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Mobile Construction Forms Software With QR Code Scanning

Use mobile application and QR code scanning on the construction sites to quickly and efficiently complete all required jobsite forms and checklists. Submit completed mobile forms to the cloud in real time, give all authorized employees live view of the digital records.
Construction projects involve a lot of paperwork. With QR Mobile Data mobile forms software, construction companies can replace physical paperwork with the mobile forms and checklists that employees fill out on the job site on the smartphones or tablets. Any required paperwork: job site reports, safety inspections, checklists, materials logs, etc. can be completed fast in the QR Mobile Data mobile application, and become available to all authorized users right away.
Job site technicians can easily fill out all required forms on the smartphone, add photos, collect signatures, create and e-mail custom pdf reports. There is an instant connection between the construction site and the office. Office employees can review submitted records in real time. If required, office employees can pre-fill a part of the mobile form and push it to the mobile devices for completion.

Creating Mobile Construction Forms And Checklists

All construction forms and checklists that your employees need to fill out on the job site are created by you via a web dashboard. Create as many forms and checklists as you need, add and update forms at any time.

QR Mobile Data software includes multiple options that make construction mobile forms and checklists easy and fast to complete in the field, on a small smartphone screen using mobile application:

  • Divide construction mobile forms into the logical sections / subforms. Employees can easily navigate between the sections, and see at a glance which sections are completed and which ones are not.
  • Include clarifying text and / or clarifying images in the mobile forms, so that job site employees know exactly what needs to be checked and / or filled out.
  • Design construction mobile forms to have minimal manual entries. Include list selections, checkboxes, radio buttons. Let job site employees scan in data in the form fields using a smartphone camera whenever possible (e.g. scan in serial numbers of the used equipment or tools).
  • Allow a capture of images and digital signatures in the mobile construction forms.
  • For the mobile checklists, let employees scan QR code at the station / machine part to indicate completion, instead of looking for the right checkbox to check off. This will speed up the inspection, and will also serve as the verification that an employee in fact has completed the required task.

Filling Out Construction Forms And Checklists On The Job Site

All construction forms that you created via the web dashboard are available to the job site employees on their smartphones in the QR Mobile Data mobile application. To fill out a form or a checklist, an employee logs into the mobile application and scans a QR code or barcode on a relevant object (whatever he needs to check, inspect or report on). The object can be an equipment, machinery, tool, construction site section or an entire job site.

The scan brings up information on the scanned object, and a list of the relevant construction mobile forms / checklists to fill out. An employee picks the right form, fills it out and submits to the server in real time from the mobile device. If internet or data connection is not available, job site employees can submit all completed mobile forms at once as soon as connection becomes available.

While an employee is filling out a construction mobile form, each section is saved on his mobile device. He can start, stop and resume at any time, and completed work will not be lost.

In addition to submitting a completed mobile form to a centralized cloud location (where it immediately becomes available to all authorized users), a user can create a pdf report on the smartphone and e-mail it to the selected addresses. You define the format of the pdf report, and what should be included in the report via a MS Word template.

When construction form or checklist is submitted to the server, a timestamp, user who submitted the mobile form and GPS location are captured automatically and are included in the reports.

Office / Construction Site Communication Via The Mobile Forms

QR Mobile Data mobile forms software provides a real time communication between the office and all active construction sites.

When employees on the various construction sites fill out construction forms or checklists in the mobile application, the data are immediately submitted to the server. Office employees can access real time reports from all construction sites via the web dashboard. They can search reports by multiple parameters (dates, location, inspected objects, a specific form, values of the fields in the form) to quickly pull out required information.

Optionally, an administrator can receive an automatic email alert when a report from the construction site is submitted. You can configure QR Mobile Data software to send alerts with each submission, or only if an anomaly is detected. You define what to consider an anomaly, or an outlier, for all applicable fields when you create a construction form.

Construction mobile forms can be completed entirely on the job sites, or they can be bounced between the office and the field. Office employees can:

  • Pre-fill a construction form on the computer and push it to the mobile devices for the completion.
  • If a completed construction form needs additional information / corrections, an office employee can push it back to the mobile devices.
  • Office employees can fill out "office only" part after the mobile form is submitted.

With QR Mobile Data software, field and office employees receive required information on time and are always "in the loop".

QR Code / Barcode Scanning For The Data Access On The Job Site

Construction site employees often need to access specifications, documents, and drawings on the project, building, tools and equipment. Using QR Mobile Data mobile application, they have all required information at their fingertips. All they need to do is scan a QR code label with a smartphone.

You control what information on the equipment and other job site assets should be available to the users. It can be anything from the specifications and data on the object, to images, drawings, pdf documents and a log of the recently completed service calls and repairs.

With all the information readily available job site employees become more productive, do their jobs faster and make more informed decisions.

Completed Construction Forms Are Stored In A Secure Cloud

All completed construction forms and checklists are stored in a secure centralized cloud location as digital records. You can access digital records on demand via the web dashboard, review submitted information online or download as an .csv file to your computer.

In addition to the digital records, you can create custom pdf reports, in the mobile application and / or via the web dashboard. You can view, print and / or e-mail pdf reports directly from a smartphone, or from the office computer. Use these construction forms reports internally, or for the customer(s) and / or external auditors who do not have a direct access to the system.

You define PDF reports look, layout and what data should be included via the custom MS Word templates. Include your branding, collected data, images and / or signature. Send pdf documents to your document management system for the further team review / collaboration.

Construction Forms For Equipment And Tools Maintenance

Construction equipment and tools are valueable assets, and you want to keep them in a good shape. Use mobile forms to keep track of equipment repairs and maintenance in the field.

Using mobile forms, your employees can:

  • Report tools or equipment damage in the field. They will scan an equipment QR code to identify it, fill out damage report mobile form, and optionally attach photos documenting the problem. Report becomes instantly available to the right personnel for the immediate actions.
  • Record equipment repairs and preventive maintenance in the field. Equipment and tools records are stored in a centralized cloud location and are available to authorized employees from anywhere. You can use multiple filters to find required information fast.
  • Review previously submitted repair and maintenance records.
  • If you are using outside repair shops, use a smartphone to record sending tool or equipment to the repair and all necessary details: where it was sent, what was the problem, when the tool should be returned. As with everything else, you can define via a web dashboard what information to record and track.
QR Mobile Data software allows you to create custom reminders, and receive automatic e-mail alerts on the next scheduled preventive maintenance or warranty expiration.

Tracking Inventory, Tools And Materials On The Construction Sites

QR Mobile Data mobile forms software can be used in combination with QR Inventory mobile inventory management software. Using QR Inventory, you can keep track of consumables, parts, materials and tools on the construction sites, in the warehouse and in the service trucks. Inventory tracking is done on site in real time, using a smartphone for QR code / barcode scanning and data entry. Check out more information on construction sites inventory management.

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