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Mobile Forms Paperless Data Collection Mobile forms software automates field data collection by replacing manual process with the digital forms and checklists. Collect and access data in the field using a smartphone and QR code scanning. Give all team members live access to the electronic documents.

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Mobile Forms Software: Mobile Data Collection With Digital Forms And Checklists

"Increase field data collection efficiency and accuracy using digital mobile forms and checklists on a smartphone. It's hard to think of anything less efficient than a paper-based system...duplicate effort vanishes as soon as mobile devices replace paper because all information is automatically in a single centralized system... ...digital records that include photographs can make all the difference when it comes to disproving liability claims."
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What Can You Accomplish With The Mobile Forms Data Collection Software

Mobile forms software allows you to digitize field operations, make them efficient and productive. Using mobile forms software you can replace physical paperwork with the digital forms and checklists that field employees can fill out on the smartphones or tablets. Field data collection using mobile forms ensures that all required information is accurately recorded, securely stored and is accessible on demand to all authorized employees.

What Type Of Mobile Forms Can I Create?

You can replace all paper forms that you are currently using in your business with the digital forms and checklists. The common types are:

  +   Equipment inspection forms
  +   Equipment maintenance forms
  +   Safety inspection forms
  +   Facility walkthrough forms
  +   Quality control forms
  +   Product testing forms
  +   Product acceptance forms
  +   Contractor induction checklists
  +   Field reports and requests forms
  +   Fleet inspection / DVIR forms
  +   Punch list forms
  +   SOP / task completion checklists
  +   Field equipment damage reports
  +   Job site paperwork
  +   Construction daily logs
  +   Observations & measurement logs
  +   and more...

How Do We Build Mobile Forms?

QR Mobile Data software includes an online mobile forms builder tool. Using this tool, you can create custom mobile forms and checklists for all your business tasks.

Mobile forms and checklists created in the QR Mobile Data software have all capabilities that make field data collection efficient, fast, and error-free. You can use multiple controls (free-form input, dropdown lists, checkboxes, radio buttons), scan-in fields to quickly scan data with a smartphone camera, image fields for visual documentation. You can create auto-scan checklists to allow for the scanning of the QR codes instead of checking off checkboxes. Repeatable sections allow field employees to add sections to the mobile forms dynamically on demand, and fill them out.

You can add new mobile forms and update existing mobile forms / checklists as needed, and field technicians will always have current forms / checklists on their mobile devices.

How Do We Access Collected Data?

Data collected on a smartphone in the mobile application are sent to the centralized cloud location in real time. All authorized users have an immediatele access to the collected data, on the mobile devices in the field and computers in the office, and can act on this information without delay.

Field technicians can collect data offline in the areas with no connection, and submit all completed forms to the cloud at once when connection becomes available.

What Devices Can We Use For The Field Data Collection?

You can use any mobile device running iOS or android: iPhone, iPad, android smartphones, android tablets, or mobile computers running android OS.

How Mobile Forms Software Works - See QR Mobile Data In Action

Fully Automated Digital Paperwork Solution

Capture, share, store and analyze data with an easy to use mobile forms data collection software.

Custom Mobile Forms For Data Collection
Create custom mobile forms and checklists for the field data collection, reporting and analysis using an online mobile forms builder tool. Create digital forms / checklists for all your business tasks in QR Mobile Data software.

Easy-To-Use Digital Forms Application
QR Mobile Data mobile application allows field employees to fill out digital forms on a smartphone, fast and error-free. Mobile application is available for all iOS and android devices: iPhones, iPads, android smartphones and tablets.

Link Mobile Forms & Workflow
Create custom workflow, link mobile forms to the workflow steps. Track production process, projects progress, collect data on site using a smartphone and QR code scanning.

Data Access In The Field
Access information on the asset or equipment in the field by scanning a QR code with a smartphone: specifications, pdf documentation, service records, etc.

Electronic Documents Cloud Storage
Digital records submitted in the QR Mobile Data mobile application are stored in a secure cloud. Authorized users can access real time data anywhere, via a QR Mobile data software web dashboard or on a smartphone.

Reporting & Data Analytics
Review and download completed digital forms. Generate pdf reports with custom layout. Analyze and visualize collected field data, use data analytics to make better business decisions.


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Why Use Mobile Forms Software For The Field Data Collection

Mobile forms software decreases your operation cost, helps you organize and search project documentation, saves time and provides real time information exchange between the field and the office.

How Will Mobile Forms Software Make My Life Easier?

Mobile forms software can make your life easier in a variety of ways:

  +   Do you want your employees to spend less time on the manual paperwork? Mobile forms software will reduce this time by 30% - 50%, depending on your current data collection method.

  +   How often do you need to send field technicians back due to the missing data and lost paperwork? Mobile forms software will eliminate these trips, saving you money and freeing employees for the more urgent tasks.

  +   How much time do your office employees spend searching for the required dcuments? All this time will be saved by using a mobile forms data collection software. Forms submitted from the mobile application are stored in the secure cloud, are easily searchable and are accessible on demand from anywhere.

  +   How much time do field technicians spend on the equipment service and repairs? Mobile forms software will reduce this time by 20% and eliminate wasteful parts usage - by providing field technicians an immediate access to the equipment documentation and service history.

  +   Could you organize your work more efficiently? With the QR Mobile Data software all stakeholders get an immediate access to the data submitted via the mobile forms, and make informed business decisions.

How Mobile Forms Look Like And What Data Can We Capture?

With QR Mobile Data software you can create custom digital forms and checklists that suit your business workflow:

  +   Fillable mobile forms where users enter data manually or select from the lists / checkboxes / radio buttons.
  +   Checklists where users check off completed tasks.
  +   Scannable checklists, where employees scan a QR code to indicate a completion of the task.
  +   Repeatable sections forms, where employees can dynamically add sections to the mobile form as needed and fill them out.
  +   Pre-filled mobile forms, where an administrator fills out a part of the mobile form online and pushes it to the mobile devices for completion.
  +   Mobile forms that can be passed between mobile devices, where each employee fills out his / her part.
  +   Process tracking mobile forms where you can collect data for the process over time.

You capture various types of data in the mobile forms:

  +   Manual text entries
  +   Selections from lists, checkboxes or radio buttons
  +   Data scanned in from the QR code / barcode / NFC tag / bluetooth (BLE beacon) tag
  +   Images
  +   Signatures
  +   GPS location


Mobile Forms Automation Software With Workflow Tracking

Link mobile forms to the business workflow steps. Use smartphones for the workflow tracking and data collection in real time with the QR code scanning.


Create Custom Workflow

Create workflow for your business operations or production process. Define process steps and provide instructions for each step, so that your employees know what to do.

Attach Mobile Forms To The Workflow Steps

Create custom mobile forms for the data collection (inspection, checklist, quality control, operations record, etc.), and attach them to the workflow steps.

Track Process With A Smartphone

Track production process on site in real time using a smartphone and barcode / QR code scanning. Always know live status of each project, who did what and when.

Collect Data Using Mobile Forms

Fill out relevant mobile form(s) on each workflow step to collect required data. This can be anything, from time to complete the task to inspection checklists, to QC forms.

Smartphone To Cloud In Real Time

All data collected on the smartphones are sent to a centraliized cloud location in real time, and are available to the authorized users on the office computers.

Review Real Time Progress

Review progect's progress via a QR Mobile Data software web dashboard. Access life time history of the past projects. Use filters to find information fast.


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Advanced Mobile Forms Software: What Sets QR Mobile Data Apart

QR Mobile Data software allows you to create mobile forms for various business scenarios, and link mobile forms to the workflow steps. No matter how complex your workflow is, you will be able to record all data accurately with the QR Mobile Data mobile application and cloud software. Visualize and analyze collected data to make informed business decisions.

Advanced Mobile Forms Capabilities

With the QR Mobile Data software you can create digital forms and checklists for a variety of complex business scenarios:

  +   Have a long tasks checklist which is difficult to navigate? Allow field teams to scan a completed task, and corresponding checkbox will be automatically checked, with date / time of task completion indicator.

  +   Don't know beforehand how many line sections to include in the mobile form? Create mobile forms with repeatble sections, and field employees will be able to dynamically add and fill out sections as needed.

  +   Need to pass pre-filled mobile form / work order to field technicians? An administrator can pre-fill a form online and push it to mobile devices for completion.

  +   Have mobile forms with office only part? QR Mobile Data allows administrators to fill out office only part online after mobile form is submitted.

  +   Have a situation where several employees handle different parts of the same job? QR Mobile Data application allows field technicians to pass mobile forms between devices, where each technician fills out his / her part.

  +   Need to e-mail completed and signed mobile form internally or to the client? You can create custom pdf report on the smartphone and e-mail to the selected recipients.

  +   Need to get useful insights from collected data? QR Mobile Data advanced reporting allows you to create custom reports, analyze and visualize collected data using plots and graphs.

Link Mobile Forms And Workflow

Mobile forms and data collection are tightly integrated into your business process and workflow:

  +   Link mobile forms to workflow steps. Make sure that right set of data is collected on each process step.

  +   Make mobile forms required or optional. Ensure that all necessary data are collected before the product can be moved to the next step, and allow employees to collect optional data.

  +   Create mobile forms that can be filled out over time. Some process steps may require recording multiple observations over time (for example, collecting temperature / pressure conditions). QR Mobile Data application allows you to create mobile forms where observations can be added as needed on different mobile devices.

  +   Handle products transformation (mixing, splitting, conversion). QR Mobile Data application allows you to easily handle product transformation during the process by filling out one mobile form. The traceability and product lots history is maintained throughout all transformations.

  +   Traceability without physical paperwork. Trace ingredients, materials and inventory lots through the process from start to finish and collect all required data with mobile forms. Analyze data to find reasons for the problems and improve your business process.

  +   Tell a product story. Tell a product story from the origin to the final product that you sell to the customer.


Connect Mobile Forms Data Collection To The Project Management Software

QR Mobile Data integrations with the project management software allows you to complete all field paperwork on site using smartphones and the mobile forms, and automatically send pdf documents to the project management software. You control the documents look, layout and contents via the custom templates.

QR Mobile Data - Procore integration gives job site employees an opportunity to fill out all types of the construction site paperwork: inspections checklists, safety audit forms, quality control forms, contractor induction forms, vehicle inspection DVIR forms, project commissioning forms on the job site using smartphones or tablets and digital mobile forms. Once a job site employee submits a mobile form, a pdf document is created automatically in Procoredocuments directory, on the project or company level. You can store electronic documents for each mobile form in the separate subfolders for better organization.

QR Mobile Data - Asana integration allows you to link a work order mobile form created in QR Mobile Data to the Asana task. When you link a work order mobile form to the Asana task, a task is automatically assigned to the field technician and is dispatched to his smartphone. When the field technician completes mobile form for a work order, the task is automatically marked as completed in Asana. An electronic document for the completed mobile form is automatically uploaded to Asana and is attached to the relevant task.


Business Use Cases For The Mobile Forms Software

Mobile forms software is usefull for a variety of business tasks, from field inspections and audits to manufacturing process documentation to equipment maintenance. If your business workflow includes filling out any kind of forms or checklists in the field or on the shop floor, QR Mobile Data software will help you become more productive and efficient by replacing manual process with automated digital data collection.

Using Mobile Forms Software For Inspections & Audits
Turn your paper inspection forms and audit checklists into the digital forms. Fill out mobile forms anywhere on a smartphone or tablet, with or without internet connection. Update forms as needed, and your employees will always have the latest forms on their mobile devices. Store electronic documents in a centralized cloud location. Give all stakeholders real time access to the inspection results.
Using Mobile Forms Software For Equipment Maintenance
Field technicians can easily record equipment service, maintenance and repairs in the field by filling out mobile forms. All information on the equipment, from specs and pdf documentation to past service history is readily available in the mobile application - just scan QR code with a smartphone to get the data. QR Mobile Data software gives field technicians the right tools to be productive and efficient.
Mobile Data Collection For Manufacturing
Track manufacturing workflow and collect data on the shop floor using mobile forms application and barcode scanning. Collect all production related data on a smartphone, fill out testing and quality control forms on the shop floor. Instantly convert all completed mobile forms into the pdf documents. Give all stakeholders live access to the projects status, progress and detailed workflow history.
Mobile Checklists For Business Tasks Management
Give your personnel a tool to keep track of the business tasks, make sure that nothing is missed or forgotten. Create a mobile checklist that they can use to check off completed tasks on a smartphone. Optionally, they can just scan a QR code to checked off completed task automatically.
Completed checklists are submitted to the cloud in real time, so you have readily available documentation of what was done, when and by whom.
Using Mobile Forms Software For Quality Control & Traceability
Quality control and traceability is an important issue for all manufacturing companies, and for many it is a requirement. QR Mobile Data software allows you to create custom quality control forms and checklists that can be filled out on the shop floor using mobile devices. The entire chain of events and documentation for each product batch is stored in a secure cloud and can be accessed on demand from anywhere.
QR Code Data Collection: Field Reports & Requests
Improve communication between the field and the office. Give mobile workers necessary tools to report equipment damage, problems or request service in a timely manner. All they need to do is scan QR code on the equipment with a smartphone, and fill out a mobile form. Optionally they can capture a photo for visual documentation. Office employees information submitted via mobile forms right away, and can react quickly.


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Digitizing Field Operations: No-Code Platform For Mobile Forms Building

Digitize field operations using QR Mobile Data no-code platform for building custom mobile forms. Use digital mobile forms for all your field service paperwork - from equipment maintenance to inspections to assets tracking, and more.


Digitizing Field Operations With Mobile Forms


Real Time Data Collection, Manufacturing Process Tracking And Traceability - Case Study

Learn how other companies use QR Mobile Data software and mobile application to improve operations efficiency. Ionex manufacturing company uses QR Mobile Data for mobile data collection and tracking production process in real time on the shop floor. The result is - complete visibility into the projects progress for all stakeholders, and accurate digital documentation, easily searchable and accessible on demand.

Ionex Research Corporation Interview / Case Study

Ionex Research Corporation, a manufacturer of high-performance process filtration and treatment equipment, uses QR Mobile Data / QR Inventory combo for mobile data collection, tracking production process, quality control and traceability. Ionex shop floor employees use regular smartphones to collect data, fill out mobile forms, track inventory and look up information. The result is increased operations efficiency, improved intra-company communication and accurate process documentation.

Read Case Study
One of the hurdles IONEX was faced with was the amount of data collected at each step of the manufacturing process. It was also challenging to keep information up-to-date and communicate between departments. With QR Inventory, most record keeping tasks are completed quickly and "live" as they happen. The need for physical paperwork is eliminated and everyone in the company has access to the data.
C.M., Ionex


How To Incorporate Mobile Forms Data Collection Into Your Business Workflow

Are you thinking about implementing mobile forms data collection in your business, but don't know where to start? Want to know more about mobile forms software, and what will be involved in switching to a new way of process tracking and data collection? Is it worth your time, money and effort? This article will help you understand this and make a more informed decision.


How To Incorporate Mobile Forms Data Collection Into Your Business Workflow


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