Automate Workflow With Mobile Forms Data Collection

Electronic Mobile Forms Software For Business

Use smartphones and custom mobile forms tailored to your business for efficient field data collection. Submit completed mobile forms from the smartphone to the cloud in real time.


Mobile Forms For Field Inspections

mobile inspections audits

Mobile forms for field inspections and audits allow company employees to complete the job on site using a mobile device. They do not have to carry around laptops or use paper forms. There is no need for double entries or sharing data using e-mail - all data are available to authorized users in real time from centralized cloud location.

Creating Mobile Forms For Inspections & Audits - QR Mobile Data FAQ

What you can do using QR Mobile Data


  • Create custom smart forms and checklists for inspection and audits.
  • Divide smart forms / checklists into sections for clarity and easier completion.
  • Add clarifying text, and optionally images to the form fields.
  • Add an option for the inspectors to add images and collect signatures on the smartphones.
  • Add repeatable sections to the smart forms. Repeatable sections can be added to the form dynamically as needed when employee fills out a form on the mobile device.
  • Create scannable checklists, so that instead of manually checking off items an inspector will scan them.
  • Review and download submitted inspections in real time via the web dashboard.
  • Create PDF reports for the inspections. Define reports look and layout using custom templates.
  • Set alerts and reminders for routine inspections.
  • Analyze data using reports.

Field Inspectors.

  • Fill out inspection forms / checklists on site using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets running iOS or Android).
  • Uniquely identify an object being inspected by scanning QR code.
  • Fill out an entire form at once or in steps. All collected data are automatically saved on the inspector's smartphone until submitted to the server.
  • Fill out smart forms / checklists with or without internet or data connection. If there is no connection, all completed forms are saved on the mobile device, and are submitted to the server when connection is available.
  • Fill out form data manually, scan values in, or select from the list.
  • Take photos with a smartphone and attach to the smart form, and capture signature(s) on the mobile device.
  • Dynamically add sections to the smart form as needed.
  • Scan items for the checklist instead of finding them on the form and checking off. QR Mobile Data mobile application will find the scanned item and check it off automatically.
  • Submit completed inspection form to a centralized cloud location when done.
  • Create PDF report of the inspection on the mobile device. View, print and e-mail report to the specified e-mail addresses.
  • Date, time, inspector, and GPS location of the inspection site are automatically recorded.


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Mobile Forms For Equipment Tracking And Maintenance

equipment maintenance

Mobile forms, smartphones and QR code scanning improve field work efficiency and employees' productivity. Field technicians access all information they need to perform their job on the spot, without any delays or miscommunications. They record all work done to the equipment, from preventive maintenance to service and repairs, on site using mobile forms. Maintenance and service records immediately become available to all authorized personnel, on the mobile devices and computers.

Mobile Forms, Field Data Collection For Equipment Maintenance - QR Mobile Data FAQ

What you can do using QR Mobile Data


  • Manage equipment, generate and print QR code labels
  • Create custom fields to hold equipment information
  • Create smart forms for recording maintenance / service / repairs
  • Add clarifying text / images to the smart form fields so that field employees know exactly what to fill out and which part to check
  • Create work orders for equipment maintenance and push to the mobile devices
  • Access real time equipment location and service / maintenance history
  • Fill out office only part of the submitted smart forms
  • Set alerts and reminders for preventive maintenance, warranty expiration and other important dates and events
  • Analize data using reports

Field Technicians

  • Access equipment information, including specifications, operation instructions, documentation, etc. by scanning QR code label with a smartphone
  • Review recent service / repair history
  • Record service / maintenance / repairs that they perform on the equipment using mobile forms
  • Take photos and obtain signatures on a smartphone
  • Submit records to a centralized cloud location
  • Receive reminders on scheduled maintenance


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Real Time Mobile Workflow Tracking

mobile workflow software

If you need to track progress and collect multiple data as the project or product batch moves through the production process, QR Mobile Data is a perfect solution for you. You will be able to create custom workflow(s), attach forms to the workflow steps and collect all required information on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) in real time. All stakeholders have immediate access to the project's progress and documentation.

What you can do using QR Mobile Data


  • Create workflow(s) via the web dashboard, define steps, provide description and instructions.
  • Create mobile forms for the data collection, and link them to the workflow steps.
  • Optionally pre-fill part of the form and push to the mobile devices for completion.
  • Add clarifying text and images to the form fields as needed to provide guidance for the users who are filling out the form.
  • Review current status and progress of all active projects.
  • Review detailed history of all past projects: how it was moved through the steps, dates, employees, collected data, submitted records, etc.
  • Created PDF reports based on the submitted records. The looks and layout of PDF reports are defined via custom templates.
  • Optionally give access to PDF documents to the clients or outside auditors.
  • Search submitted records by multiple parameters to find required information fast.


  • Access documentation, checklists, mobile forms, specifications, current status and other required information on the asset, property or project by scanning QR code label with a smartphone.
  • Check project status, what had been done, move project to the next step using smartphone.
  • Record what was done, collect data and measurements on a smartphone, with or without internet connection.
  • Fill out mobile forms linked to the current project step. Review information on the forms that had been filled out.
  • Stop and resume data collection at any time. All collected information is saved on the user's smartphone, and is never lost.
  • Use smartphone to scan in data instead of entering them manually where applicable (e.g. scan in replacement part number, lot number of used components or ingredients).
  • Take photos with a smartphone and attach them to the completed forms.
  • Capture a signature after the form completion.
  • Submit collected data to a centralized cloud location in real time.
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Mobile Checklist Application For Business Tasks Tracking

mobile checklist for business tasks

Give your employees a mobile checklist application to keep track of the tasks they are doing, make sure that nothing is missed or forgotten. Create a checklist they can use to check off completed tasks on a smartphone. Optionally, they can just scan a QR code, and corresponding task will be checked off automatically.
Completed checklists are submitted to the cloud in real time, so you have readily available documentation of what was done, when and by whom.

Mobile Checklists For Business Tasks Tracking - QR Mobile Data FAQ

What you can do using QR Mobile Data


  • Create custom mobile checklist for each process or procedure, define what additional information to collect for each task (notes, images, etc.).
  • Tasks can be checked off using a checkbox, or an employee can scan a QR code to mark the task completed.
  • Add an option for an employee to add sections to the forms / checklists dynamically, for example to describe and document the problem(s) if discovered.
  • Review and download collected data, make sure that all business tasks are completed properly and on time. Check when each task was completed, where and by whom.
  • Create custom notifications and alerts for the business tasks that need to be performed on the regular basis.
  • Receive alerts if the task is not completed on time.
  • Use web dashboard reports to review and analyze data.

Field Employees

  • Uniquely identify an object or property an employee is working on by scanning QR code label with a smartphone.
  • Use checklist / mobile form on the smartphone or tablet for the guidance on what needs to be done, and to check off completed tasks as they are finished.
  • Optionally scan QR codes / barcodes to mark a task as completed. QR Mobile Data application will automatically find and check off scanned task.
  • Collect any additional information on the tasks (comments, etc.), and optionally take photos with a smartphone to illustrate the point.
  • Add sections to the mobile form dynamically as needed to describe problems, list used parts, etc. Fill out added form sections on the mobile device and add images if applicable.
  • An employee can work with the mobile form / checklist offline if there is no data connection.
  • Submit completed mobile forms / checklist to a centralized cloud location when done. If the required task is missed, an employee will get a warning.
  • Access detailed information and past records of the object or property on a smartphone, by scanning QR code label.


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Replace Physical Paperwork With Smart Forms

paperless digital forms

Replace physical paperwork with smart forms. Create digital records, always accessible via a secure web interface from anywhere and easily searchable. Spend less time creating documents, less time searching for them and make sure nothing is misplaced or lost. With QR Mobile Data, every completed mobile form can be instantly turned into the PDF document and sent to a secure cloud. You have a total control of PDFs look and layout via custom templates.

What you can do using QR Mobile Data

  • Collect all types of data anywhere using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets running iOS or android) and custom smart forms / checklists.
  • You can use smart forms / checklists to do inspections and audits, document business process, send reports on assets conditions or damages, verify assets location, track business tasks completion, and more. Any paper or online form that you are currently using to collect data can be turned into a smart mobile form.
  • Collected information can include data, images and signature. Smart forms automatically record date and time of data collection, who collected data and GPS location of the data collection.
  • Turn collected information into PDF reports instantly on the mobile device, or later at the office while reviewing submitted records.
  • Define what should be included in the pdf reports, reports look and layout via custom MS Word templates.
  • Include your company branding (logo, address, etc.), information on the object for which data were collected (an asset, property, project, etc.), collected data including image(s) and signature.
  • View, print and e-mail PDF reports internally, to the customer or outside auditors.
  • Access created digital documents on demand from anywhere. Use multiple search filters to quickly find required documents.


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Production Process Tracking, Data Analysis For Manufacturing

production process management

QR Mobile Data application uses QR code scanning and mobile forms for tracking manufacturing process on the shop floor in real time. QR Mobile Data helps you eliminate manual notes and errors, saves employees time and provides live status of everything in production to the authorized personnel. Data analytics reports give you actionable insight into the business operations, allow you to analyze and improve manufacturing process and productivity.

Mobile Data Collection For Manufacturing - QR Mobile Data FAQ

What you can do using QR Mobile Data


  • Create custom production process, define process steps via the web dashboard
  • Create custom mobile forms for data collection, quality control forms and checklists
  • Attach mobile forms to the relevant production step(s)
  • Access live status of everything in production via the web dashboard
  • Access detailed history of the current and past projects: dates, time, employees who handled each task, collected data and filled out forms.
  • Access statistics on the collected data, data analytics reports in tabular and graphical formats.
  • Create custom reports: define what data to include in the report, apply custom filters, select report format, etc.
  • Create custom pdf documents for internal circulation, clients and / or external auditors

Shop Floor Employees

  • Track projects / work orders / product batches throgh the manufacturing process steps on the shop floor. Use mobile devices for QR code / barcode scanning, data collection and filling out mobile forms.
  • Access each work order information and status by scanning QR code.
  • Record all informaton relevant to the current production step on the mobile device.
  • If applicable, fill out quality control form / inspection checklist or other relevant paperwork using mobile forms.
  • Move project to the next production step.
  • If a production step requires multiple observations over time (e.g. recording process temperature and pressure each 6 hours over two days), employees from different shifts can add observations on their respective devices, and submit the form when all observations are recorded.
  • Attach images to the mobile forms, and collect signatures on the mobile device.
  • Create PDF of the completed forms (e.g. quality control) and e-mail to the selected recipients from the mobile device.


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SOP Mobile Checklists With QR Code Scanning

sop and checklists

Clearly documented standard operating procedures (SOP) ensure that business tasks are done correctly and on time. Checklists are a concise and effective way to let your employees know what needs to be done, and allow them to keep track of tasks completion by checking off checkboxes. For the field employees, mobile checklists that can be accessed and filled out on a smartphone or tablet is a great productivity tool. Mobile checklists for SOP help company employees complete business tasks on time and without errors, and give administrators real time visibility into the business operations status and progress.

What you can do using QR Mobile Data


  • Create mobile checklists for the standard operating procedures (SOP) via a web dashboard
  • Organize SOP tasks into the sections / subforms for clarity and easier completion
  • Provide clarifying text and / or image for each SOP task to show employees exactly what to do
  • Access tasks completion information in real time
  • Analize data using reports

Field Employees

  • Pull up correct, up-to-date mobile SOP checklist(s) for an asset or property on their smartphone by scanning a QR code
  • Check off tasks as they are completed, or scan QR code to indicate task completion
  • Add clarifying notes and / or images if applicable
  • Stop and resume at any time without losing any collected information
  • Submit completed checklist to the cloud when the job is done


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Project / Order Progress Tracking

project status tracking

If your company is building custom products for the clients, you want to monitor the progress of each project, document what was done and record details of each step. Using mobile data collection and access, your employees can quickly assess the current state of the project, move project through the stages as each step is completed, and record all necessary details of each project step on site in real time.

What you can do using QR Mobile Data


  • Manage projects
  • Define what data need to be collected for each project
  • Monitor project status in real time
  • Analize data using reports


  • Quickly access project details and status by scanning QR code label with a smartphone, check what to do next
  • Move project through the stages, change details or add image(s) if needed as each step is completed
  • Record details of each step using mobile form on a smartphone
  • Submit data to the cloud in real time as each stage is completed



Mobile Forms For Manufacturing Quality Control And Traceability

quality control traceability

Quality control and traceability during the manufacturing process helps you detect the problems and correct them right away, avoiding much bigger problems in the future. If the problem is found later on, you can quickly find all affected products, where they were distributed and issue a recall.

Traceability and quality control require employees to record batch numbers of all used materials, details of each production step and fill out quality control forms. This process produces tremendous amount of paperwork. It is hard to impossible to sort through all physical paperwork and find necessary information. Mobile forms data collection combined with the cloud data storage produces searchable digital documents, which can be accessed on demand from anywhere.

What you can do using QR Mobile Data


  • Define workflow and what data need to be collected for each production step.
  • Create quality control mobile forms and checklists via the web dashboard.
  • Monitor production process, access submitted information in real time.
  • Trace back all materials and production steps for each product batch.
  • Find all necessary documentation fast using multiple search filters: lot numbers of materials used in each product batch, where each batch was distributed, its productsuon history and steps, find all batches of a final product containing a component with a specific lot number, etc.
  • Analyze data using reports.

Shop Floor Employees

  • Record lot numbers of all materials and components that are used in a product batch by scanning QR codes / barcodes.
  • Record details of each production step on site using mobile forms and a smartphone or tablet.
  • Fill out quality control forms on the mobile devices.
  • Review information on the product batch and completed production steps on site, by scanning QR code with a smartphone.
  • Submit collected data to a centralized cloud location, where data immediately become available to all authorized users and devices.


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QR Code Data Collection: Field Reports & Requests

field reports

If equipment or property is damaged or require service, you want to get this information to the right people fast. Mobile forms and smartphones help you do just that. Your employees in the field can scan QR code on an asset with a smartphone, fill out damage report or service request form, take and attach images to document where exactly the problem is, and submit the form to the cloud. Office employees have immediate access to the submitted information and can route it to the right personnel for assessment and actions.

What you can do using QR Mobile Data


  • Create custom mobile forms for asset, equipment or property conditions assessment, data collection.
  • Create custom damage reports and / or service request forms.
  • Manage assets and equipment, generate and print QR code labels.
  • Access submitted data in real time via a web dashboard.
  • Analize data using reports.

Field Employees

  • Collect information, assess conditions, report damage and request service on the spot when needed.
  • Use a smartphone to scan QR code, fill out assessment or damage report, or service request form.
  • Take photos with a smartphone to document the problem. Attach photos to the report.
  • Submit report to a centralized cloud location. As soon as a report or request is submitted, it becomes available to all authorized users and devices.


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