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Digital Paperwork Solution: Mobile Forms Software For Paperwork Automation

How to build and use mobile forms in QR Mobile Data software for automating and digitizing field paperwork and forms. QR Mobile Data software FAQ.

Building And Using Mobile Forms In The QR Mobile Data Software

Mobile forms are an essential part of the QR Mobile Data software. Mobile forms allow you to digitize all your field paperwork - you can electronically collect data using smartphones or tablets, and keep completed digital records in the cloud for on demand access, review and analysis.

Mobile forms software allows you to collect all types a=of data that you need for your business. It can be anything from field reports to inspections and audits to equipment maintenance forms or production process documentation.

Mobile forms may be attached to a workflow and be a part of a larger process. For example you may want to track a large project from start to finish, and fill out relevant mobile form(s) on each step. You can also use mobile forms independently of the process - for example for filling out an equipment maintenance form, or a form for reporting asset conditions or damages in the field.

Each mobile form is linked to a business object for which you are collecting data, and optionally to the production process. What business objects you are working with depends on the nature of your business. Your business objects can be field equipment, buildings, managed properties, manufacturing work orders, or any other object for which you need to fill out paperwork.

An employee identifies business object by scanning a barcode, QR code, or NFC tag with a smartphone. After an object is identified, an employee can fill out a relevant mobile form on the smartphone or tablet. In addition, a user can access object information by scanning a QR code. The information may include specifications, pdf documentation, instructions, current status, list of recently performed operations, etc. - everything that employees need to know to o the job.

Building And Using Mobile Forms In The QR Mobile Data Software

Electronic Data Collection Using Mobile Forms

The main purpose of the QR Mobile Data software is to digitize and streamline your internal company paperwork and documentation. QR Mobile Data ensures that company employees can complete all required paperwork fast and without errors on the mobile devices, and completed digital records are safely stored and are accessible to all employees who need them. The required paperwork is completed electronically on the mobile devices (smartphones or tablets running iOS or Android) using custom mobile forms. You build mobile forms for the data collection via the administrative web interface. Field employees scan QR code on the object to access and complete correct mobile forms.

Electronic records are submitted from the mobile devices to a central cloud location in real time. Submitted digital records are immediately available to all authorized employees in the company. Administrators access data in the office via the web dashboard. They can use multiple filters (dates, object, employee, data submitted in the form, etc.) to quickly find and review required information. Field employees can access recent records by scanning a QR code / barcode / NFC tag with a mobile device.

Mobile Data Collection Tools In QR Mobile Data Software

Mobile Forms With Workflow

Sometimes you need to fill out discrete stand alone mobile forms for the discrete business operations. Often, however, data collection is a part of a large, multi-step process that can span days and requires different employees to perform certain actions on each process step. All employees who are taking part in the process, as well as the administrators overseeing the process need to know what is going on, what was done, when and by whom, current project status and other project specific information.

In this case, mobile forms that need to be filled out during the process can be stitched together using a workflow. Field and shop floor employees use smartphones to scan a QR code, access current project status, record additional information, and fill out mobile form(s) relevant to the current process step. Administrators can review reports on the jobs in progress, as well as on the detailed history of the past projects.

Workflow Automation With Mobile Forms

Digital Paperwork For Your Business

Electronic data collection with the mobile forms can be used for a variety of business tasks, and for variety of the business objects. Objects for which data are collected can be completely different, depending on the exact nature of your business, your processes and procedures. This section describes several most common business scenarios where electronic data collection is beneficial, and the best QR Mobile Data software setup for each scenario.

Smart Mobile Forms For Different Business Scenarios


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