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AHG ShareIt -- Mobile Files Uploading and Sharing

A picture is worth a thousand words - add them to your mobile communications with ShareIt

Use AHG ShareIt and your android smartphone to share visuals with peers, help colleagues picture the setting, illustrate your point to clients or friends.

AHG ShareIt is an android application that allows you to browse your android camera directory, select one or multiple image(s), upload images to a separate directory on Google Docs, add message and share the contents. Use it to communicate and collaborate remotely, seek or give advice, demonstrate step-by-step procedures, report situation in the field, provide technical support, illustrate your idea or in any other circumstances that require visual communication, secure environment and controlled access to shared information.

  • Easy images browsing and selection, preview
  • Automatic resizing for fast transfer
  • Stores multiple Google Docs accounts, minimum typing
  • Select groups, contacts from android contact list
  • Add additional contacts to share
  • Add message
  • Control access to shared information
  • Automatic e-mail notification

Get in on android market: scan QR code below or search for "AHG ShareIt".


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