing valuable assets because of the lack of accountability?
If this is the case, QR Inventory Leased Assets Edition is a software for you.
Using QR Inventory, you will be able to keep track of assets and equipment in the office and on site using regular smartphones as barcode scanning and data collection tools.
track assets by scanning
Track Assets In The Office And In The Field
Need to track assets in the field and on the client site?
Use regular smartphone or tablet for barcode scanning and data entry.
Need to record large volume of assets received in the office or returned from the lease?
You can use regular barcode scanner for faster entry / processing.

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