Automate Workflow With Mobile Forms Data Collection

Business Mobile Forms Software At Work: QR Mobile Data Video Demo

See how you can use business mobile forms for field data collection, operations tracking, project management, data access and reporting, and more. QR Mobile Data demo consists of several videos demonstrating key aspects of the software. You will see step-by-step how you will create mobile forms for data collection, and how your employees will access and collect data in the field using smartphones for QR code scanning, filling out mobile forms and information review. You will learn how you can create alerts and notification so that you won't miss scheduled maintenance or the next step in the production process. Finally, you will see how you will review submitted records, find records that you need, and what other reports are available.
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QR Mobile Data Demo - Table of Contents

 How To Create Custom Mobile Forms
 Collecting Data In The Field
 Accessing Data In The Field
 Notifications & Alerts
 Workflow, Mobile Data Collection & Traceability


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