Automate Business Workflow With Mobile Data Collection

Using QR Mobile Data For Different Business Scenarios

QR Mobile Data will help you become more productive and efficient if your business workflow requires collecting data, filling out forms, track processes and keep records / documentation. Here we discuss several most common scenarios and the best way to set up QR Mobile Data to accommodate them.

Tracking Equipment Service And Maintenance Using Mobile Devices

If you are in the equipment installation / servicing business, or need to track maintenance of the internal assets and equipment, QR Mobile Data will help you streamline the process and keep equipment maintenance documentation in order.

Here is the best way to set up QR Mobile Data for equipment maintenance tracking and documentation:


Tracking And Documenting Manufacturing Production Process

QR Mobile Data will help you track manufacturing projects, collect necessary documentation on the shop floor using mobile devices and barcode scanning.

Here are several recommendations on setting up QR Mobile Data for the manufacturing production process tracking:


Mobile Inspections And Audits

If you need to perform any kind of field inspections: equipment safety checklist, food safety inspection, rental properties audit, restaurant compliance inspections, facility walk-through, etc., etc. - QR Mobile Data will help you make this process faster, more efficient and error free. Your employees will fill out inspection forms on the mobile devices, and you will have access to all collected records in real time. Inspection documentation will be stored in a secure centralized cloud location for on demand access by all authorized employees.

Here are several recommendations for the inspection / audit mobile forms:


Tracking Business Operations And Procedures

Often your internal business operations include routine procedures that are performed on the assets, properties or other objects. The good example of this can be an orchard, where you need to keep track of the trees pruning, fertilization, harvesting, etc. Another example can be a property management company that needs to perform properties maintenance, cleaning, asset audits on the regular basis. A hospital may need to keep track and document cleaning of wheelchairs, stretchers and beds. Whatever your procedures are, QR Mobile Data will allow you to keep an accurate track of them and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Here are a few recommendations on using QR Mobile Data for internal procedures tracking and documentation:


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