Mobile Digital Forms For Construction: Paperless Data Collection For The Construction Industry

Increase jobsite productivity by using digital mobile forms for all types of the construction site paperwork. Use smartphones for QR code scanning, filling out digital forms and accessing documentation on the construction site equipment and areas.

How Digital Forms And Mobile Data Collection Benefit Construction Industry

Why Use Digital Forms In Construction

  • Easy forms completion on the construction sites. All required construction site forms can be easily accessed and filled out on a smartphone or tablet. Digital forms are always up to date, are never misplaced, damaged or lost. Drop-down lists, digital checklists, QR code scanning and automatic data verification ensure fast and error-free forms completion.
  • Digital forms have significantly more capabilities than paper forms. Digital forms capabilities, such as the ability to add photos taken with a smartphone camera, collect digital signatures, automatically determine GPS location, QR code / barcode scanning, etc. make collected data more informative and complete.
  • Digital forms provide real time information flow. Digital forms completed in the field on a smartphone or tablet are submitted to a centralized secure cloud location in real time. All authorized system users can immediately access submitted digital forms, on the mobile devices in the field and computers in the office.
  • Organized digital documents accessible on demand. All construction site documentation collected on the mobile devices using digital forms is securely preserved in the cloud, well organized, accessible on demand from anywhere by the authorized personnel, and is easily searchable.
  • Alerts and reminders. Receive automatic reminders on the next preventive maintenance, warranty expiration or other important dates. Receive alerts if completed digital form contains an outlier, act on the problem quickly.

How QR Mobile Data Software Helps Construction Companies Go Digital

  • Custom digital forms for the construction site paperwork. Use QR Mobile Data software web interface to create any type of the digital forms that you need for your construction projects. Use the ready-to-go construction mobile forms from our digital forms library, customize them or create custom construction forms from the scratch.
  • Advanced digital forms capabilities. QR Mobile Data software has many advanced digital forms capabilities that are helpful for the construction companies. Some of these capabilities include scannable checklists, repeatable forms sections, smart data copy, automatic e-mail notifications on the outliers, etc. Here are more details on QR Mobile Data software mobile forms capabilities.
  • Multi-user completion of the digital forms. In QR Mobile Data software, digital forms can be passed around between the field and the office, and among field employees. An office employee can pre-fill a part of the digital form on the computer before pushing it to the mobile devices for completion, as well as fill out "office only" part of the completed digital forms. Field employees can pass partly completed digital forms between the mobile devices, so that each employee fills out the part of the form he is responsible for.
  • Customizable digital documents and reports. Review reports on the completed digital forms via the web dashboard, filter reports by multiple parameters to quickly find required information. Export data into .csv file, or create custom-formatted pdf reports for sharing with the customers, external auditors or within the company.

What Types Of The Digital Construction Forms You Can Create

QR Mobile Data software and mobile application are geared towards the construction site forms that have to be filled out on the job site on the regular basis. These includes all types of inspection forms, daily logs, field reports, punch lists, quality control forms, equipment maintenance forms, commissioning forms, contractor and visitor induction forms, safety inspections forms, etc., etc.

You can create completely custom digital forms, and / or import available forms into your account from our growing digital forms library. You can use ready-to-go digital forms as is, or as a template to further customize to your requirements.

Fill out digital forms in the field on the mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, rugged mobile devices for the outdoor use), and submit to the cloud in real time, or when connection is available. Keep documentation organized, accessible on demand from anywhere, readily available for the review and inquiries.

Here are just some of the digital construction forms that you can create and use in QR Mobile Data software:

( - ready to use digital form is available)

  •   Heavy construction equipment inspection form. Use this form for the detailed inspection of the heavy construction machinery, such as bulldozers, excavators, lifts, trenchers, cranes, etc. The form includes inspection of all machinery systems: engine, breaks, steering system, hydraulic, electrical, etc. Record conditions of all equipment systems, and any observed problems, such as leaks or damages.
  •   Excavation and trenching form. Stay compliant with the OSHA trenching and excavation safety requirements. Document your trenching and excavation operations using this form: type of the excavation, description of the excavation / trench, wet conditions during the excavation, underground utilities, hazards, etc.
  •   Fleet inspection / DVIR form. Use this form to complete pre-trip and post-trip inspection of the commercial vehicles used for the construction operations. Verify that all vehicle systems are functioning properly, record any encountered damages. Make sure you have all DVIR inspections on file and stay compliant with the DOT requirements.
  • Construction daily logs / field reports. Use construction daily logs form to record and report conditions on the construction site and construction job progress, document any problems or delays.
  •   Project punch list. Use project punch list form to record the completed tasks and encountered problems.
  •   Construction site safety inspection checklist. Use this form to conduct safety inspections of the construction site. Record safety conditions of the construction site equipment (scaffolding, cranes / rigs, other machinery), electrical systems, check for the proper safety equipment, such as barricading, PPE in place, fire extinguishers in place, hazardous materials are properly labeled and handled, etc., etc. Make sure there are no safety problems on the job site, and that you have a proper documentation on it.
  •   Contractor induction checklist. Use this form to familiarize contractors with all procedural and safety aspects of a job, and make sure all areas are covered: from safety rules to the dress code and meal breaks. Obtain contractor signature and keep everything on file.
  •   A/C maintenance form. Use this form to record the preventive maintenance of the A/C units, use as a template for recording other types of HVAC equipment maintenance.
  • Construction site deliveries form. Record equipment and materials deliveries on the construction site. Keep track of what equipment is used for the job, and how long it has been on the site for the job site billing.
  • Construction equipment damage report. Use this form to report construction equipment / tools damages or problems. Add photos to the form to illustrate the problem. The form is e-mailed to the right personnel for quick actions.
  • Quality control forms / commissioning forms. Use QC / commissioning forms to verify and document that everything is properly installed and is working as intended.
  •   Expense report. Let field technicians submit expense reports electronically, and attach receipts / supporting documentation for the expenses.
  • and more...

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