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Flow Charts

Collaborative Knowledge Management (cKM): Flow Charts / Business Process Mapping in a Collaborative Environment.

Collaborative Knowledge Management (or CKM) is an enterprise collaboration software that helps you create interactive flow charts, diagrams and mind maps in a collaborative environment, engage employees and help them visualize complex processes or procedures by using interactive graphical interface. The system works as a graphical wiki, where information is linked to flow charts and diagrams illustrating business processes, procedures or structures. The flow-charts can be created and reviewed by a geographically dispersed team in a synchronous collaborative environment of Second Life, and / or individually on the web. Web and Second Life interface are completely compatible -- team members can migrate from one to another for creating, updating and reviewing information.

cKM utilizes drill-down approach: each container in the flow chart along with the text information, web links and landmarks (in Second Life) can contain other flow charts.

cKM is integrated with Absolutely!™ - full fledged enterprise wiki / knowledge management software. Using Absolutely!™ and cKM together allows you to insert interactive flow charts and diagrams in the company knowledge base.
Add Cloud Note business mobile application to the mix, and you will be able to create visual documentation of the process or procedure on the fly with your smartphone and share documents with your team.

Use Collaborative Knowledge Management tool to:

  • Manage and organize business or technical information. Employees can create visual interactive charts for separate areas of organizational activity, link them together, and access information across the enterprise.
  • Increase efficiency of meetings and brainstorming sessions. cKM increases productivity of meetings by allowing a team to synchronously "nail down" the results of the session in easy-to-understand form, make results accessible to the team and a wider group of colleagues.
  • Set effective corporate training. Using cKM, training departments can rapidly create visual and interactive material for e-learning programs.
  • Improve project management. Collaboarate on project flow, timeline. Update information on a regular basis.

Using Collaborative Knowledge Management tool in Second Life: A team starts brainstorming project flow.

Using Collaborative Knowledge Management tool in Second Life: Later stage of brainstorming. Flow-chart is getting developed.

The same flow-chart as seen through the web interface.  



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