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Mobile Equipment Maintenance: Cloud Software + Mobile Forms Application

An adequate equipment maintenance program extends equipment useful life, prevents expensive repairs and eventually saves you a lot of money and headache. QR Mobile Data software (cloud software + mobile application) helps you keep track of equipment maintenance in the field in real time using smartphones, mobile forms and barcode / QR code scanning.

Smartphones and tablets have a lot of capabilities that are very useful for the field equipment maintenance tracking. Using a smartphone, field technicians can scan QR codes and barcodes, access equipment specifications and past maintenance records, fill out mobile form to record equipment maintenance or service, take photos, capture signatures and GPS location of the equipment. Smartphones are also compact and easy to carry around, unlike laptops and some mobile computers. No wonder that smartphones are quickly becoming the first choice for the field service technicians.
With QR Mobile Data software and mobile application, field technicians will be able to use smartphones in the field to streamline their equipment maintenance work, and office employees will be able to access and analyze equipment maintenance records using a web dashboard.

Mobile Forms For Equipment Maintenance Tracking

Field technicians can record equipment maintenance fast and error free using a smartphone and mobile forms. In QR Mobile Data software you can create custom mobile forms that fit your business needs and workflow.

custom mobile forms for equipment
  • Use web dashboard to create custom mobile forms for tracking field equipment maintenance, service and repairs. No matter what type of equipment you are servicing, you will be able to create mobile form(s) that fit your needs and business workflow.
  • Link mobile forms to the equipment groups, or create forms valid for all types of equipment.
  • Indicate which mobile form fields are required, and each field data type.
  • Optionally include clarifying text and / or images for the mobile form fields, so that equipment technicians know exactly what to check.
  • Include any number of the image field(s). Field technicians will be able to use these fields to take photos illustrating equipment status, and include them as a part of the equipment maintenance record.
  • Add / update equipment maintenance mobile forms at any time, and field employees will always have current mobile forms on their smartphones.
  • Optionally pre-fill part of the mobile form in the office and push it to the mobile devices for completion in the field.


Use A Smartphone To Access Equipment Information In The Field

Give field employees a right tool to do their job. Field technicians can instantly access equipment information: specifications, instructions, documentation, recent maintenance, service and repair records by scanning QR code / barcode label on the equipment with a smartphone.

access data in the field
  • Create custom fields to hold equipment information. You can record and access any information on the field equipment, from warranty expiration to equipment specs, pdf documentations, images and drawings, etc.
  • Field technicians access equipment information, as well as recent equipment maintenance records by scanning QR code / barcode label with a smartphone.
  • Authorized users can update equipment information in the field, and / or take photos and add to the field equipment record.


Mobile Equipment Maintenance Tracking With A Smartphone

Keep accurate records of the field equipment maintenance, service and repairs. Make sure that authorized employees can access these records at any time, in the field and in the office.

mobile data collection
  • Scan QR code label on the equipment with a smartphone to access a list of the relevant mobile forms and checklists.
  • Select a mobile form / checklist relevant to the task at hand.
  • Fill out equipment maintenance mobile form on a smartphone.
  • Take photos to illustrate the equipment conditions and possible problems, and include image(s) as part of the equipment maintenance record.
  • Collect a digital signature on the smartphone if applicable.
  • When equipment maintenance is completed, submit the mobile form to a centralized cloud location. Submitted equipment maintenance records are instantly available to all authorized users, in the field and in the office.
  • Track time it took to work on the field equipment maintenance in the QR Mobile Data mobile application. Submit time log with one click.
  • GPS location of the equipment is captured automatically and is transmitted along with the completed mobile form.
  • Equipment maintenance can be recorded with or without data connection. If there is no data connection, field technician can submit completed mobile form(s) and time log later, as soon as connection becomes available.
  • Create equipment maintenance PDF report on a smartphone, include images and signature. View, print and e-mail pdf report from a smartphone.


Equipment Maintenance Records, Reports And Statistics

Equipment maintenance records are stored in a secure cloud, can be accessed by authorized personnel in real time from anywhere.

  • Office employees can access equipment maintenance, service and repair records via a web dashboard as soon as these records are submitted by the technician in the field.
  • Search submitted equipment maintenance records by various parameters (dates, location, equipment type, service type, etc.) to quickly find required information. Search by the data submitted in the mobile form to find service records that fixed a specific problem, or pull out records that failed a test.
  • View equipment maintenance locations on a map.
  • Print and export equipment maintenance and service records.
  • Review equipment maintenance and service statistics, identify problem equipment (for example find equipment that required the most repairs during the last quarter).
  • Create custom equipment maintenance PDF reports. Define look and layout of the PDF report via an MS Word template.
  • Review and download equipment maintenance time logs and aggregated time report. Import time logs to your payroll / HR software.


Equipment Preventive Maintenance Notifications & Alerts

Extend equipment useful life by adhering to the proper preventive maintenance schedule. Never miss a scheduled equipment maintenance or inspection.

preventive maintenance alerts
  • Create custom reminders to alert you when the next preventive maintenance, routine inspection or service is due.
  • Specify how many days in advance you want to receive an alert.
  • You can create multiple equipment maintenance alerts (e.g. 3 days in advance, one day in advance, on the date). Receive automatic alert for overdue preventive maintenance.
  • Create custom subject and text of the alert email message.
  • Receive one reminder for all equipment due for the preventive maintenance on a specific date.
  • Create custom reminders on the date custom fields, such as equipment warranty expiration date.


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