Customizable Bluetooth IoT Gateway: Hardware And Software Development

Bluetooth IoT gateway for your custom projects. Collect data from the IoT devices and send to your private cloud server, Azure or AWS. We provide BLE gateway with the software customized to your IoT solution.

IoT Gateways: The Role In The Internet Of Things Solutions

IoT gateway is a bridge that connects local IoT devices to the cloud server, which is responsible for the IoT data processing and creating human readable reports. A gateway translates local communication protocols (Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, etc.) to the internet communication protocols, such as HTTP(s) or MQTT. The information could be transferred to the cloud over WiFi or cellular connection.

Internet of Things networks consist of the multiple IoT devices (sensors, BLE beacons, HVAC or lighting fixtures, industrial equipment, etc.). IoT devices collect various data, including:

  • presence or absence of the assets tagged with the BLE beacons
  • environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • equipment operating conditions
  • the start and stop of the manufacturing operations
  • energy usage
  • and more...

The collected information should be sent to the remote server or a local network server for the storage, processing and reporting.

The majority of the IoT devices do not have the capability to directly connect to the cloud. A gateway serves as a central hub that collects data from the multiple devices within the gateway range and sends them to the cloud. On the other side, an IoT gateway allows users to discover and manage on site IoT devices remotely via the web interface.

Edge IoT gateways do not simply pass information between the local Internet of Things devices and the cloud servers, but pre-process and batch data. IoT devices can generate an enormous amount of infrmation, and only a fraction of this material is useful. Edge IoT gateways process the collected information based on the pre-defined rules, filter out redundant data, batch the useful data and send it to the cloud server in the predetermined time intervals. Edge gateways significantly reduce the load on the remote servers by taking on an initial data processing and batching tasks.

Bluetooth IoT Gateway - Software

Bluetooth gateway software is a center of the gateway operations. It allows a bi-directional communication between the local BLE devices and a remote cloud server.

The role of the Bluetooth IoT gateway software

The Bluetooth gateway software provides a bi-directional communication between the local Internet of Things devices and a remote cloud server, or a local network server. The BLE gateway software collect information from the local sensors and / or BLE beacons, processes, formats and batches the data, and sends processed data to the cloud software endpoint. The Bluetooth IoT gateway can also accept commands from the cloud server and pass them on to the local devices. As a result, end users can manage Internet of Things devices remotely from anywhere (add to the network, configure, etc.), and review reports via the web interface.

An IoT gateway has to support protocol used by the local IoT devices on one end, and the cloud server on another end. Bluetooth devices can be designed to transfer information via the BLE advertising (broadcasting) or over the BLE connection. A Bluetooth IoT gateway should be aware of the way the data are transferred, and of the BLE advertising format of IoT devices or a Bluetooth GATT profile specifications. On the other end, a Bluetooth IoT gateway should know the cloud software endpoint for posting data, and the expected data format.

Due to these considerations you cannot purchase a Bluetooth IoT gateway and expect it to work with your BLE devices and your cloud software off-the-shelf. Some off-the-shelf Bluetooth gateways provide cloud software integration via the gateway configuration and an API, but integration with the local IoT devices is not straight forward. In most cases you need to use IoT devices and a gateway from the same vendor for the compatibility. And if you manufacture and distribute custom BLE devices, you do need to develop your own BLE gateway to connect your devices to the cloud.

AHG provides custom software development for the Bluetooth IoT gateways. We will create a gateway software to your specifications, that will communicate to your Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices, collect and pre-process the data based on your rules, format data based on your cloud server software requirements and send it to your cloud software endpoint. You can use our Bluetooth gateway hardware, or install the software on your gateway if you prefer.

Custom software development for the Bluetooth IoT gateways - what we can do

  • Make a Bluetooth IoT gateway to communicate with your devices, using broadcast BLE advertising or BLE connection
  • Create custom BLE gateway configuration rules that you need
  • Send information from the local IoT sensors, BLE beacons or other devices to your private cloud server, Azure or AWS cloud
  • Allow for the management and configuration of the local Bluetooth IoT devices via the web interface, using a Bluetooth gateway as a go-through to send messages from the cloud to the specific IoT device.
  • Send alarms for out of range conditions, specific actions, assets appearance / disappearance in the specified zones, etc.
  • and more...

Please let us know about your Bluetooth IoT project and how we can help.

Bluetooth IoT Gateway - Hardware And Specifications

  • Based on Raspberry Pi 4
  • Communication protocol: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Internet connection: WiFi
  • Power supply: 5V DC
  • Waterproof: optional waterproof case
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 60 degrees celsius
  • Dimensions: 90 mm x 64 mm x 25 mm
  • Gateway configuration is available via the browser
  • Custom software to communicate with your Bluetooth IoT devices that use BLE advertising or connection
  • Custom cloud software endpoint to post data to your private cloud server, Azure, AWS cloud
  • Your rules for the edge data processing
  • Alerts for the out of range data

Please contact us to discuss your Bluetooth IoT project and how we can help.


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