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Mobile Promotions:
Create A Card

Step 1 of 3: Create Mobile Promotion Card

visual editor for creating apple passbook offers

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Create, Distribute and Update Apple Passbook Promotions in Three Easy Steps

Step 1 :: Create Promotions

All iPhone users have this app installed.

Most use it on a daily basis.

Growing number of companies in all areas of business support this app.

We are talking about Apple Passbook.

Now you can get your promo card onto customers' Passbook app and thus ensure that your messages are in front of their eyes. Plus, once your card is in the Passbook, your communications line to the customer is always "on".

promoCard allows you to easily create Passbook-ready card using visual online card builder. You can upload images, change colors and preview results in real time. You can also enter keyword(s) / category(ies) for this card. promoCard platform allows you to distribute cards based on customers' interests.

Along with the card promoCard application creates a special QR Code. You can place the QR Code on your web site, product packaging and / or printed promotional materials to let customer easily download your card with one scan.

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