Equipment Maintenance Tracking Software With Mobile App, Digital Forms And IoT Sensors

Digital mobile forms software helps you automate equipment maintenance process, schedule work orders and get preventive maintenance alerts. Use smartphones to document equipment maintenance and service, record what was done and which parts were used for repairs. Access maintenance documents from anywhere via a cloud software web dashboard. Be pro-active with the equipment maintenance using BLE IoT sensors. A reliable equipment maintenance system extends equipment useful life, helps you avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

How Equipment Maintenance Software With Mobile App Make You More Productive

Why Use Digital Forms Software For Equipment Maintenance Tracking

  • Digital forms software streamlines equipment maintenance process. Digital forms software helps you automate equipment maintenance workflow. A software links all the steps of the maintenance process, from work order creation to filling out digital forms in the mobile app to storing electronic documents in the cloud. All team members have an access to the same up to date data, and can do their part of the job promptly. No paper forms, manual entries or double work - everything is done efficiently using digital forms.
  • A mobile app with digital forms simplifies maintenance work for the field technicians. Digital forms are faster and easier to complete than paper forms. Equipment maintenance mobile forms can be accessed and filled out on a smartphone or tablet. Most field technicians own mobile devices, carry them around and are familiar with the device interface.
  • Equipment maintenance mobile app allows for the diverse data collection. Using mobile app for equipment maintenance forms field technicians can collect diverse data that are not available in the paper forms. They can document what was done with the photos, capture signatures, use QR code scanning, capture GPS location, track time for the work order completion, and more.
  • Equipment maintenance mobile app provides real time data access. A field technician can access asset specs, documents and past maintenance history with the one QR code scan. Real time info access makes the work of the field technicians much more productive, helps them make better decisions and avoid errors.
  • Equipment maintenance software allows for the real time jobs tracking. Equipment maintenance forms completed in the mobile app are submitted to the backend cloud software and are immediately available to all authorized software users.

Why Use IoT Sensors For Equipment Maintenance

  • IoT sensors can measure various parameters linked to the equipment performance, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, etc., etc. IoT sensors collect this data automatically, and send data to the backend cloud software in real time. You can monitor assets at all of your field sites remotely on a single office computer.

  • You can set acceptable conditions, and get an instant alert if data from the IoT sensors indicate a problem. This gives you an option to address issues early and avoid unexpected breakdowns, damages and costly repairs.

How Equipment Maintenance Tracking Works In The QR Mobile Data Software

  • Mobile forms and checklists for equipment maintenance documentation. Use digital forms builder tool in the QR Mobile Data software to create mobile forms for equipment maintenance tracking and documentation. A QR Mobile Data software allows you to create mobile forms that are dynamic, customizable and are easy to complete in the field. Details on the digital forms capabilities in the QR Mobile Data software are available here.
  • Digital work orders accessible in the mobile app. You can pre-fill a part of the digtal form for the equipment maintenance work order online, and assign the work order to the technician. A field technician can see all work orders assigned to him in the mobile app after he logs in. You can also create unassigned work orders that all field technicians can access and pick up.
  • Equipment maintenance forms fillable in the mobile app. Field technicians track and document their work by filling out a digital form in the equipment maintenance mobile app. They can collect all types of data in the mobile app, including images and signatures. Once a digital form is completed, a technician submits it to the backend cloud software in real time, or when connection is available.
  • Info access in the mobile app with a QR code scan. A field technician can access equipment specs, documents and past maintenance and service history in a mobile app with the one QR code scan. Equipment maintenance tracking software ensures that all team members always have required info to be productive and make informed decisions.
  • Parts inventory management. Track parts inventory using a mobile app and QR code scanning. Always know what parts were used, what you have left in parts inventory, and when you need to order more.
  • Asset tracking and management. Track assets location, usage and movement history with the QR code scan in a mobile app.
  • Customizable reports. You can access asset maintenance and usage reports on demand from anywhere via a cloud software web dashboard. Search records by multiple parameters to quickly find what you need. Customize reports using multiple filters. Access reports online or download as .csv or pdf files.
  • Use IoT sensors for predictive maintenance. You have an option to add an IoT asset tracking and monitoring to the QR Mobile Data software. It will allow you to automatically track assets and monitor asset conditions remotely in real time. IoT asset tracking and conditions monitoring happens without any human participation. You will always know where your assets are, how long they were used on any of the job sites, and address potential problems in a timely manner.
  • Equipment maintenance alerts and reminders. Receive automatic e-mail alerts for the upcoming preventive maintenance, or if a submitted digital form has an outlier that requires immediate attention. Receive automatic alerts from the IoT sensors, catch potential problems early and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Using Digital Forms And Checklists For Tracking Equipment Maintenance

Creating Digital Forms And Work Orders For Equipment Maintenance Tracking

In the QR Mobile Data software you can create custom mobile forms that fit your specific equipment, maintenance requirements and business workflow.
  • Use a cloud software web interface to create custom digital forms for recording equipment maintenance, service and repairs. No matter what type of equipment you are servicing, you will be able to create mobile forms that fit your needs and business workflow.
  • You can create different mobile forms for the different equipment groups.
  • For the multi-step service and maintenance processes stitch mobile forms together using a workflow.
  • Admin software users can create an equipment maintenance work order by pre-filling a part of the mobile form online and pushing the form to the assigned field technician's mobile phone.
  • You can assign a work order to a field technician, or create a work order visible to all technicians in the field.
  • Use advanced mobile forms capabilities in the QR Mobile Data software to create dynamic mobile forms that are easy for the field technicians to understand and fill out.

Using Digital Mobile Forms For Documenting Equipment Maintenance In The Field

Keep accurate records of the equipment maintenance, service and repairs. Make sure that authorized software users can access maintenance tracking documents at any time, in the field and in the office.
  • Field technicians identify an asset with a QR code scan. A QR code scan produces equipment information, and a list of the relevant mobile forms.
  • Field technicians fill out a mobile form for the task at hand in the mobile app, and submit the completed form to a backend cloud software in real time.
  • If internet connection is not available, field workers can complete multiple digital forms on a smartphone, and submit them all at once when connection is available.
  • Digital mobile forms can include photos to show equipment conditions and possible problems, and an option to capture a digital signature on a smartphone.
  • If an equipment maintenance work order is assigned to a field technician, he will see it on the home screen of the mobile app. He can access work order details and a pre-filled digital form with a click of a button.
  • Work orders that are not assigned are available to all field technicians to review and pick up.
  • A QR Mobile Data software has a time tracking capabilities. Field technicians can track their time in the mobile app, and submit time tracking log to the backend cloud software.
  • A GPS location is auto captured and is sent to the cloud software along with the completed mobile form.

Equipment Maintenance Records, Reports And Statistics

Equipment maintenance tracking records are stored in a secure cloud. Authorized software users can access them in real time via the cloud software web interface.
  • Office employees can access completed maintenance forms on the office computers as soon as they are submitted by the technician in the field.
  • You can search records by various parameters to quickly find what you need, and select what data to include in the equipment maintenance reports.
  • View GPS locations of the equipment maintenance sites on a map.
  • You can print out completed maintenance forms and export records into .csv file. Use export to share collected data internally or with the clients, or for importing data into the internal software systems.
  • Review statistical reports to identify most frequent problems and what parts fail most often.
  • Create custom PDF reports for the internal use, for customers or external auditors.
  • Review and download equipment maintenance time tracking logs and aggregated time reports. Import time tracking logs to your payroll / HR software.

Preventive Maintenance Notifications And Alerts

Extend equipment useful life by adhering to the proper preventive maintenance schedule. Equipment maintenance software ensures that you never miss PM or scheduled inspection.
  • Create custom reminders to alert you when the next preventive maintenance, routine inspection or service is due for the equipment.
  • Control how many days in advance you want to receive alerts, how many, a subject and text of the email message.
  • Receive a single alert for all equipment due for the preventive maintenance on a specific date.
  • Create custom reminders on the important dates, such as a warranty expiration date.
  • Receive automatic alerts if a submitted maintenance form contains an outlier and act fast to fix the problem.
  • If you are using IoT sensors, you can set acceptable conditions range and receive an instant alert if the data reported by the IoT sensors indicate a problem.

Automate Equipment Tracking And Monitoring With The IoT Sensors And Gateways

Reduce manual labor and travel time for the field technicians by using IoT sensors and gateways. Track assets location and movement, identify equipment problems early by using IoT sensors and gateways. IoT sensors networks will allow you to track and monitor equipment conditions in the field remotely without any human participation, 24/7.

  • Track and monitor equipment conditions remotely 24/7 using a network of IoT sensors and a Bluetooth IoT gateway.
  • Use various IoT sensors for tracking conditions relevant to your equipment type: temperature, pressure, humidity, gas leaks, vibration patterns, etc.
  • Access data logs from all your field sites remotely without a need to do site audits. Detect problems early and prevent costly breakdowns.
  • Set acceptable data ranges for all parameters you want to keep track of by logging directly into the IoT gateway or via a cloud software web dashboard.
  • Do a predictive rather than preventive equipment maintenance, reduce manual labor and extend equipment useful life using IoT conditions tracking and monitoring system.

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