Automate Business Workflow With Mobile Data Collection

QR Mobile Data FAQ: Creating And Using Mobile Forms And Workflow

Mobile Forms

Mobile forms are an essential part of QR Mobile Data software. Mobile forms allow you to eliminate physical paperwork, and collect data anywhere using smartphones or tablets. What type of data you collect depends on your business. It can be anything from field reports to inspections and audits to equipment maintenance forms or production process documentation.

Mobile forms may be attached to a workflow and be a part of a larger process. For example you may want to track a large project from start to finish, and fill out relevant form(s) on each step. You can also use mobile forms independently of the process - for example for filling out an equipment maintenance form, or a form for reporting asset conditions or damages in the field. Each mobile form, however, is linked to a business object for which you are collecting data. What business objects you are working with depends on the nature of your business. Your business objects can be equipment you are installing and servicing, buildings that you inspect, properties for which you need to report conditions, projects that you track through the stages, or any other object for which you need to collect data.

An employee identifies business object by scanning barcode, QR code, or NFC tag with a smartphone. After object is identified, an employee gets a list of forms to fill out on his / her mobile device, plus other relevant object information. The information may include specifications, pdf documentation, instructions, current status, list of recently performed operations, etc. - everything that employees need to know in order to do their job.

How To Create And Use Business Mobile Forms In QR Mobile Data Software

Mobile Data Collection, Digital Records

The main purpose of QR Mobile Data software is to streamline your form filling and data collection process, make sure that your collected records are safely stored and accessible to all employees in the company who need them. The data are collected on the mobile devices (smartphones or tablets running iOS or Android) using custom forms. You create forms for data collection using online administrative interface. Field employees get the forms on their mobile devices after scanning a QR code label on the business object for which data are being collected.

Data collected via mobile forms are submitted to a centralized cloud location. From this point submitted records are available to all authorized employees in the company. Administrators access data in the office via the web dashboard. They can use multiple filters (dates, object, employee, data submitted in the form, etc.) to quickly find and review required records. Field employees can access recent records on any business object by scanning its QR code / barcode / tag with a mobile device.

Mobile data Collection method And Tools In QR Mobile Data Software

Workflow And Process Management

Sometimes you just need to collect data for the business objects using individual forms. Often, however, data collection is a part of a large, multi-step process that can span days to complete and requires different employees to perform certain actions on each step. All employees who are taking part in the process, as well as administrators overseeing the process need to know what is going on, what was done, when and by whom, current project status and other project specific information.

Using QR Mobile Data software you can keep track of processes and workflows, and allow all authorized users access to the current project status, history and relevant project information. If required, mobile forms can be created and attached to the specific workflow steps for data collection.

Employees use their mobile devices to scan QR code, access current project status, record additional parameters and what was done, fill out form(s) and move project to the next step. Administrators can access all jobs in progress, as well as detailed history of the past projects via the web dashboard.

Workflow Automation With Mobile Forms

Data Collection With QR Mobile Data For Different Business Scenarios

Data collection is used for a variety of business tasks, and business objects for which data are collected can be completely different. This section describes several most common scenarios and the best QR Mobile Data setup for each scenario.

Using Mobile Forms Data Collection For Different Business Scenarios


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