Automate Business Workflow With Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Forms Traceability Software: Smartphone Data Collection For Traceability

Mobile forms software makes traceability tracking and paperwork simple and efficient. Use smartphones and mobile forms to record traceability information, keep digital traceability documentatin readily available.
Traceability and lot number tracking is a requirement for many manyfactures. Traceability and safety inspections documents must be kept on file for the external auditors and for the company internal use. QR Mobile Data software makes a compliance with the traceability requirements as painless as possible.

Using a smartphone and a QR Mobile Data mobile application shop floor employees can track lot numbers of ingredients and final product batches, enter lot information and fill out safety checklists. All collected traceability data is sent from the mobile devices to the cloud server in real time, and is immediately visible to all authorized employees.

Lot Traceability With The Smartphones And Mobile Forms

Tracking raw materials and components lot numbers, collecting traceability information on each lot and recording which lot numbers were used for each product batch can quickly get out of hand if done manually or in a spreadsheet. In addition to the missing or misplaced information, finding traceability data that you need is very time consuming and frustrating.

QR Mobile Data software makes products traceability as painless as possible. Shop floor employees use smartphones or other types of mobile devices for barcode scanning, entering product lots into the system with all required traceability information, tracking production process, and recording where and how the final product batches where distributed.

All traceability information collected on the mobile devices is immediately sent to a centralized cloud location and is accessible by an authorized personnel via a secure web dashboard. Traceability documentation is securely preserved, is accessible on demand from anywhere and is easily searchable. In case of a problem you can quickly find all affected products and where they were distributed, and issue a recall.

Creating Mobile Forms For Traceability And Safety Inspections

Regardless of what products you manufacture, and what your process is you will be able to create inspection forms and checklists that fit your requirements. All inspection forms are custom created by you via the web dashboard. You define what data should be collected, what should be visited and checked, and how often. QR Mobile Data mobile forms designer allows you to:
  • Divide mobile forms into sections for clarity and easier completion on a small smartphone screen.
  • Include clarifying text and / or images so that shop floor employees know exactly what needs to be checked / inspected.
  • Include selection lists, hint text, radio buttons, and checkboxes to minimize manual entries.
  • Allow users to scan in data instead of entering data manually.
  • Use QR Mobile Data scannable checklists for the faster and easier inspection forms completion.
  • Include images in the mobile forms for the visual documentation.
  • Create dynamic form sections that shop floor employees can add to the form on the fly as needed.
  • Collect a signature on the mobile device and include it as a part of the submitted record.
  • Specify how often a specific inspection should be done, and receive automatic alert when the next inspection is due.
  • Completed mobile forms are sent to a secure centralized cloud location and are immediately available to all authorized users / devices.
  • Shop floor employees can instantly create a pdf documents based on the completed mobile form on a smartphone.
  • Define look, layout and contents of the pdf documents via the custom MS Word templates.

Using Mobile Forms For Traceability And Safety Inspections

Mobile forms for the safety insoections and traceability that you created via the QR Mobile Data web dashboard are available to the shop floor employees on a smartphone. QR code scanning option in QR Mobile Data mobile application ensures that the correct items are inspected and correct mobile forms are used.

The traceability or inspection data entered in the mobile form are automatically saved on the smartphone. An employee can stop and resume at any time, and collected data will not be lost.

Completed mobile forms are sent to a centralized cloud location in real time. All authorized company employees can access traceability and safety inspections records, on the office computers and on the mobile devices. If internet or data connection is not available, an employee can still fill out mobile forms on the smartphone. The completed mobile forms are saved on the smartphone and are sent to the cloud when connection is available.

After completing a safety inspection a shop floor employee can create a pdf report and e-mail to the selected recipients from a smartphone. You define the format of the pdf report and what should be included via the MS Word template.

When the mobile form is submitted to the server, timestamp, user who submitted the form and GPS location are captured automatically and are included in the reports.

Traceability Records & Documentation

All completed mobile forms are stored in a secure centralized cloud location as digital records. Administrators can access traceability and inspections documents on demand. The can search traceability records by multiple parameters to quickly find required information. You can review traceability and inspections records online, download as .csv file, and / or create pdf reports.

If you need to send reports to the extternal auditors who do not have a direct access to the system, QR Mobile Data makes this task very easy and straightforward. You can create a custom pdf report with one click and e-mail it to the interested parties or upload to a designated location.

You are in the complete control of how pdf reports look like and what data are included.

Mobile Forms For Equipment Service & Maintenance

QR Mobile Data software allows you to create mobile forms and checklists for the multiple tasks. In addition to the traceability and safety inspection forms you can create mobile forms for equipment maintenance, service and repairs.

Using equipment maintenance and service mobile forms, company employees can:

  • Scan a QR code on the equipment to access equipment specifications and past maintenance / service events.
  • Record equipment repairs and preventive maintenance on the shop floor on the mobile device. Equipment maintenance and service records are stored in a centralized cloud location and are available to authorized employees from anywhere. You can use multiple filters to find required information fast.
  • If you are using outside repair shops, use a smartphone to record sending equipment to the repair and all necessary details: where it was sent, what was the problem, when equipment should be returned. You can define what information to record and track via a web dashboard.
  • An employee can use mobile forms to send equipment damage report or service request, include details and attach image(s).
Create custom reminders and receive automatic e-mail alerts on the next scheduled preventive maintenance or warranty expiration.

Traceability And Inventory Management

Use QR Mobile Data software in combination with the QR Inventory mobile inventory management software. Use QR Inventory mobile application for the lot numbers tracking with barcode scanning, and web interface for reviewing inventory reports.

Check out more information on lot number tracking and traceability in QR Inventory software.

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