Field Inspection Software With Digital Mobile Forms And IoT Sensors

Automate field inspections with IoT sensors network, reduce manual labor and travel time. Use digital mobile forms for the field inspections where human participation is required. All inspection documentation, whether collected from the IoT sensors or by field technicians, is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible on demand from anywhere.

How Field Inspectors Benefit From Using Digital Mobile Forms And IoT Sensors

Why Use Digital Forms For Field Inspections

  • Field inspection forms are always with you and are always current. Digital forms and checklists can be accessed and filled out on a smartphone or tablet, which field inspectors can easily carry around. Digital forms are always current, are faster and easier to fill out than paper forms, and have built-in data verification.
  • Field inspectors can collect diverse data using mobile forms. Using digital mobile forms field inspectors can take photos, capture signatures, use QR code scanning, capture GPS location, do voice and video recording - all in a single mobile application.
  • Mobile field inspection software provides real time information. No need for manual re-entry of the collected data. Completed records are submitted to the backend cloud software in real time, and are available to all authorized employees.
  • Completed field inspection forms are accessible on demand from anywhere. Field inspection documentation is well organized, easily searchable and is accessible on demand by the authorized personnel from anywhere.
  • IoT sensors collect data automatically. Use IoT sensors to collect data automatically 24/7 without any human participation. Reduce manual labor and uncesessary inspection checks. Receive automatic alerts if something goes wrong.

What Types Of Mobile Forms For Field Inspections You Can Create

Any type of field inspection form can be converted into a digital mobile form. Some examples are:

  • Safety inspection checklist
  • Property inspection form
  • Quality control form
  • Product testing form
  • Equipment inspection and maintenance form
  • Oil & gas pipes inspection form
  • Construction site risk assessment form
  • PPE (personal protective equipment) inspection form
  • DVIR (driver vechicle inspection report) form
  • and more...

How Field Inspection Digital Forms And IoT Sensors Work In The QR Mobile Data Software

  • Create custom inspection forms and checklists. Use form builder tool in the QR Mobile Data software to create digital forms and checklists for the field inspections. QR Mobile Data software has many advanced capabilities that are very helpful for the field data collection. Some of these capabilities include scannable checklists, dynamic forms sections, smart data auto-fill, a dynamic forms flow between the field and the office, work orders dispatch to the field inspectors smartphones, etc. More details on the digital forms capabilities in the QR Mobile Data software are available here.
  • Fill out a mobile form on a smartphone. Field technicians fill out digital inspection forms and checklists on the smartphones. They can collect all necessary data for the inspection in the mobile application, including images for the visual documentation and signatures. Once a digital form is completed, a technician submits it to the backend cloud software in real time, or when connection is available.
  • Access information with a QR code scan. A field inspector can access asset specifications, documentation and past inspections on a smartphone with one QR code scan. Digital field inspection software ensures that company employees always have required information to be productive and make informed decisions.
  • Customizable field inspection reports. A technician can create a pdf report on a smartphone, and e-mail it internally or to the customer. You can also set up a QR Mobile Data software to automatically generate and e-mail pdf reports. You control the layout of the report via a custom template.
  • Automatic data collection with IoT sensors and gateways. We provide an optional IoT conditions monitoring system. You can use it to monitor field assets and properties conditions automatically 24/7, and remotely access data from multiple field sites in real time. Receive instant alerts if the conditions go out of range and human intervention is required.
  • Secure cloud storage of the field inspection documentation. Completed digital forms, as well as digital logs collected from the IoT sensors are securely stored in the cloud. You can review field inspection records, search them by multiple parameters, download as .csv or pdf files, and create customized statistical reports on the collected data.
  • Alerts and reminders. Receive automatic e-mail alerts for the upcoming routine inspections, if a submitted inspection form contains an outlier, or if an IoT system reports out of range data that require immediate attention.

How To Digitize Field Inspections Using QR Mobile Data Software

Create Custom Mobile Forms And Checklists For The Field Inspections

custom mobile forms

Regardless of what type of field inspections you are doing, you will be able to create digital forms and checklists that fit your business needs and workflow. Update mobile forms at any time, and company employees will always have the correct forms on their smartphones to fill out.
  • Create as many mobile forms for the field inspections as you need via a QR Mobile Data software web dashboard. Use your current forms (paper or PDF forms), or start from scratch.
  • Assign mobile form to the specific asset group (optional).
  • For the multi-step field inspection processes link several digital forms together using a workflow.
  • Divide large mobile forms into the sections for the clarity and easier completion on the small smartphone screen.
  • A QR Mobile Data software supports multiple form controls: input fields, selection lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, scan in fields, image capture fields, signature capture fields, etc.
  • Optionally include clarifying text and / or images for the mobile form fields, so that the field inspectors knows exactly what to do.
  • Create dynamic mobile forms, where inspectors can add sections and fill them out in the field as needed.
  • Define the acceptable range of values for the selected fields, and receive an alert if a submitted mobile form contains out of range values.
  • Optionally pre-fill part of the inspection form and push it to the smartphones for the technicians to complete in the field.

Complete Field Inspection Mobile Form On A Smartphone

mobile data collection

Field inspection forms are completed on the smartphone in the mobile application. The completed digital forms are delivered to a backend cloud software and are immediately available to all authorized software users.
  • Identify an object to be inspected by a QR code scan.
  • Review object specifications, documentation and past inspections if applicable.
  • Fill out a mobile form or checklist on a smartphone.
  • Advanced mobile forms capabilities make filling out digital forms fast and easy.
  • Partially filled mobile forms are saved on a smartphone - start and stop inspection at any time and never lose collected data.
  • Submit a completed form to the backend cloud software in real time.
  • A mobile application verifies that all required fields are filled out, and that entry is correct for the field data type.
  • If data connection is not available at the inspection site, a completed mobile form is saved on the smartphone or tablet. A technician can submit all completed mobile forms at once when connection becomes available.
  • Completed field inspection forms are available to the authorized software users in real time.
  • Create inspection report on a smartphone in the PDF format. Print and / or e-mail to the specified addresses from the smartphone.
  • GPS location of the site, inspector name, date and time of the inspection are captured automatically and are transmitted along with the completed digital form.

Field Inspection Reports Accessible In Real Time In The Cloud Software

mobile data access

Create real time information flow in your organization. Make sure that authorized employees can access critical information fast and act on it without delay.
  • Access completed mobile forms on the office computers as soon as they are submitted.
  • Search submitted records by various parameters (dates, location, asset or equipment, inspection type, etc.) to quickly find required information.
  • Create customized statistical reports based on the submitted data. Identify trends and persistent problems that should be corrected.
  • Update submitted digital form, or fill out "office only" part.
  • If an administrator determines that something is incorrect or missing, (s)he can push an inspection form back to the mobile devices for the correction / completion.
  • View GPS locations of the field inspection sites on a map.
  • Print and export field inspection reports.
  • Create PDF reports for the customers or external auditors.

Automate Field Inspections With IoT Sensors And Gateways

Reduce manual labor and travel time for field inspections by using IoT sensors and gateways. IoT sensors networks will allow you to monitor conditions in the field remotely without any human participation, 24/7. Receive instant alert if something goes wrong.

  • Monitor assets and properties conditions remotely 24/7 using a network of IoT sensors and a Bluetooth IoT gateway.
  • Use various IoT sensors to monitor conditions relevant in your situation: temperature, pressure, humidity, gas leaks, vibration patterns, etc.
  • Access data on multiple field sites remotely without a need to send field inspectors to all sites. Only send field inspectors to the sites where remote data may indicate a problem that may require further inspection and human intervention.
  • Create custom alerts to indicate acceptable data ranges. Receive instant alerts if the data on any of the field sites go out of the acceptable range.
  • Have complete digital data logs readily available from anywhere to the authorized software users.
  • Save money on the manual labor, unnecessary inspection checks and redundant tasks.

You can find more information on IoT conditions monitoring here.

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