Mobile Digital Forms For Mechanical Contractors: HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing

Record equipment installation, maintenance, service and repairs in the field using digital mobile forms on a smartphone or tablet. Access equipment documentation, specifications and past service information on site by scanning a QR code with a smartphone.

How Digital Forms And Mobile Data Collection Benefit Mechanical Contractors

Why Use Digital Forms And QR Codes

  • Digital forms make field documentation easy and efficient. Mobile digital forms allow field technician to easily record details of all jobs done in the field on a smartphone or tablet, and submit forms to the cloud in real time. Record installation of the HVAC equipment, electrical systems or piping, equipment and systems maintenance and service without any physical paperwork.
  • Digital forms make visual documentation easy. Digital forms allow field technicians to take photo(s) with a smartphone camera and attach them to the completed digital forms for visual documentation. Digital forms make it easy to provide visual documentation for the equipment conditions and work done, and do not require any extra manual work to link the forms and the images.
  • Equipment data access in the field. Field technician can access equipment specifications, documentation and past maintenance / service history by scanning a QR code label. Having the equipment and systems information readily available saves time, makes the job of the field technician more efficient and productive.
  • Completed digital forms are accessible on demand. Digital forms completed in the field on a smartphone or tablet are submitted to a centralized secure cloud location in real time. The records are preserved in a secure cloud and are accessible on demand by authorized users from anywhere - making reporting, compliance and technicians job in the field easier and more efficient.
  • Preventive maintenance reminders. Automatic alerts on the upcoming preventive maintenance ensures that nothing is missed or forgotten.

How QR Mobile Data Software Helps Mechanical Contractors

  • Custom and ready-to-use digital forms for the contractor jobs recording. Use digital forms from our library to record contactor jobs and conduct inspections in the field, or create your own custom mobile forms via QR Mobile Data software web interface.
  • QR code scanning for the field data access. QR Mobile Data software allows you to upload equipment and system documentation: specifications, manuals, instructions, images and drawings. Field technicians can access this documentation, along with the equipment service and maintenance history, by scanning a QR code on the equipment with a smartphone.
  • Digital forms capabilities helpful to the contractors. QR Mobile Data software have many advanced digital forms capabilities that are helpful for the mechanical contractors. Some of these capabilities include scannable checklists, repeatable forms sections, smart data copy, automatic e-mail notifications on the outliers, etc. Here are more details on QR Mobile Data software mobile forms capabilities.
  • Work orders and field / office communication. An office employee can start a digital form for the specific job on the office computer before pushing it to the mobile devices for completion. Field technicians will see the pre-filled digital form on their mobile devices, complete the form on a smartphone and submit to the central database in real time. Office employees review the completed forms, can update them if needed and fill out "office only" part.
  • Customizable digital documents and reports. Review reports on the completed digital forms via the web dashboard, filter reports by multiple parameters to quickly find required information. Export data into .csv file, or create custom-formatted pdf reports for sharing with the customers, external auditors or within the company.

What Types Of The Digital Forms You Can Create For The Contactor Jobs And Inspections

QR Mobile Data software and mobile application are geared towards the contractor forms that record a contractor job performed on the site (such as equipment or system installation, service or maintenance), inspection forms and checklists (these can include equipment and system inspections, as well as inspection of the service tools and vehicles), as well as equipment and system commissioning forms.

You can create completely custom digital forms, and / or import available digital forms into your account from our forms library. You can use ready-to-go digital forms as is, or as a template to further customize the form to your requirements.

Fill out digital forms in the field on the mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, rugged mobile devices for the outdoor use), and submit to the cloud in real time, or when connection is available. Keep documentation organized, accessible on demand from anywhere, readily available for the review and inquiries.

Here are just some of the digital forms for contractors that you can create and use in QR Mobile Data software:

( - ready to use digital form is available)

  •   A/C maintenance form. Use this form to record the preventive maintenance of the A/C units, use as a template for recording other types of HVAC equipment maintenance.
  • Contractor work order forms. Create a work order form for the HVAC equipment service / repair, electrical system installation or plumbing jobs. Pre-fill the form in the office before pushing it to the mobile devices for the field technicians.
  • HVAC service ticket form. Use this form to record the service / repairs that was done on the HVAC equipment, what parts were used for the repairs. Add photos to visually document equipment conditions, and collect customer signature on a smartphone.
  •   Backflow prevention test form. Use this form to record the results of the backflow prevention device test. Create custom pdf report for the client based on the backflow test results.
  • Electrical safety checklist. Use this checklist to conduct safety check on the construction site to determine if it is safe to start the electrical work. Identify and document the site conditions and any potential problems that need to be addressed before the electrical job can start.
  •   Fleet inspection / DVIR form. Use this form to do the regular inspections of the contractor service vehicles. Make sure you have all DVIR inspections on file and stay compliant with the DOT requirements.
  • Field equipment damage report. Use this form to report problems and damages to the equipment and systems observed during the routine inspections. Add photos to the form to illustrate the problem. When the equipment or system problem is reported using a digital form, the right personnel is immediately alerted.
  • HVAC commissioning checklist. Use HVAC commissioning checklist to verify and document that the HVAC equipment is properly installed and is working as intended.
  • Piping installation checklist / commissioning form. Use piping commissioning form to confirm and document that piping installation is properly done, pipes are properly cleaned, insulated as required, and there are no leaks or problems. Document piping conditions with the photos, keep digital documents on file.
  • TAB (testing, documenting and balancing) forms. Use TAB forms to document results of the building systems testing during the commissioning process.
  •   Expense report. Let field technicians submit expense reports electronically, and attach receipts / supporting documentation for the expenses.
  • and more...

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