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Mobile Commissioning Software: Cloud Platform + Mobile Application For On Site Project Commissioning

QR Mobile Data software and mobile application makes construction projects commissioning much more efficient than a paper based process. Data recording during the systems installation, performance testing, quality control, and verification are done on site using a smartphone and digital mobile forms. QR code scanning ensures that the field technicians have an immediate access to the project and equipment information, including pdf documentation and drawings. All project commissioning forms completed in the mobile application are submitted to the cloud and are accessible to all authorized employees in real time.

How QR Mobile Data Software Helps With The Construction Project Commissioning?

QR Mobile Data platform (web software + mobile application for android and iOS) ensures that your commissioning process is efficient and error-free. Field technicians have an access to the project and equipment documentation on site using a smartphone and QR code scanning. They fill out all commissioning forms and checklists on site on a smartphone, and submit completed digital forms to the cloud in real time. Commissioning documentation is accessible to the authorized personnel on demand via a secure web interface in the office and on the mobile devices in the field.

    Field Technicians

  • Access to the project and equipment information. Field installers and technicianns access all required documentation on site by scanning a QR code label with the smartphone.
  • Digital forms and checklists for the commissioning paperwork. Field technicians fill out digital mobile forms and checklists on the project site on a smartphone in QR Mobile Data mobile application.
  • Minimize errors. Use QR code scanning to identify equipment and access the correct list of the commissioning forms to fill out.
  • Collected data are never misplaced or lost. All data collected in the commissioning mobile application are secure stored in the cloud, are accessible on demand and are easily searchable.

    Office Employees

  • Control the commissioning process. Create custom mobile forms, checklists and workflows for the project commissioning via the web dashboard.
  • Live access to the commissioning documentation. Access all commissioning records and documentation in real time via the web dashboard / reports.
  • Automated collaboration with the field technicians. Prefill a mobile form / checklist and dispatch to the mobile devices for completion. Fill out office only part of completed forms, if needed send back to the mobile devices for corrections.
  • Comprehensive reports. Project commissioning documentation is accessible on demand, in real time, and is easily searchable.

    Smart Buildings IoT Devices Commissioning

    Use our IoT commissioning software and mobile application for provisioning and configurtion of the IoT networks based on the bluetooth mesh technology.

  • Control IoT networks remotely via the web dashboard. Set up IoT networks, define groups of IoT devices and how the IoT devices should interact via the web dashboard, using drag-and-drop graphical interface.
  • Provision and configure IoT devices on site using a mobile application. On site installers use a mobile applications (android or iOS) to provision IoT devices into the network and apply pre-set IoT network configuration.

Plan Project Commissioning: Create Workflows, Mobile Forms And Checklists

plan commissioning
Use a secure web dashboard to plan construction projects commissioning, collaborate with the co-workers:

  • Create and manage assets list for the project. Use QR code tagging for the assets for easy identification and field data access.
  • Generate and print QR code labels for the project assets and locations. QR code labels are used in the field for identification, information access and mobile forms completion.
  • Enter all required information for the project assets and locations, optionally upload documentation and drawings.
  • Create custom mobile forms and checklists for all project commissioning paperwork: assets installation, performance testing, field observations, problems log, etc., etc.
  • Link commissioning forms and checklists together using custom workflows.
  • Control system users and their privileges.


Fill Out Commissioning Forms On The Smartphone Using A Mobile Application

commissioning forms and checklists
All mobile forms and checklists that you had created on the construction project commissioning planning stage are accessible to the field technicians on the project site in the commissioning mobile application. Field technician scans a QR code on the asset or location to identify it, and accesses a list of the relevant mobile forms / checklists on the smartphone or tablet. The mobile application shows where exactly the scanned object is in the commissioning workflow, what tasks should be completed next / which mobile forms should be filled out. After field technicians completes the required tasks and fills out the mobile forms assocuated with the current workflow step, he moves the object to the next step and submits completed commissioning forms to the cloud.

If there is no data connection on the project site, field technicians can submit all completed mobile forms / checklists at once when connection becomes available.

QR Mobile Data mobile forms and checklists have all usual capabilities of the mobile forms software (ability to add photos to the completed forms, collect digital signatures on the smartphone, auto define GPS location of the form submission, have multiple form controls and scan in fields, etc.). In addition, QR Mobile Data software has advanced mobile forms capabilities, such as dynamic repeatable sections that can be added to the mobile forms on site as needed, autoscan checklists, copyable sections to minimize data entry, subforms for easier completion on the small smartphone screen, etc., etc.

More information on the mobile forms / checklists capabilities in the QR Mobile Data software is available here.


QR Code based Access To The Documentation And Drawings

commissioning info
All information that you entered for each asset or object on the commissioning planning step is accessible to the field technicians on site. A technician uses a smartphone to scan a QR code label on the item to access:

  • Specifications
  • Installation instructions
  • Manuals
  • PDF documentation
  • Images & drawings
  • Anything else he needs to perform his job
Administrator(s) define what information a field technicians should be able to access via the web dashboard.


Access Construction Project Commissioning Progress / Documentation In Real Time

commissioning progress
All data collected in the commissioning mobile application on the project sites are sent to a centralized cloud location in real time.

Project administrator(s) can access commissioning progress for every project via the web dashboard:

  • Parts, components and equipment delivery on the project site and installation status.
  • Completion status for the project areas.
  • Filled out commissioning forms: installation forms, performance testing forms, inspections checklists, quality control forms, and all other project commissioning paperwork.
  • Issues log and issues correction status.
  • Tasks completion log with the date, time and employee who performed the task.
  • and more ...


Parts And Components Tracking

commissioning inventory
Use QR Inventory software, which is fully integrated with the QR Mobile Data, to track parts, components and equipment required for the project.

Record components receiving in the warehouse, loading to the truck, deliveries to the project site and installation in real time by scanning a QR code / barcode label.

Access materials, parts and components stock on the project site, equipment delivery status via the web dashboard / reports.


Post Commissioning Service And Maintenance

preventive maintenance alerts
Use QR Mobile Data software to provide customers with the post commissioning support and services.

Using QR Mobile Data software, you can access detailed history of each commissioned system or equipment, warranty information, and record post-commissioning preventive maintenance and service using custom mobile forms / checklists.

Create custom reminders, and receive automatic e-mail alerts when warranty is expiring or next preventive maintenance is due.


Smart Buildings: IoT Networks Commissioning

bluetooth mesh commissioning
Installing lighting systems, HVAC appliances, security systems or other IoT networked devices based on the bluetooth mesh in the smart buildings or smart factories? Use our IoT networks commissioning software and mobile application for IoT devices provisioning and configuration.

  • Control IoT networks remotely. Use cloud software to set up bluetooth mesh networks, define types of IoT devices, IoT devices groups and how these groups should interact online via the web dashboard.
  • Provision IoT devices on site using mobile application. Use mobile application (available for android and iOS smartphones and tablets) to provision IoT devices into the network.
  • Configure IoT devices on site. Apply preset IoT network configuration to on site devices using a mobile application.
  • Use multiple mobile device for the secure IoT network access. You are not locked to a single mobile device - on site installers can use any mobile device for the access and commissioning of the IoT network, as long as they were granted access to the network by the administrator. BLE Mesh Commissioning software ensures that the users get the current network data, and that network data are not compromised.
  • Access Control. Control who has an access to which IoT network and users privileges via the admin web dashboard.


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