QR Inventory Reinvents Inventory Management For Small Businesses

New inventory management application (QR Inventory) allows small businesses to process inventory transactions and look up inventory from anywhere - in the field, on the service call, on the factory floor, in the warehouse - by using smartphone as a scanner. In addition to scanning inventory items in and out using a smartphone, company employees can record any information that is important for a particular inventory transaction. It can be anything from project the parts were used for, to location and due date for rental, to sales channel for a sale transaction. All transaction properties are controlled via the web interface, making it very easy for the company to adapt QR Inventory to their business operations.

QR Inventory lets small businesses track inventory efficiently and accurately, using barcode scanning rather than manual entry, but without associated hardware cost.

AHG, Inc. announces a release of QR Inventory - inventory management application that uses QR codes and mobile technologies to streamline inventory tracking for small businesses.

What is New and Exciting About QR Inventory

QR Inventory lets small businesses track inventory efficiently and accurately, using barcode scanning rather than manual entry, but without associated hardware cost. Inventory transactions can be processed in real time from any location where they actually taking place: warehouse, factory floor, service call, field operations. The only hardware required to process the transaction is a smartphone - no hand held scanners or computers are required. Companies can customize QR Inventory to fit their specific business requirements by defining inventory transaction types and properties via the web interface.

What Pain Points Does QR Inventory Address

  1. Inventory transactions are usually happening away from the office and computers: in the warehouse, on the factory floor, in the field. Yet most inventory management systems require a computer, and a scanner that either should be connected to a computer or be located nearby. This disconnect creates delays in updating inventory, and some updates are never recorded, resulting in the wrong inventory count.
    QR Inventory addresses this problem by putting inventory transactions on the smartphones. Now small businesses can streamline and error-proof inventory transactions by using scanning instead of manual entries, but without associated costs of purchasing hardware. Any employee who deals with inventory can immediately process inventory transaction as it happens, no matter where he is located, just by scanning QR code or barcode on the item by a smartphone.

  2. Businesses need to keep track of different things: some businesses may need to track what was used for specific client or project, for other businesses it is important to track items' expiration date and be able to check what is expiring when, other businesses need to know their total sales processed through different sales channels, etc., etc. The list goes on and on, and inventory management programs cannot accommodate all of these different requirements.
    QR Inventory addresses this by allowing businesses to define, via the web interface, transaction types and trackable properties for both inventory items and transactions. This way, every business can track what it needs, and run reports based on these custom properties. Trackable fields automatically appear in the smartphone forms for recording inventory transactions, and can be added / changed at any time via the web.

What are Other QR Inventory Features

QR Inventory has all the regular features of inventory management software: management of inventory items, warehouses, users of the system; ability to run inventory transactions, keep track and report inventory count, set re-order levels and receive low inventory alerts, reports on current inventory, inventory transactions and usage, and more. More detailed information and demo of QR Inventory are available at www.small-business-inventory-managment.com

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