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Mobile Checklist Software For Safety Inspections

Make safety inspections fast and efficient by using mobile application and cloud software. Use QR code scanning to eliminate errors and verify that everything had been properly checked.
Make safety inspections quick and easy - conduct field inspections on site using mobile devices and custom checklists. With QR Mobile Data software, you can build custom checklists in minutes, and use them in the field on the mobile devices for any kind of safety inspections. You can add any data to the checklists: notes, images, captured signatures, GPS location. Let your employees complete inspection fast by scanning task / station QR codes to indicate task completion. Access digital records of all inspections in real time, immediately identify objects that failed inspection. Get meanigful insights into collected data with comprehensive data analysis, identify trends and increase safety.

Creating Mobile Checklists For Safety Inspections

All safety inspection checklists that your employees need to fill out are created by you via a web dashboard. You can create as many safety checklists as you need, add new ones and update existing checklists any time. Your employees fill out safety checklists on the smartphones or tablets and submit to the cloud in real time.

QR Mobile Data software includes multiple options that make mobile safety checklists easy and fast to complete in the field, on a small smartphone screen:

  • Divide longer inspection forms / safety checklists into the relevant sections / sub-forms. Field employees can easily navigate between the sections, and see at a glance which sections are completed and which ones are not.
  • Include clarifying text and / or clarifying images in the safety checklists, so that your employees know exactly what needs to be checked.
  • Special autoscan fields allow employees to scan QR code at the station / machine part to verify that is was checked, instead of looking for the checkbox in the list. This makes filling out safety checklists fast and efficient, and also verifies that an employee in fact completed the task.
  • Include note fields, selections and an option to add image(s) if / where required.
  • Allow employees to dynamically add sections to the mobile checklists to describe problem(s) and add photos.


Use Smartphones For Safety Inspections On Site

All safety inspection checklists that you created via the web dashboard are available to the field employees on the smartphones or tablets. To fill out inspection form / safety checklist, an employee scans QR code or barcode on a relevant object that needs to be inspected. The object can be an equipment, machinery, tool, a facility, building, product or anything else.

The scan brings up information on the scanned object and relevant inspections forms / checklists. An employee fills out relevant safety checklist and submits it to the cloud in real time from the mobile device. If needed, an employee can capture a signature on a smartphone, and it becomes a part of the record.

If internet or data connection is not available, completed safety checklists are saved on the mobile device and are submitted all at once when connection becomes available.

While an employee is conducting an inspection, each section is saved on his mobile device. He can start, stop and resume at any time, and completed checklist will never be lost.

Once safety inspection is completed, field employee can create a pdf report on his mobile device and e-mail to the selected recepients. You define the format of pdf report and what should be included in it via MS Word template.

When safety checklist is submitted to the cloud, timestamp, an employee who conducted a safety inspection and GPS location are captured automatically and are included in the reports.

Authorized users can review all submitted inspection records in real time via the web dashboard. They can search records by multiple parameters, and immediately identify objects that fail a specific test and require attention.

Accessing And Analyzing Safety Inspection Records

All safety inspection records are saved in a secure cloud, are accessible on demand by the authorized employees and are easily searchable. You can search records by date range, object, location, an employee, a specific inspection type and filled out data. Searching by filled out data allows you to pull out all records that fail a specific test, and assign corrective actions.

You can view reports online, export as .csv file, or create a custom pdf report. You can distribute pdf reports internally, or use them for the clients and / or external auditors who do not have a direct access to the system. You can define how pdf reports will look and what data should be included in it using custom templates.

For the checklists with Yes / No answers you can review data for multiple objects at once on a grid. This gives you an immediate view on which objects need corrective actions and in what area, without the need to check each individual report.

Record Corrective Actions Using Mobile Forms

QR Mobile Data software allows you to create custom mobile forms for a variety of tasks. You can use the form designer part of QR Mobile Data to create both safety inspection checklists, as well as mobile forms to record corrective actions.

When corrective actions are required for any of the inspected objects, an administrator can pre-fill part of the corrective action form online and push it to the mobile devices for completion. Field employees access these forms on their smartphones, perform the corrective actions, record what was done and other required information, and submit a completed form to the server.

Administrators can review corrective action records in real time. If some information is missing, or further actions are needed, and administrator can push the form back to the mobile devices. This interaction can continue until adminstrator is satisfied with the task completion.

Once corrective action form is accepted, an administrator can mark the task as completed in the original inspection checklist.

You can review and download a list and details of all corrective actions via an admin web dashboard.

Reminders, Warnings And Alerts

With QR Mobile Data you will never miss a routine inspection or an important date. Indiciate how often each type of inspection should be done, and you will receive an automatic e-mail alert daily with the list of objects due for this type of inspection.

You can define when to receive alerts (e.g. 5 days before inspection, on the inspection day, overdue inspections), what the subject and e-mail message should say, and who should receive these alerts.

You can also create alerts on warranty expiration and other important dates. Receive an alert if value in the number field (temperature, pressure, etc.) falls below or raises above a threshold. QR Mobile Data allows you to create custom fields for anything that you need to be alerted about, and configure when you will receive an alert, who will receive an alert and what will e-mail message say.

Safety Inspections Documentation / PDF Reports

In addition to reviewing safety inspection records and corrective actions records online, and exporting data as .csv file you can create custom pdf reports. You can use pdf reports internally, and / or for the clients and / or external compliance auditors who do not have a direct access to the system.

Generate PDF documents instantly on the mobile device, or later in the office via the web dashboard. You can view, print and / or e-mail pdf reports directly from a smartphone, or from the office computer.

You are in complete control of PDF report format, layout and data. Define PDF report look, layout and what data should be included via custom MS Word templates. You can include your branding, your company information, collected data, image(s) and signature.

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