Smart Use Of QR Codes Examples: Retail, Wholesale, B2B

If you are a retailer you know that along with a great customer service and in-store experience, you have to always work on getting new customers into the door (or on your web site), keeping existing ones, and making customer remember you and have them coming back.

We already mentioned using QR codes for marketing and some deadly mistakes you can make, such as creating QR codes that lead to your desktop web site.

There are great examples of smart and successful use of QR codes, however. DIY Network, home improvement television network reaching more than 56 million homes, figured that its customers often need more than printed instructions in order to assemble complicated products they mention on their web site and on the shows. At the same time, even technically simple product often benefit if a seller can "tell the story", showing customers how to handle a product or where it came from. So instead of PDFs with assembly instructions, that are often difficult to understand and follow, they created step-by-step video instructions for their products that people can access by scanning QR code.

...using QR codes in a smart way can really help your business, as well as your customers.

Just recently, before July 4th came about, a small company selling fireworks in Clearfield Utah used QR Codes to show its customers how the fireworks would turn out before they actually bought it. Of course, fireworks are unique because you do not usually get to see the real thing before you pay for it, burn it and watch it. You would actually have to rely on the description of the sales person or the business owner. And furthermore, it is hard to put into words when one tries to describe firework displays. Thoughtful use of QR codes removed this limitation. By scanning the QR Codes, the customers were shown video of how the actual firework will look like when they are lit.

There is also a directly commercial aspect of using QR codes. Baden-Jensen, manufacturer of the car paint from Denmark, uses QRwave b2b mobile ordering software to help their clients, mostly owners of garages and mechanical shops, to re-order paint. Scan of a code printed on the paint label allows technician to reorder correct paint without a need to go to the office, or search for the correct line-item on the Baden-Jensen web site. Convenience and elimination of possible mistakes attracts customers, just as timely delivery of the product.

Tesco supermarket chain in Korea came up with a creative idea of grocery shopping using posters in subway stations. While going home from work, people scan QR codes next to grocery items they want to purchase, create their order and send it to the store - all while they are waiting for the train. When they come to the store, the order is already packed and waiting - or they can select for the order to be delivered directly to their home.

Since Tesco started virtual grocery shopping in 2011, many more companies followed this trend. Now this virtual shopping is not restricted to groceries - you can buy almost anything from virtual stores in subway and train stations. The latest: Walmart teamed up with Mattel to offer a virtual toy store at Union Station in Toronto. This way of shopping is convenient for consumers, saves them time and becoming increasingly popular.

QR codes are perfectly suited for restocking orders. With QR code on the item's label or packaging, all the person needs to do is to scan QR code to re-order the item. This system works for both B2C and B2B ordering. For example, Wallgreens pharmacy is offering customers to refill prescriptions by scanning QR code on the medication label. Staples allows their business customers to place restocking orders for office supplies by scanning QR codes. QRwave mcommerce software allows any business, large or small, implement QR Codes based supplies re-order program at a very affordable price.

The bottom line - using QR codes in a smart way can really help your business, as well as your customers.

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