Automate Business Workflow With Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Workflow Management Software With Custom Forms And QR Code Scanning

Track workflow in real time using mobile application for data collection, filling out mobile forms and QR code / barcode scanning.

If your business needs to track production process and collect various data as project or product batch moves through the workflow, QR Mobile Data software is for you. With QR Mobile Data mobile application you will be able to track everything efficiently, in real time, eliminate manual process and physical paperwork.

Why Do We Need Workflow Management, And Why Mobile Workflow Tracking?

How Does Workflow Management Improve Your Business Process?

Getting insights into your business process is the first step to improving it. Here are just some examples of what you can do by recording and analyzing workflow / production process:

  +   Eliminate production delays. Track time each task takes during the production process, let employees record any issues that might have caused delays, and analyze collected data to find where the bottleneck is.

  +   Find the perfect conditions for the process. Collect data on process conditions (such as temperature, pressure, pH, etc.) and correlate with the quality of the final product batch. Find the best conditions for the perfect product.

  +   Find the best ingredients / components source. Record the weight / amount of discarded / low quality ingredients during the process, find which ingredients source produces the best yield. Identify problematic sources with the low quality outcome.

  +   Traceability and recalls. Analyze production process details of the product lot that had to be recalled. Find out if the problem was caused by irregularities in the production process. Identify and eliminate the caise of the issue.

Why Mobile Workflow Management? Why Use Smartphones To Track Workflow?

Using smartphones / mobile application for workflow management allows your employees to track everything during the process, in real time, without being distracted from their main job.

  +   Move product through workflow steps by scanning QR code / barcode label with a smartphone.
  +   Collect data on a smartphone in real time, on site during the process.
  +   Use mobile forms for data collection and required paperwork (e.g. quality control forms, product testing forms).
  +   Use mobile checklists for any inspections that should take place during the workflow / production process.
  +   Fast and efficient data collection. Mobile forms support scan in fields, selections, hint lists, attaching photos and capturing electronic signatures - which makes data collection much faster and more efficient than manually filling out paper forms or spreadsheets.
  +   Eliminate errors. Provide instructions / guidance to employees through the mobile application. Linked mobile forms to specific workflow steps, so that your employees know exactly what data to collect on each step.
  +   Real time information flow. Data collected on the mobile devices are sent to a central cloud location in real time. All stakeholders have a live view of all current processes.


Manage Workflow(s) And Mobile Forms Via The Web Dashboard

Create an unlimited number of business processes / workflows via the web dashboard, and link mobile forms for data collection to the workflow steps. Your employees will be able to track project or product batch through workflow by scanning QR code with a smartphone. They will collect data on site by filling out mobile forms.

  • Create and manage workflow(s) via the web dashboard. Define workflow steps, provide description and instructions for each process step.
  • Create custom mobile forms for data collection and recording during the process. Attach mobile forms to the workflow steps, make sure that the right data are collected on each process stage. You can create mobile forms for recording observations, collecting measurements, product testing, quality control, etc.
  • Adjusting your processes and workflow is easy. You can update workflow and mobile forms as needed, and your employees will have up-to-date data on their mobile devices.
  • Add clarifying text and visual instructions to the mobile forms. Make sure that your employees know exactly what to do, and there are no mistakes.
  • Create mobile forms with minimal manual entry. Include scan in fields, selection lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, scannable checklists, hints lists, etc.
  • Allow employees to add images and capture electronic signatures as part of the process.
  • Mobile forms have build-in data validation. Define data types that need to be entered, and if the field is required or optional.
  • Employees can complete the form at once or in steps. The completed part is auto saved on their smartphones, and can be accessed later when they resume their work.
  • Automated field - office communication: you can pre-fill part of the form and push to the mobile devices for completion, as well as edit submitted form or fill out "office only" part. If something is not correct or requires more work, you can push the form back to the mobile devices.
  • Capture data over time during the process (e.g. periodic temperature measurements) in one mobile form.


Track Projects Through The Workflow

Use smartphones to track project or product batch through the workflow. Collect data, measurements and fill out forms on site, send to the cloud in real time. All authorized employees have a live access to projects progress and collected records.

  • A mobile session starts with an employee scanning QR code or barcode on the object with a smartphone to uniquely identify it. Optionally you can use a hand-held barcode scanner connected to a smartphone for barcode / QR code scanning.
  • Once the object is identified, an employee can access detailed information on this object (specs, instructions) and access current object status. Depending on the status, (s)he can start a workflow or transfer an object to the next workflow step. If there are mobile forms to fill out on the current step, an employee will fill them out on a smartphone.
  • As an employee fills out a mobile form, the data are automatically saved on his / her smartphone.
  • The forms can be done to minimize manual entries and associated errors. An employee can select data from the list, checkboxes or radio buttons. If you need to track serial numbers / lot numbers of used containers, instruments or ingredients an employee can scan them into the form fields instead of entering manually.
  • An employee can take photos with a smartphone for visual documentation. A photo attached to the form can help illustrate the problem or document completed task.
  • A manager, supervisor or customer can sign a form on a smartphone if required.
  • An employee can stop and resume working on the task / filling out the form at any time - no data are lost in the process.
  • The form can be completed over time by several employees on different mobile devices.
  • When form is completed, it is sent to the secure cloud. Collected data and documentation become available to all authorized users / devices in real time.
  • GPS location of the form submission is automatically transmitted to the server and can be reviewed on the map.


Maintain Proper Documentation On The Business Processes Or Projects

Workflow tracking process produces digital documentation which is securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed on demand by authorized personnel. Use collected records to produce custom PDF reports for internal use, customers or external auditors.

  • Data collected in the field are securely stored in a centralized cloud location. Whenever you need to get a documentation on a specific process, project or product batch, you can get this information fast from anywhere.
  • Administrators in the office can access submitted records via a web dashboard. They can search records by multiple parameters to find the exact record / data they need at the moment.
  • All authorized employees in the field can access project status and previously collected records by scanning QR code label with a smartphone.
  • You can export collected records for importing into another internal system or software.
  • Produce custom PDF reports based on the collected information. Define what should be included in the report, as well as report look and layout via custom templates.
  • Use PDF documents internally, or give an access to the selected reports to the customer(s) and / or external auditors.


Report And Data Analysis

Review reports, analyze collected data to improve business process..

  • Review live status and progress of everything in production.
  • Review all products that are currently on a certain workflow step.
  • Examine each specific workflow step: what projects passed through it, when, who worked on it and all collected data.
  • Review detailed workflow history of current and past projects: dates, employees, collected data.
  • Review workflow history throughout products transformations (mixing, splitting, sorting, conversion. Trace final product back to all original ingredients / original product batch.
  • Analyze collected data to get indights into your business process and improve it.


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