Automate Workflow With Mobile Forms Data Collection

Mobile Workflow Management With Custom Forms: Track Your Business Process On A Smartphone

Track business operations, production process using mobile devices for barcode scanning, data collection and look up. Move projects through the steps, record what was done on each step by filling out mobile forms on a smartphone or tablet.

mobile workflow with custom forms

Create Custom Workflow(s), Mobile Forms To Track Business Operations

Custom Workflows
Create Custom Workflow(s) Via A Web Dashboard
production process  
  • Create custom workflows / processes via the web interface.
  • Define workflow steps, provide description / instructions for each step to guide your employees through the process.
  • Optionally select mobile form(s) that need to be filled out on each step. Make forms required or optional.
  • Employees in the field / on the factory floor will be able to fill out the form(s) and move project / product batches through the stages on site using a smartphone.
Custom Mobile Forms
Create Custom Mobile Forms, Link To Workflow Steps
mobile forms  
  • Create custom mobile forms via the web interface: checklists, inspection forms, quality control forms, data recording forms - any kind of forms that you need to track and document your business procedures.
  • Split forms into categories / sub-forms for clarity and easier completion.
  • Add clarifying text and/or images for the form fields.
  • Allow users to manually enter data, select value from a list or scan data in using a smartphone.
  • Allow users to take photo(s) with a smartphone and attach to the form.
  • Define fields data type and indicate if the field is required or optional.
  • Create and upload template for pdf reports, map form fields to the template.
  • Optionally pre-fill part of the fields in a mobile form before pushing it to mobile devices.

Track Business Process On Site Using A Smartphone

Mobile Data Collection
Collect Data, Track Business Operations In The Field In Real Time
track business process  
  • Identify business object (project, assembly, equipment, product batch, etc.) by scanning QR code or barcode label with a smartphone.
  • Add a new object on a smartphone if not in the database, fill out all required information and take photos.
  • Check current status of an object, or start a workflow for a new object.
  • Check instructions for the current workflow step, see at a glance which form(s) need to be filled out, and which forms are already completed.
  • Review completed forms.
  • Fill out forms that need to be completed.
  • Move the project to the next step / update status.
  • Submitted information is sent to a centralized cloud location, and is available to all authorized users in real time, in the office on the computers and in the field on the mobile devices.
  • Optionally an alert is sent to the administrator(s) when a project is moved to the next step.
Mobile Data Access
Access Critical Information In The Field, Make Informed Decisions
mobile data access  
  • Identify business object (project, assembly, equipment, product batch) by scanning QR code or barcode label with a smartphone.
  • Access object information. You define what information employees need to access in the field via an admin web dashboard. The information can include item specifications, instructions, pdf documents, images, drawings and anything else that your employees need to know in the field.
  • Update item information in the field, take additional photos if applicable.
  • Check current status of the scanned object, previous steps and completed forms.
Fill Out Mobile Forms
Collect Data In The Field Using Mobile Forms
mobile forms  
  • An employee can fill out mobile forms as part of the process / workflow or independently from a workflow.
  • Forms linked to a workflow will be listed on an item status screen. A user will see the forms that need to be filled on the current step, and fill out the forms that were not yet completed.
  • An employee can also go directly to the forms screen, and select a form to complete from the list of forms relevant to the scanned object.
  • If an administrator started a form that needs to be completed in the field, an employee will be able to pick up and complete the form either from a workflow or from the forms screen.
  • Once the form is completed, an employee will be able to collect a signature and create a PDF with signature included on a smartphone.
  • An employee can view pdf, print and / or e-mail to specified addresses from a smartphone.
  • You define the look and layout of pdf document by creating a custom template.

Complete Visibility Into Your Business Processes And Operations

Real Time Reports
Review Projects Progress In Real Time, Past Projects History
real time reports  
  • All data collected in the field are accessible in real time via a web dashboard.
  • Review projects in progress, what step they are on, what had been done and forms that were filled out.
  • Review all projects that are currently in a specific workflow step.
  • Access detailed history of the current and past projects: dates, operations performed, employees who performed the operations, completed forms.
  • Filter data by multiple parameters to find required information fast.
Business Process Documentation
Complete Business Process Documentation, Accessible Online Or Via Saved CSV / PDF Reports
pdf reports  
  • Access all collected data on the business processes online. Review current projects, past projects, find required information fast using multiple search filters.
  • If necessary, edit submitted forms via a web dashboard, or fill out "office only" part.
  • If any deficiency is found, you can mark the form uncompleted and push back to the mobile devices to collect additional information.
  • Export reports on completed forms in a CSV file for offline storage or import to an internal system.
  • Create PDF report on the completed form, e-mail to co-workers and / or clients.
  • Define how PDF report will look like using custom templates.
  • Include collected information, image(s) and signature.

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