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What can your business gain by switching from your current data collection methods to the mobile forms? How can you incorporate mobile forms data collection into the business workflow? This article gives you an overview of what mobile forms are, what are their advantages and what is involved in implementing mobile data collection for tracking your business operations.

How QR code scanning, smartphones, mobile forms and the cloud can help you achieve end-to-end inventory traceability in a simple and efficient manner.

How do mobile asset tracking technologies (barcodes, QR codes, NFC, RFID, GPS) work and which one to use for your business.

How mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) can help you control business assets and inventory, and in what situations using mobile devices for asset and inventory tracking makes most sense.

Use smartphones for inventory scanning and data recording, and you will do physical inventory counts in a fraction of a time it used to take, with less resources and higher accuracy.

If you need to do inventory count or asset audit on a regular basis, you know how much headache it can cause, from a necessity to close down business to incorrect results that don't match. QR Audit software takes this headache away by automating inventory control and audit accounting tasks. It allows businesses to complete physical inventory count / fixed asset audits in hours rather than days or weeks. Employees take stock by scanning inventory or assets with a smartphone, and send scanned batches directly to the cloud-based central database. Scan based entries and uninterrupted data pipeline ensures fast audits and accurate results.

If you have mobile assets and inventory in multiple locations it may be challenging to accurately track everything. You need a number of users in different remote locations, away from the office computers to be able to enter and access data in real time. Having a system that combines mobile application (to collect and access information in the field) with a cloud based back-end for storing / distributing data can be a good solution. See how it may work!

QR Inventory now supports NFC tags. NFC reading is much faster than QR code scanning, so if you need to process high-volume asset or inventory transactions using NFC tags will save you a lot of time and money.

New feature of QR Inventory simplifies new assets entry in out-of-the-office locations. You can label an asset, scan a label, fill out information, take photos if needed and upload data to the server - all by using a smartphone.

Inventory management and asset tracking software has evolved from desktop to online cloud systems to mobile software running on the tablets and smartphones. Barcodes are beeng replaced with qr codes, barcode scanners and mobile computers - with the mobile phones. NFC based inventory and asset tracking is gaining popularity. This article provides an overview of inventory management trends to make the process of picking the right software system easier for small businesses.

This free tool allows you to generate QR codes for your equipment, assets or properties, customize label template and bulk download ready-to-print QR Code labels. Your clients and / or employees can submit service request, report damage or problem by scanning QR code on the label with a smartphone and filling out a form.

Implementation of mobile forms for field data collection, coupled with QR code / barcode scanning capabilities speeds up the process, eliminate double-entry, errors and information loss, and creates uninterrupted real time data exchange between field technicians and the office. Once such systems were available only to the large companies due to their price tag. Now advent of smartphones and tablets made it affordable for business of any size to switch from paper forms to mobile data collection.

What are dynamic QR codes: how are they different from static QR codes, how you can generate and print them and how you can use them for field service operations: equipment maintenance, property management, asset tracking and inventory management.

After accumulating customers' comments for a little bit over a year we recently rolled out version two of QR Inventory software. The new version differentiates between assets and inventory, providing different workflow for each type, allows for different location types and seamless transfer of assets and inventory between them, and improves your ability to define what information to store, show, track, record and report using granular custom types and properties.

Barcode scanners vs QR code / smartphone combination vs mobile computers for inventory and asset management - overview of barcode scanning equipment questions from Q&A sessions.

How QR codes and smartphones help keeping your records in order and assets well maintained

Kill not two, but three birds with one stone - track assets and inventory using barcode scanning, automatically map assets locations, take photos and attach them to inventory transactions. All using just one device - smartphone running iOS or Android.

Barcoding and initial stock taking for inventory and assets can be time consuming and is prone to errors. The article discusses how to streamline this process using smartphone and QR Inventory mobile application.

Integrated QR Inventory - Intacct solution gives businesses an option to tie mobile, QR and barcode - based inventory and asset tracking to cloud financial management / accounting.

Tips and practical advice on how to implement inventory management and / or asset tracking system using modern technologies, such as qr codes, mobile applications and smartphones.

New Asset Tracking & Circulating Inventory module of QR Inventory software makes it easy for businesses to track assets and inventory which are constantly moving between warehouses, job sites, service vans and employees or clients. Authorized employees can record transfer of an asset with one scan of QR code, and information becomes immediately available to central database and all authorized devices. The result is: no more wasted time and money, no lost items, increased productivity.

New options in inventory management and asset tracking software, such as ability to use smartphones for processing transactions by scanning qr code / barcode on the item, should make small businesses move away from spreadsheet-based inventory management....

Small businesses which find traditional inventory management systems too complex and expensive now have an alternative - QR Inventory Lite. This simplified version of QR Inventory software replaces manual inventory entry with inventory transactions based on barcode or QR Code scanning. Instead of maintaining inventory spreadsheets employees can use their smartphones to process inventory transactions with one scan....

Some ideas on how you can use QR Codes and a smartphone to track assets and equipment, streamline equipment service procedures, speed up and simplify inspections and audits, and even enhance safety....

New technologies, such as mobile applications and QR codes, are changing the way small businesses are approaching business tasks. These technologies, built into productivity software, allow small businesses to optimize and error-proof business operations. QR Inventory, a new small business inventory management application, use these technologies to help businesses streamline inventory management process without invenstment in proprietary hardware...

QR Codes were not invented for marketing and advertising. QR codes were invented by Toyota subsidiary for managing large number of components that could not be accommodated by regular UPC barcodes. Now, when smartphone applications are added to the mix, businesses with much smaller inventory can benefit from managing inventory using QR codes and smartphones. It not only saves money on the hardware, but provides mobility and flexibility....

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