Digital Forms For Construction: Contractor Site Induction Checklist For The Smartphones And Tablets

Use this digital contractor induction checklist for the contractors orientation on the job site. Fill out an induction checklist on a smartphone or tablet and collect a contractor signature. Submit completed induction checklist to the centralized cloud location in real time. Make sure all induction paperwork is preserved as digital records and is available on demand.

Benefits Of Using Digital Checklist For the Contractor Induction

Using Digital Checklist For The Contractor Site Induction

Contractor site induction is an important process for the construction companies that must be completed for all new contractors and visitors to the job site. A contractor induction checklists go over the job site safety rules and procedures with the new contractors, and ensure that they adhere to the job site procedures and safety protocol. At the end of the orientation a contractor signs off the induction checklist, which must be preserved for the OSHA rules compliance.

Digital site induction checklists significantly simplify the new contractors orientation process for the construction site supervisors. Instead of dealing with the paper forms, a construction site supervisor can easily access the latest version of the induction checklists on a smartphone or tablet, check off all points as he goes over the job site orientation with the new contractors, collect a contractor signature and submit a completed induction checklist to the cloud in real time.

This ready to use digital contractor induction checklist goes through the common items that should be discussed during the new contractor orientation. It includes contractor roles and responsibilities, job site hazards, first aid, construction site tools and machinery, materials safety, job site emergency procedures, etc. You can always modify this induction checklist to add items that are relevant to the specific construction site and construction project.

In order to use this digital contractor checklist import it into your QR Mobile Data software account, and use as is or modify if necessary. Once it is done, construction site supervisors can access a contractor site induction checklist on the smartphones or tablets, check off all job site orientation items as they go over them with the new contractors, add notes, collect contractor signature and submit a completed checklist to the central cloud location.

Optionally you put a QR code on the job site areas that a supervisor should scan during the orientation instead of manually checking off a checkbox. QR code scanning simplifies and speeds up induction checklist completion, and verifies that all required orientation areas were visited.

When you use digital contractor induction checklists all the contractor induction paperwork is well organized and preserved as digital records in a secure cloud location. As soon as a new contractor orientation is completed and a digital induction checklist is submitted to the cloud, it becomes part of the digital records. You can access digital records of the new contractor induction on demand from anywhere and search them by multiple parameters to quickly find required records. You can be assured that important contractor induction documentation is never misplaced or lost and that you are OSHA compliant.

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