Business Mobile Applications Development Company: Areas Of Expertise

We specialize in the business mobile applications integrated with the backend cloud software, databases, and applications connected to the wireless bluetooth based hardware.

Any type of business application that requires employees to collect, access and exchange information on a smartphone or tablet, and administrators access collected data in real time via a secure web dashboard will be a good match for us. Need to analyze collected data and get meaningful insights into your business process? We can help with the data analysis part of the project as well.

Another area where we can help is mobile applications communicating with the bluetooth devices. We have experience developing mobile applications for bluetooth mesh commissioning, configuration and control, as well as applications that communicate with the bluetooth low energy devices and bluetooth beacons.

Business Productivity Applications

We develop mobile applications that help your business become more productive and efficient. If your employees spend too much time looking for the things they need (equipment, assets, supplies, documentation, etc.), if you need to re-order supplies because nobody knows where to find them, if you lose important documentation or need to re-do tasks because they were not done correctly, we can help.
From inventory and assets management to data collection, workflow tracking and SOP checklists, our business productivitu applications help you get organized and efficient.

Ready-to-go business productivity solitions can be used as is or customized to your needs.

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IoT Devices Management Mobile Applications And Software

Custom mobile application for the management of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices deployed in the field, where gateways and direct cloud connection is not feasible. IoT devices setup, configuration and control from a smartphone using a mobile application and bluetooth connection. An optional IoT device - cloud communication via the smartphone, on site or when internet connection becomes available.

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Bluetooth Mobile Applications / Cloud Software

If you are developing bluetooth-enabled device, equipment or wearable, and need users to be able to interact with the device (setup, configure, read data, etc.) we can help. Need to develop a location tracking system (for assets, equipment, employees and / or visitors) based on the bluetooth low energy beacons? We will be happy to work with you on this project. We have experience developing android and iOS mobile applications which communicate with bluetooth enabled devices, bluetooth beacons and bluetooth mesh. The applications can be stand alone or linked to a cloud software / backend database.

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Smart Buildings and IoT: Bluetooth Mesh Commissioning Software

Bluetooth mesh is a network of the bluetooth enabled devices (mesh nodes) which can communicate to each other (many-to-many communication). This capability allows for the transfer of data over the large distance using bluetooth radio, without a need for multiple gateways. Bluetooth mesh is very secure, has a lot of "smart" options for control and configuration, and can be controlled using the regular smartphones / tablets. This convenience of use, security and lower costs make bluetooth mesh a wireless technology of choice for the growing number of companies.

We develop mobile applications for android and iOS for commissioning, configuration and control of the bluetooth mesh networks.

Data Collection / Workflow Applications

If your employees need to fill out any type of forms or checklists as a part of your business operations, and you are still using paper forms or excel spreadsheets, we can help you become more productive and efficient. Our ready to use mobile data collection software, QR Mobile Data allows your employees to fill out forms and checklists on site, using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), and submit results to the cloud in real time. You will have all documentation in the digitable form, accessible on demand and easily searchable. All forms and checklists are custom-created by you via the web dashboard, so you are in full control.

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Inventory And Assets Management Applications

Every company needs to manage some kind of assets (tools, equipment, IT assets, hardware) and / or inventory (supplies, materials, parts, consumables). Many companies are still doing it manually or with the Excel spreadsheets, and losing time and money in the process. Our ready to use inventory and assets management software, QR Inventory allows you to track assets and inventory efficiently, in real time, whereever you need: job sites, shop floor, warehouse, show room, service truck, etc. Mobile application is used by the field employees for barcode scanning, data entry and look up.

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QR Codes, Barcodes, NFC Applications

Many of the mobile applications that we develop use QR code / barcode scanning, NFC reading or scanning for the bluetooth beacons. Barcode / QR code / NFC / bluetooth scanning is used in our ready-to-go application: for inventory and assets tracking, obtaining item information and documentation, filling out mobile forms and checklists, tracking an item through the process, etc. Scanning capabilities can be incorporated in other application types to allow fast identification of an item, employee, visitor, location, etc. If you thing QR code / NFC / bluetooth scanning can improve your process, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project.

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AHG, Inc. develops integrated cloud - mobile applications that are modern, innovative, can be implemented quickly and increase your company productivity and efficiency. We specialize in the bluetooth applications (bluetooth devices integration and bluetooth mesh networks commissioning), and business productivity applications: assets and inventory management, data collection, project management and workflow automation. We use modern technologies (mobile, cloud, smartphones, QR codes, NFC, bluetooth) to make routine business tasks faster to complete, eliminate data loss and errors, and streamline information exchange withing your organization. We understand that each business has unique requirements, so we give you the power to easily customize our software to fit your business workflow.

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