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Absolutely!™ -- Enterprise Wiki Style Knowledge Management Software

Absolutely!™ is an enterprise wiki style knowledge management software. It works on top of Google Apps, allowing authors to mix and match various documents / web pages in one article, and add external materials as well. Absolutely!™ allows organizations to create structured knowledge base, at the same time providing opportunity for workforce collaboration, peer feedback and advice. Absolutely!™ works seamlessly with Cloud Note business mobile application, which allows you to create visual instructions on the fly and publish them to corporate knowledge base.

Enterprise Wiki as Knowledge Management System

Experience and information accumulated by employees are the most critical intellectual capital and competitive advantage of any organization. To preserve and make best use of it, you need a knowledge management software to store, organize, distribute, and enable adoption of this knowledge within your organization efficiently. What type of knowledge management software will work better for you?

Traditional knowledge management systems, although providing a good value for organizations, are often lacking incentive for employees to work on the task collectively, collaborate or contribute their knowledge. Recently wiki and social media are being adopted as an alternative to traditional knowledge management systems. Wiki are certainly a good alternative in providing a base for enterprise collaboration, but often lack structure and user control, which is essential in corporate environment.

Absolutely!™ combines benefits of a traditional knowledge management software (KMS) with the collaboration and engagement features of wiki and social networks. It provides structured categorized framework for entering and finding information, and allows for easy organization of materials, browsing and searching. At the same time, it provides ability for authorized users to contribute information, discuss it, collaborate with the peers, seek and give advice and feedback. Integration with cKM™ allows users to collaborate on creating flow charts and diagrams, and include them into the organizational knowledge base. The program allows for granulated user privileges, with administrator(s) controlling who can do what.

Organization and Maintenance of Information

Entering and maintaining up to date information into the knowledge management system can be a challenge. Information that initially needs to be entered is often scattered in multiple locations, from documents on different computers to database(s) to various software systems already in use. Putting this information together may require significant time and effort. Even more, after information is in the system, maintaining it may require updating the same materials in several places.

The possible solution is to use knowledge management software that takes information directly from the company documents. Absolutely!™ is tightly integrated with Google Apps, allowing you to use the power of cloud computing, collaborative synchronous work on the documents, sophisticated sharing options and powerful editing interface. Information is taken directly from Google Apps, eliminating the need to re-enter and re-organize materials.

Mobile Access

As smart phones become increasingly common, and workforce becomes more and more mobile, spending significant fraction of the time on-the-go and away from the office, it is important that employees have access to vital information regardless of their location. That is why we made Absolutely!™ available both as web and mobile application. Now employees can access and contribute information from anywhere.


The following features of Absolutely!™ will help you increase productivity and organizational efficiency:

  • Capture, organize and distribute organizational knowledge / information, re-use existing information directly from underlying documents without the need to re-enter / re-organize data.
  • Provide ability for employees to access vital information on demand, on the computer or a smart phone, be active participants, contribute their knowledge and experience.
  • Include best aspect of social media - ability to discuss and share ideas on work related topics.
  • Use various media, including flash, video, audio, spreadsheets / lists, interactive flow charts and diagrams, immersive environments of virtual worlds.
  • Include existing Google Docs or create new documents (text, spreadsheets, presentations, web pages, etc.) on the fly using powerful editing interface and a variety of options.
  • Use sophisticated document collaboration and sharing options available through Google Apps combined with Absolutely!'s structured organization of information and comprehensive search to easily find needed data.
  • Include interactive flow charts. Work on them collaboratively on the web or in the virtual world of Second Life.
  • Use the power and benefits of cloud computing through Google Apps. Absolutely! cam be hosted on our network or yours.



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