Automate Business Workflow With Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Forms For Business Operations Tracking Optimize data collection, business operations tracking and business process management with mobile forms, QR Code scanning and cloud storage. Collect and access data in the field using a smartphone. Store collected records in a secure cloud, access required information fast from anywhere.

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Mobile Data Collection Software For Workflow Automation

Streamline Business Operations With Mobile Forms, QR Codes And The Cloud

QR Mobile Data is much more than a collection of the mobile forms your employees need to fill out. QR Mobile Data is a complete solution that links together your business objects, (assets, equipment, properties, product batches, employees, clients, etc.), your workflow, your business processes and forms for collecting information. Each object is identified by QR code or barcode. It can holds both static information (specifications, instructions, documentation, etc. that you define using easy-to-navigate web interface), and dynamic information such as collected records, project and client data.

Scanning of QR code with a smartphone allows an employee to review all relevant information about the object: static information, collected records, and applicable mobile forms. Employee can collect new data using mobile forms, take and add images or record transition to another location or stage in the process.

All data and collected records are stored in a centralized secure cloud location, and are accessible to all authorized employees in real time.

Fully Automated Mobile Data Collection, Access, Storage And Reporting Process

Create Custom Mobile Forms
Create custom mobile forms for field data collection and reporting using a simple web interface. Update forms anytime as needed.

Collect Data In The Field
Use regular smartphone, custom mobile forms that you created and QR code scanning to collect data in the field, fast and error-free.

Access Critical Information
Access all information on an asset in the field, from specifications to instructions and documentation to recently submitted records by scanning QR code with a smartphone.

Secure Cloud Storage & Reporting
Submitted records are stored in a secure cloud. Authorized users can access real time data from anywhere, via a web dashboard or on a smartphone.

Notifications & Alerts
Create custom reminders to alert you on the next step in the process, upcoming task to complete or an important event.

Assets And Inventory Tracking
QR Mobile Data is fully compatible with QR Inventory for asset and inventory tracking and traceability.

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Use QR Mobile Data For A Variety Of Business Scenarios

From field inspections and audits to tracking and documenting production processes to reporting equipment and asset conditions in the field, QR Mobile Data will help you become more productive and efficient.

If your business workflow includes collecting data in the field, tracking projects and work in progress, documenting production processeses, or traceability requirements QR Mobile Data is a good fit for you. QR Mobile Data will help you perform the job faster, eliminate errors, keep your documentation safe and organized, ensure that you do not forget important tasks and events, and allow all authorized users timely access the data, in the field or in the office.

QR Mobile Data will allow you to replace paper forms or spreadsheet with the mobile forms that your employees will fill out on a smartphone, create QR code system to identify assets and other business objects, allow employees quick access to all necessary information, such as asset specifications, production steps or previously submitted records from anywhere. You will have centralized data storage in a secure cloud, and all authorized employees will have real time access to the data and reports.

Mobile Inspections & Audits
Turn your paper inspection forms and audit checklists into mobile forms. Employees will fill out the forms anywhere using smartphone or tablet, with or without internet connection, and submit to the cloud when connection becomes available. Update forms as needed, and your employees will always have the latest forms on their mobile devices. Give real time access to the inspections results to authorized employees.
Equipment Tracking & Maintenance
Use smartphone as QR code scanner, data collection and look up tool. Record equipment service and maintenance, access equipment specifications and recent service history in the field by scanning QR code with a smartphone. Extend your equipment lifetime -- create custom reminders and never miss preventive maintenance or routine inspection.
Production Process Management
Track product batches through the production process. Monitor and record details of each production step: when it was done, operator, materials that were used, equipment or containers, and all other applicable information using a smartphone or tablet. If there is a problem with a specific product batch, you can restore the whole chain of events, pinpoint cause of the problem and perform necessary corrections quickly.
Business Operations Tracking
If you need to keep records on the routine operations and procedures done on an asset or property (for example, record planting and fertilization data on a farm field), QR Mobile Data will help you do it efficiently and error free. QR code scanning, mobile forms and the cloud alows fast and accurate data collection in the field and real-time centralized data access.
Standard Operating Procedures, Checklists
Make sure that your employees follow standard operating procedures, and administrators can keep track of the completed tasks in real time. Create custom checklists with detailed instructions and images, and field employees will access applicable checklist by scanning QR code on an asset or property with a smartphone, check off tasks as they are completed, and submit completed checklist to a centralized cloud location.
Field Reports & Requests
Improve communication between the field technicians and the office. Give field employees necessary tools to report equipment damage or request service in a timely manner. All they need to do is scan QR code on the equipment with a smartphone, fill out a form to report a problem or request service, attach photo (if applicable) and submit. Office workers receive this information right away, and can react efficiently.
Project Status Tracking & Documentation
Using QR Mobile Data you can track projects through the stages, change project status and record all necessary details on each step on site by scanning QR code label and filling out mobile forms on a smartphone. Keep an eye on the project progress, access real-time data on project status and all accompanying documentation via a web dashboard.
Quality Control, Documentation, Traceability
Inventory and production process traceability is a requirement for some industries, and an important information to collect for all manufacturing processes. Using QR Mobile Data, you will be able to create custom quality control forms for your employees to fill out on site on their smartphones. The entire track chain of events and documentation for each product batch is stored in a cloud and is available via reports.
Business Record Keeping Using Mobile Forms & The Cloud
No matter what kind of records you need to collect, QR Mobile Data will help you automate data collection, access, storage and reporting process. Field employees will collect data using custom mobile forms and a smartphone. All records are stored in a secure cloud. Office staff can access records via a web dashboard from anywhere, quickly find required information using multiple search filters.


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Benefits Of Using QR Mobile Data Software For Data Collection, Access And Reporting

Modern technologies such as qr codes, smartphones and the cloud will make your process of data collection, access and reporting simple, efficient and error-free.

QR Mobile Data helps you monitor and keep records of the business processes and / or actions performed on a business object and report object conditions. Business objects might include equipment, infrastructure, production batches, projects, outside property, agricultural fields or any other business assets. Use modern technologies, such as QR codes, smartphones and the cloud to optimize and streamline your workflow, data collection, documentation and reporting.

  • Automate Tasks And Business Processes With Mobile Forms
    Simplify and speed up data collection in the field using smartphone, QR code / barcode scanning and mobile forms. Eliminate inefficient paper forms. Save money on purchasing field data collection hardware, such as mobile computers - achive even more using regular smartphones.
  • Use QR Code / Barcode Scanning To Eliminate Manual Entries And Errors
    Scan QR code / barcode with a smartphone to uniquely identify each object and access relevant data (forms applicable to this object, specifications, recently submitted records, etc.). Scan information into a form (where applicable) to eliminate manual entry errors.
  • Give Employees Fast Access To The Critical Information
    Put all information that your employees need at their fingertips. Create custom fields for assets, equipment and other business objects to hold all required information. Your employees will be able to access this information (specifications, instructions, drawings, documentation, etc.) with one scan of QR code or barcode.
  • Improve Quality Control And Traceability
    Track each step of the production process on site using a smartphone. Record information for each step, fill out quality control forms. Pinpoint any problem in the production process on the spot and correct it right away. Preserve the entire track record for each product batch for documentation and traceability.
  • Keep Important Documentation In Order
    All forms that your employees fill out on a smartphone are stored in a secure cloud, categorized based on the object groups and / or production processes. Collected data are never misplaced or lost. Authorized employees can find all required information fast using multiple search filters.
  • Real Time Access To Project Status And Collected Information
    As project or production is moving through the stages, project status along with the other necessary information is collected, recorded and is sent to a centralized data storage. Authorized employees can monitor project progress and accompanying information via the web dashboard in real time.
  • Organize And Track Business Assets
    Use QR Mobile Data together with QR Inventory for asset tracking, inventory management and product traceability.


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