QR Inventory Module Optimized Asset Tracking For Small Businesses

New Asset Tracking & Circulating Inventory module of QR Inventory software makes it easy for businesses to track assets and inventory which are constantly moving between warehouses, job sites, service vans and employees or clients. Authorized employees can record transfer of an asset with one scan of QR code, and information becomes immediately available to central database and all authorized devices. The result is: no more wasted time and money, no lost items, increased productivity.

AHG, Inc. announces addition of Asset Tracking & Circulating Inventory Module to its inventory management software - QR Inventory. QR Inventory uses QR codes and mobile technologies to streamline inventory management process for small businesses.

Many businesses need to track their assets and inventory beyond company�s warehouse(s). Field service companies need to know what they have on the service vans, which items each technician has on hands, and what is installed at the clients' sites. Leasing companies need to know which items are currently leased, who have them and when they are due back. Engineering company may have assets and equipment at multiple remote job sites. The list goes on and on.

Asset Tracking and Circulating Inventory module of QR Inventory addresses these requirements. It allows users of the system to transfer items from one location or person to another using a smartphone with a simple scan of QR Code. Asset location is immediately updated in real time, and all authorized users of the system can access it on any device: smartphone, tablet or computer. The result: no more lost assets or equipment, saved time and money. Company always knows where each asset is, and has an accurate list of assets / inventory at each location / with each employee or client.

Many businesses need to track their assets and inventory beyond company�s warehouse(s).

Custom fields and trackable properties of QR Inventory are applied to Asset Tracking & Circulating Inventory module as well. Companies can select what they want to track for assets transactions (may be a project an asset was taken for, or a client, or let an employee enter a comment - all trackable properties are customizable, so companies can choose to track anything that makes sense for their business). The trackable properties automatically appear in a smartphone application for users to record, and can be included in inventory transactions and usage reports (for example, users can create a report showing which items and how many where used for a specific project).

More information and demo of QR Inventory and add-on modules is available at small-business-inventory-management.com.

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