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Mobile Forms Data Collection, Analytics & Reporting

Field data collection using mobile forms is just a first step of the process. QR Mobile Data reports and data analytics tools help you create custom reports, analyze and visualize collected data, get statistical information, identify correlations and trends - and as a result make better business decisions.


QR Mobile Data Reports & Data Analytics - What Do You Get?

Get actionable insights from data collected via mobile forms. Access workflow history and collected information in one place. Use multiple filters to get the exact data you need. Create custom reports based on your specific mobile forms.
Visualize data, create graph and plots for selected fields from your mobile forms, uncover trends and correlations. Use statistical information to identify weak spots and areas for improvement. Export data and create custom pdf documents for internal use, clients or external auditors.

What Types Of Reports Do We Get?

You get multiple reports on workflow history, process steps, data collected via mobile forms - in the form of raw data, summary / statistical information, plots and graphs.

  • List of collected records - search data collected via mobile forms by date range, asset, specific mobile form and / or values that were filled out in the form (for example select all records for a specific client or equipment, records that failed a certain test, records where temperature exceeded a specified threshold, etc.). Review details of each record, collected image(s) and signatures, download as a pdf report with custom format.
  • Customize your reports - select what fields from your specific forms should be displayed on the report. Create multiple custom reports that show the exact information you need.
  • Graphs and plots - observe changes over time. Create a time series plots showing how any of the parameters recorded in the form had been changing over time.
  • Graphs and plots - find correlations. Plot values recorded in the form to find and visualize correlation between collected data.
  • Statistical data - review summary and statistical reports on the collected data: count, sum, minimum, maximum, average and other parameters. See at a glance which equipment required most repairs, what are the most common problems or infractions, how much money or work hours were used for the specific operations, what are the most and least used assets, etc.
  • Workflow history - review workflow history from start to finish for each product lot, project and work order: dates, steps, employees who performed the tasks, time required for each task completion, observations collected on each step, completed forms, etc.
  • Live progress - review where all current projects are, what steps were completed, who is working on what task.
  • and more...

How Can We Analyze Collected Data?

You can create custom reports, graphs, plots and statistical reports that make sense for your specific type of data:

  • Select what information to show on the reports based on your data, thresholds, checkpoints, etc, and what fields to include
  • Create multiple custom reports with filters and fields that match a specific data analysis purpose. See all required information in one place, in the tabular form and on the graphs.
  • Visualize data by creating plots and graphs for the selected fields.
  • Uncover trends by creating custom graphs of the observed value changes over time.
  • See correlations between the observed data by plotting data from the selected mobile form fields against each other.
  • Plot multiple data on the same graph for easy comparison. Zoom, pan and move graphs to see big picture and zoom in on details.
  • Make better business decisions by analyzing statistical information: reveal best and worst performing assets, bottlenesks in the process, analyze equipment utilization and spending, forecast future demand.

How Can We Access Our Data For Use In The Internal Software Or Sharing With Clients?

You can:
  • Download data as csv file or pdf
  • Create custom pdf reports for clients or external auditors based on your templates
  • Have a custom API end-point to receive data in your software

Create Custom Reports To Analyze Collected Data

Create custom reports on workflow and collected data. Select how to filter your data on the very granular level, and what data do you wnat to include in the report.

Select from a variety of reports

  • Records collected via mobile forms, with all the details, images and signatures.
  • Custom reports on collected data - select granular filters and what data to display.
  • Grid for inspection checklists - immediately see what had been inspected today and what checkpoints failed the test.
  • Summary / statistical reports on collected data.
  • Workflow history reports for each product batch, project or work order.
  • Progress reports - status of ongoing projects and work orders.
  • Reports on a specific workflow step: check what projects / work orders were on this step when, observations and collected data.
  • and more...

Filter data to get the records you need

Filter data by multiple parameters; including:
  • date range
  • assets, equipment, projects or work order
  • specific mobile form or checklist
  • data entered in the form
  • apply multiple filters to the form data to get the exact information you need
  • select filter type for each form field (equals, more, less, like)
  • sort data by any field, ascending or descending

Select what to include in the report

  • get a list of records matching your seach criteria, and access details of each record
  • create one report that list selected data from all matching records (e.g. create a report that lists all found problems for a specific object)
  • select what fields to include in the report
  • create multiple custom reports with different fields combinations for the different data analysis tasks


Create Plots And Graph To Visualize Data

Visualize collected data using plots and graphs. Uncover trends and correlations, and use this information to make informed business decisions.

  • Use any number fields in your forms to create time series graphs and scatter plots
  • Plot data against the submission date / time, visualize data changes over time and trends
  • Plot number fields agains each other, find correlations
  • Plot data from several fields on the same graph for easy comparison
  • Filter data that you want to plot using granular filters
  • Zoom in and out, pan and move graphs to see details and the bigger picture


Download Data For Custom Processing And Reporting

Share data internally, with customers and external auditors, use in the custom software and reporting tools.

  • Download all reports as .csv files for importing into internal software.
  • Download reports as pdf file for sharing internally, with the customers or external auditors.
  • Define what should be included in pdf reports, reports look and layout via custom MS word templates.
  • Create pdf reports and e-mail to specified address(es) from the mobile devices.
  • Custom API endpoints for getting data into your internal data analytics tools and software.


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