Digital Construction Forms: Heavy Construction Equipment Inspection Form For The Smartphones And Tablets

Use this digital form for the detailed inspection of the heavy construction machinery, such as bulldozers, excavators, lifts, trenchers, cranes, etc. Fill out the form on the construction site on a smartphone or tablet. Submit completed in spection record to the cloud in real time, or when data connection is available.

Benefits Of Using Digital Forms On The Construction Sites

Using Digital Heavy Construction Equipment Inspection Form

This heavy construction equipment inspection form includes checking of all machinery systems: engine, breaks, steering system, hydraulic, electrical, etc. Use this form to record conditions of all equipment systems and any observed problems.

In order to use this digital equipment inspection form import it into your QR Mobile Data software account, and make adjustments / changes if necessary. Once the form is active in your account, construction equipment operators, mechanics and managers can access it on their smartphones, tablets or mobile computers to perform construction equipment inspection on the job site.

Simply open QR Mobile Data mobile application, scan a QR code label on the equipment or enter equipment ID in the application and run through the heavy construction inspection checklist. The results are sent to the cloud in real time and are saved electronically for your records.

Use heavy construction equipment inspection digital form to verify that heavy construction equipment is in good condition and is safe to operate. Identify any damage or other harmful condition on time to conduct necessary repairs and avoid accidents.

Heavy construction equipment inspections performed routinely on the regular basis help identify preventive maintenance tasks that should be completed. Regular equipment inspections ensure your company meets OSHA standards for heavy equipment safety in the workplace.

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