Automate Construction Reports With Mobile Forms

Construction Site Field Reports With QR Codes, Mobile Forms And A Smartphone

Use mobile forms software with QR code scanning for the construction site field reports: daily logs, contractor tracking, visitors induction, job site equipment delivery, safety inspections, and more.
Use QR Mobile Data digital forms software for filling out construction site field reports on the mobile devices and submitting to the office in real time. Use smartphones, tablets or android based mobile computers on the job site for QR code scanning and filling out mobile forms. Create and fill out custom mobile forms for:
  • Construction site daily logs
  • Safety inspections and reports
  • Contractors tracking
  • Visitor induction
  • Fleet inspection / DVIR forms
  • Punch list: issues and resolutions
  • Equipment and materials delivery tracking
  • Equipment service and maintenance
  • Commissioning forms
  • And more...

Create electronic documents based on the submitted mobile forms in Procore with QR Mobile Data-Procore Integration.

Mobile Forms For The Construction Site Daily Logs

Construction daily logs is an important part of the construction projects documentation. Daily logs cover the daily job site conditions and events on the major aspects of the construction projects: job progress, equipment deliveries and usage, materials orders and delivery, employees timing, contractors check in and check out, job site visitors, equipment damages, issues, accidents and delays. Daily logs help construction companies keep track of everything that is going on the multiple job sites, quickly identify and correct the problems.

Using QR Mobile Data software you can create custom digital forms for the construction site daily logs via an easy to use web dashboard. Divide mobile forms into the sections for clarity and an easier completion on the small smartphone screen.

Construction site employees fill out daily logs on site using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, mobile computers) for QR code scanning and data entry. QR code scanning speeds up and simplifies filling out daily logs mobile forms, and helps you avoid errors related to the manual data entry. Completed daily logs are sent to a centralized cloud location, so the office employees have a real time view of daily events and progress on all job sites.

Optionally the daily logs mobile forms can be filled out by different job site employees, where each employee fills out the part he is responsible for. Office can pre-fill part of the mobile form before sending it to the mobile devices, and / or fill out office only part after the daily log submission.

QR Mobile Data software has an advanced mobile forms capabilities that makes daily logs more informative, and the completion of the daily logs fast, efficient and error-free. The capabilities include adding images to the daily logs for visual documentation, QR code scanning, auto-scan checklists, repeatable sections, subforms with the completed fields counter, ability to bounce the form between mobile devices and the office computers, etc. Find out more about QR Mobile Data mobile forms capabilities.

Mobile Forms For The Job Site Contractors Sign In And Visitor Induction

Use QR Codes to allow easy, contactless sign in and sign out for the job site contractors and visitors. The sign in and sign out forms can include only visitor name and company, or you can expand the sign in mobile forms to include the purpose of the visit, notes, etc. Contractors and visitors can scan a QR code for the construction site or a separate area of the construction site, fill out the form on their smartphone and submit the completed form to the server. Office employees can review sign in and sign out logs for all construction sites, along with all associated information (date, time, name, purpose of the visit, etc.) via the QR Mobile data software dashboard / reports.

If a visit requires a construction site orientation, a supervisor can fill out a required visitor induction form, sign the form on a smartphone and submit it to the server. Procore integration allows you to convert each completed visitor induction form into the pdf document and save these documents in a separate directory in the Procore project level documents.

Use QR Mobile Data mobile forms to keep visitors and contractors documentation in order. Review visitor / contractor logs on demand via the QR Mobile Data software web dashboard, filter logs by multiple parameters to quickly find required information.

Mobile Forms / Checklists For The Construction Site Safety Inspections

Make sure that any safety issues on the job sites are discovered and addressed before they lead to the really bad problems. Use QR Mobile Data software web interface to create standartized safety checklists for your projects and equipment. Job site employees will pull out relevant safety checklist on their mobile devices by scanning a QR code, fill it out and submit to the centralized cloud location.

Make sure that routine safety inspections are not missed, and that a qualified employee immediately receives an alert if a problem is discovered during the safety inspection. QR Mobile Data software allows you to create custom reminders based on the mobile form / checklist submission cycle, as well as create e-mail alerts for the form fields that did not pass the safety check.

QR Mobile Data safety checklists can include any additional fields that you need : notes, images to provide a visual documentation of a problem, captured signatures, GPS location, etc.

The auto-scan option of QR Mobile Data checklists allows job site employees to complete safety checklists by scanning task / station QR codes to indicate that it has been checked, instead of looking for the correct checkbox in the checklist. In addition to speeding up the safety checklist completion, auto-scan capability ensures that an employee has been physically present at the station / area during the safety inspection.

Completed safety checklists are stored in a secure cloud, and are accessible in real time by authorized personnel.

More information on the mobile checklists for the construction site safety inspections is available here.

Mobile Forms For The Construction Projects Commissioning

QR Mobile Data software ensures that your construction project commissioning process is efficient and error-free.

On the commissioning planning stage, create or import a list of the assets to be installed and commissioned, and tag them with the QR codes. QR Mobile Data software has a built in tool that allows you to generate, lay out and print assets QR codes. QR code tags on the assets allow field employees to access asset information, documentation, submitted records and mobile forms to complete by scanning a QR code with a smartphone.

Create commissioning forms and checklists via the QR Mobile Data software web dashboard, and assign them to specific asset group(s).

Field technicians have an access to the project and equipment documentation on site using a smartphone and QR code scanning. They fill out relevant commissioning forms and checklists on a smartphone, and submit completed forms to the cloud in real time. Commissioning documentation is accessible to the authorized personnel on demand via a secure web interface in the office and on the mobile devices in the field.

After commissioning of the construction project is completed, use the QR codes on the equipment to record post-commissioning equipment service and maintenance, as well as for accessing a complete equipment information, documentation and history in the field.

More information on the construction project commissioning using mobile forms and QR code scanning is available here.

Mobile Forms For The Construction Site Equipment Reports

Use QR Mobile Data software to keep track of the construction site equipment. Create mobile forms to record equipment delivery to the construction site, report equipment damage, track equipment usage, record equipment service and maintenance.

Tagging construction equipment with the QR codes allows job site employees quickly identify equipment by scanning QR code, access equipment information and documentation, record equipment delivery, report equipment damage and / or record equipment service and maintenance by filling out mobile forms on a smartphone.

A designated personnel receive an immediate alert on the equipment damage reports, and can act quickly to resolve the problem.

Office employees have a real time access to the job site equipment reports: equipment location, transactions history, time spent on each job site for the job site billing, reported equipment damages, maintenance and service history on the office computers.

More information on the mobile forms for the job site equipment tracking, service and maintenance is available here.

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