Mobile Stocktaking Will Speed Up Your Stock Counting Process And Eliminate Errors

If you need to do inventory count or asset audit on a regular basis, you know how much headache it can cause, from a necessity to close down the business to incorrect results that don't match. QR Audit stocktaking software takes this headache away by automating inventory control and audit accounting tasks. It allows businesses to complete physical inventory count / fixed asset audits in hours rather than days or weeks. Employees take stock by scanning inventory or assets with a smartphone, and send scanned batches directly to the cloud-based central database. Scan based entries and uninterrupted data pipeline ensures fast audits and accurate results.

Physical inventory count is a long, tedious and error-prone process when done manually. Businesses may need to stop the entire operation, and count all inventory (often multiple times) until count matches. Then they need to manually enter data into the computer. Misplaced or lost notes lead to more problems and additional re-counting.

QR Audit stocktaking software takes care of these problems. QR Audit uses modern technologies: QR codes, NFC, cloud and mobile computing to speed up and error-proof stocktaking, physical inventory count and asset audits.

With QR Audit software, employees use their own smartphones or tablets and QR Audit mobile application to scan in assets and inventory. As they scan, the running feed is displayed on a smartphone screen, so there are no doubts what was already scanned and what was not. They can check / correct items in a batch and submit it directly to the cloud at any time. Scanned data are auto saved on the mobile phone, so employees can stop / resume at any time without losing collected information.

Multiple employees can take inventory concurrently in the different parts of the warehouse, speeding up the process.

QR Audit allows you to perform the following functions:

  1. Stocktaking
    Create a list of existing / newly arrived assets or inventory, sync to inventory software.

  2. Physical Inventory Count
    Perform complete physical inventory count or cycle count, produce discrepancies report.

  3. Fixed Asset Audit
    Verify location and possession of company's assets - in the office, at the job sites, client site or checked out by employees.

  4. Verify On Hand Inventory for Distributed Teams
    Check at a periodic time intervals if distributed remote teams have all inventory on hand, what was missing or used.

  5. Produce Used Inventory Reports
    Check what was used on site or for a project.

Administrators control audits via the web dashboard. They define when audit starts and ends, in what location it should be done and what inventory / asset groups should be counted. QR Audit also supports ad hoc audits that authorized employees can create, complete and submit from their smartphones.

Once audit is completed, QR Audit compares scanned inventory with what is on the books and produces discrepancies / missing items report. You can sync QR Audit with the external inventory management or asset tracking software by importing / exporting data. QR Audit works seamlessly with QR Inventory - web based inventory management and asset tracking software with mobile inventory processing. More information and demo of QR Audit are available at

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