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Mobile Promotions:
Update Cards

Step 3 of 3: Update Mobile Promotions

update your apple passbook offers using web interface

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Create, Distribute and Update Apple Passbook Promotions in Three Easy Steps

Step 3 :: Update Promotions

Unlike other Passbook - related tools, promoCard not only delivers one-time coupon or discount to customers' phone. It gives you a unique opportunity to update your promotions on a regular basis. This way, once customer downloads your promotion card, he or she will always see the latest offers / announcements in the category of their interest.

You update the card via the web-based intuitive visual card builder, and can preview the results in real time. Once you update the card, the card your customers have on their phones updates with the new information and all your customers receive notification of the update.

promoCard shows you statistics on how many instances of each card are installed on customers' phones - so you know exactly how many customers have received specific promotion.

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