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Mobile Workflow Tracking Software With Digital Process Documentation

“With digital data collection, the sooner the better is always the best answer.” — Marissa Mayer


Digital Workflow Tracking Software With Mobile Forms

Digitize business processes by tracking workflow on a smartphone and collecting data using digital mobile forms.

QR Mobile Data software is best used for digitizing business processes that require workflow tracking, data collection, documentation, and real time information access by all team members. These processes may include:

The following QR Mobile Data software features streamline workflow tracking, data collection and documentation for these processes:



Digitize Business Operations With Mobile Forms And Workflow Tracking

Link business tasks that require filling out digital mobile forms together in a workflow. Attach mobile forms to the relevant workflow steps. Ensure that all process steps are completed and the required documentation is collected. Fill out digital mobile forms on site using a smartphone or tablet, submit to the backend cloud software in real time.
automate business tasks
  • Create custom workflow for the digital data collection, define workflow steps.
  • Create custom mobile forms and checklists for field documentation using intuitive web interface.
  • Attach mobile forms and checklists to the workflow steps, so that field employees know what forms need to be completed on each step.
  • You can also create digital forms and checklists for the discrete tasks that are not a part of the workflow.
  • Field employees use smartphones to move projects through the workflow and filling out mobile forms. Use QR code / barcode scanning to speed up data collection process and eliminate errors.
  • Digital workflow tracking and data collection eliminates physical paperwork, loss of collected information and double entries. Use QR Mobile Data software to work smart and eliminate costly mistakes.
  • Digital mobile forms allow you to collect more information than you could have with the alternative methods. Add photos and images to the mobile forms, capture digital signatures on a smartphone, use QR code scanning, obtain GPS location of the mobile form completion spot, and more.
  • Digital data collection with mobile forms streamlines information exchange between the field and the office. Data collected on a smartphone via the digital mobile forms are submitted to a backend cloud software and are available to all authorized users and devices in real time.



Automate Workflow Tracking And Data Collection With The QR Code / Barcode Scanning

It takes one QR code scan to move project through the workflow, access and fill out relevant mobile forms.
qr code scanning
QR code scanning makes digital workflow tracking and mobile forms data collection fast and efficient. Use QR Code scanning for:

  • Business objects identification
  • Dynamic information access
  • Advance project through the workflow steps
  • Scan data into the digital mobile form fields
  • Scan tasks for the inspection checklists completion



Streamline Field Workflow With The Instant Information Access

Make sure that the field employees have all information they need to do their job.
mobile data access
  • Increase productivity and field operations effectiveness by giving field employees instant access to the information they need to get the job done. Instead of calling an office or another technician and waiting for a response, field employees can scan a QR code with the smartphone to access all necessary documentation.
  • Information may include images, drawings, pdf documents, specifications, operating instructions, emergency procedures and anything else you need. You control what exactly field employees can access on their smartphones via a QR Mobile Data software administrative web dashboard.
  • Field technicians can review recently completed mobile forms for the scanned object, and plan the work based on this information.
  • Employees with the right permissions can add new information or update a field asset on a smartphone. For example they can add photos taken with a smartphone camera, take and record new measurements, etc.



Quality Control And Traceability Using Digital Workflow Tracking And Mobile Forms

quality control and traceability

Traceability and quality control helps you detect and eliminate problems as they happen, saving you a lot of money and eliminating bigger problems down the road. When a problem is reported, you can always go back and restore the entire workflow, pinpoint where the problem could have happened and make process improvements.
The following QR Mobile Data software features help you streamline traceability and quality control:

  • Trace all parts, materials and finished products through the workflow steps, from receiving to shipping and installation.
  • Track equipment and instruments that were used on each workflow step.
  • Fill out mobile forms for quality control, inspections and product testing as a part of a workflow.
  • Workflow tracking, data collection, and filling out mobile forms is done on site using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Completed digital records are sent to a backend cloud software in real time, are immediately available to the authorized personnel, are accessible on demand from anywhere and are easily searchable.
  • You can access an entire workflow trail and completed digital forms for each project at any time.
  • Each project traceability documentation and quality control forms are securely preserved in the cloud. Electronic documents are accessible to the authorized users of the QR Mobile Data software on demand from anywhere.



Organized Digital Documentation On Each Workflow Process And Completed Mobile Forms

production process documentation
  • Digital documentation collected on the smartphones is instantly sent to the backend cloud software
  • Completed digital mobile forms and workflow tracking records are stored in the secure cloud. Collected data are never misplaced or lost.
  • Authorized software users can access digital documents on demand from anywhere.
  • You can filter completed mobile forms by multiple parameters to quickly find required information, download data and create pdf reports.
  • Centralized cloud storage ensures that all authorized users have live access to the completed digital forms and workflow tracking data.



Organize And Track Business Assets And Inventory

asset tracking

Combine digital workflow tracking and mobile forms data collection with assets and inventory management for a complete field productivity solution.

  • Track assets (tools and equipment) and inventory (materials, consumables and parts) in real time, in the field and in the warehouse, with a smartphone or tablet and a QR code scanning.
  • Process inventory transactions on site by scanning a QR code or a barcode label with a smartphone running iOS or android.
  • Collect any additional data on the inventory transaction if applicable, take photos and collect digital signatures.
  • Customize every aspect of your inventory management / asset tracking process. Define everything that you want to track, record and report via a QR Inventory software web dashboard.
  • Review complete equipment and inventory reports: inventory stock, equipment location, transactions history, usage, statistical and analytical reports.


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