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Mobile Promotions:
Distribute Cards

Step 2 of 3: Distribute Mobile Promotions

distribute your apple passbook offers using e-mail, QR codes on your products, or contextual search on the web

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Create, Distribute and Update Apple Passbook Promotions in Three Easy Steps

Step 2 :: Distribute Promotions. Beat Amazon and Aggregators.

There is almost unlimited number of options for distributing Apple Passbook passes. Add promo card to e-mail, website, mobile website, mobile app, printed promotional materials.

You can also add a new communication channel - shipped products. Place a QR Code on the packaging and / or invoice and user will be able to download and install your promotion card on his iPhone with a single scan. This option might be of a particular interest if you do not have access to customer's e-mail or address, for example when you sell through Amazon or eBay aggregator. Customer is probably not aware of your existence or your website. From his or her point of view they bought an item from Amazon. By letting customer download your pass / promo card you establish direct communications channel and ensure that the following purchases will be done directly from you.

promoCard gives you tools to target cards to customers' interests. You can display promotional card on the web page based on what user is searching for, what product category (s)he is browsing, or what is in his shopping cart. Based on customer purchase, you can attach relevant card to confirmation e-mail, and / or place QR Code for the relevant card on shipped items packaging.

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