Digital Forms With Workflow For Manufacturing: Use Smartphones For The Shop Floor Data Collection

Use digital mobile forms for the smartphone and QR code scanning on the shop floor for production process tracking and documentation. Give authorized users live access to the work orders in production, and detailed production history of the past projects.

How Digital Forms With Workflow Benefit Manufacturing Industry

Why Use Digital Forms In Manufacturing

  • Efficient production process documentation on the shop floor. Shop floor employees can complete all manufacturing production process paperwork, from materials acceptance to quality control checklists for the finished products, on the smartphone or tablet, using digital forms and QR code scanning.
  • Link digital forms together using a workflow. Assign digital forms to the correct workflow steps, and let shop floor employees know which digital form(s) they need to complete on each production step.
  • Real time production status and documents access. Digital forms completed on the shop floor on a smartphone or tablet are submitted to a centralized secure cloud location in real time. All authorized system users have live access to the work orders status and documentation.
  • QR code scanning. QR code scanning allows for the unique identification of the work order, raw materials, parts and finished products, and allows for the faster and error-free completion of the digital forms.
  • Organized electronic records.Have all production process documentation well organized, accessible on demand from anywhere and easily searchable.
  • Alerts and reminders.Create reminders on the important events, such as upcoming equipment maintenance, warranty expiration or required project completion date, and receive automatic e-mail alerts. Receive alerts on the failed items in the quality control / testing checklists.

How QR Mobile Data Software Helps Manufacturing Companies Go Digital

  • Custom digital forms for the manufacturing process tracking. Create custom digital forms for the manufacturing process tracking and documentation using QR Mobile Data software web dashboard. Create all types of digital forms that you need, from materials acceptance, to time tracking, to quality control and testing of the finished products.
  • Custom workflows with digital forms. Use QR Mobile Data software dashboard to create custom workflow for your manufacturing process. Define workflow steps, and attach digital forms to the production process steps. Instead of the collection of random records, you have a well organized documentation, with each record linked to a specific work order and process step.
  • Advanced digital forms capabilities. QR Mobile Data software advanced digital forms capabilities include QR code and barcode scanning, capturing of images and signatures, scannable checklists, dynamic forms sections, automatic e-mail notifications on the outliers, etc. Here are more details on QR Mobile Data software dynamic mobile forms capabilities.
  • Live production status access.Digital forms completed on the shop floor are submitted to a central database in real time. All stakeholders have live access to the status and documentation of everything in production..
  • Electronic documents and reports. Access completed digital forms and reports via the QR Mobile Data software web dashboard. Export data into .csv file, or create custom-formatted pdf reports for sharing with the customers, external auditors or within the company.

What Types Of The Digital Forms You Can Create To Track Manufacturing Process

QR Mobile Data software and mobile application are geared towards the digital manufacturing forms for the production process tracking, documentation and traceability . Digital forms can be linked to the specific production process steps, or filled out independently of the workflow.

Another line of the digital forms that manufacturers can use are forms for the manufacturing equipment maintenance, service and repairs.

You can create completely custom digital forms, and / or import available forms into your account from our growing digital forms library. You can use ready-to-go digital forms as is, or as a template to further customize to your requirements.

Shop floor employees can fill out digital forms on the shop floor, using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, mobile computers) for QR code / barcode scanning and forms completion. Completed digital forms are submitted to the cloud in real time, and are immediately available to the administrators on the office computers. QR Mobile Data digital forms help you keep production process documentation organized, accessible on demand from anywhere, easily searchable and readily available for the review and inquiries.

Here are just some of the digital forms that you can create and use in QR Mobile Data software to streamline manufacturing process documentation:

  • Materials acceptance form. Fill out this form when you are receiving materials from the vendors. Document materials delivery, quality and testing data, if applicable. Add materials certification documents if relevant, note any deficiencies and document them with the photos. Add special notes and record other data you need to track and report.
  • Manufacturing work order form. Fill out this form when you start a new work order production. Include all work order details: customer information, what should be done, expected completion date, milestones, and work order notes. Once this form is filled out, shop floor employees can access it at any time by scanning a QR code for the information and guidance.
  • Components traceability form. Record lot numbers of the materials, serial numbers of parts that are used in the finished product / work order. Trace back to the origin all ingredients and components of the finished products, and quickly access all required information in case of the problems or recalls.
  • Production equipment and conditions documentation form. Use this form to record serial numbers of the instruments and equipment used on each production step. If applicable, record conditions (such as temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.), and other parameters that may be specific to your manufacturing process.
  • Production steps time tracking form. Use this form to record when each manufacturing production step was started and completed, who completed this step, tasks that were completed and the time it took. Note any problems and delays, and add photos for the visual documentation.
  • Manufacturing quality control form. Use this form to verify that completed work order is done according to the specifications, and there are no problems or deficiencies. Record everything that requires corrections, if applicable. Add notes explaining the problem, and attach photos taken with a smartphone camera for the visual documentation.
  • Manufacturing product testing form. Use this form to document product testing results. Keep electronic product testing documentation on file for the reviews and inquiries.
  • Work order delivery form. Use this form to document delivery of the work order to the client's site, and work order installation if applicable. Add special notes, supporting images and collect customer signature.
  • Manufacturing equipment preventive maintenance form / checklist. Create a checklist of items that need to be inspected / completed for the preventive maintenance of the manufacturing equipment that you are using. Use this form to document equipment maintenance, ensure that nothing is missed, and receive an automatic alert when the next preventive maintenance is due.
  • Manufacturing equipment inspection checklist. Use this checklist for the detailed inspection of the manufacturing equipment. Use regular or QR code scannable checklists to verify that inspected areas are functioning properly and are safe to operate. Use notes sections to indicate any deficiencies, and use photos to document any discovered problems. Add e-mail alerts to the form to immediately notify authorized employees on the required repairs or corrective actions.
  • Manufacturing facilities safety checklist. Use this checklist to verify that all manufacturing facility areas are in the good conditions and are safe to operate. Include sections for checking the shop floor conditions, proper stacking and spacing of materials in the warehouse, facility electrical system, operational safety of the tools, machinery and equipment. Verify that fire protection and safety equipment is in place and operational. Check that emergency exits are unblocked and readily accessible, and emergency lighting is functioning properly.
    Regular completion of the manufacturing facilities safety checklists reduces accidents and workplace injuries, and ensures that you stay compliant with the OSHA requirements.
  • and more...

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