Commercial IoT Applications: Business Use Cases For IoT Networks Management Software

IoT networks management software, such as BLE Mesh Commissioning, is useful for a variety of the commercial IoT applications. It can be used to configure, manage and control smart buildings, smart lighting systems, industrial IoT devices networks, IoT sensors networks in the warehouse or greenhouse, and any other type of the connected wireless devices networks.

IoT Networks - Commercial Applications

Connected IoT devices are used in a variety of the commercial settings to reduce the employees workload, automate business operations and collect useful information. In the IoT networks, all devices are wirelessly connected, and can communicate to each other without human intervention. Often commercial IoT networks include sensors that send messages to other IoT network devices to automatically perform certain actions - such as change the light brightness based on the current ambient light level or occupancy, turn A/C unit or heater on / off based on the current temperature, turn on irrigation system when soil humidity is low, unlock the doors, etc. In many cases IoT devices collect and send data to the centralized cloud location for processing and analysis - energy use data, occupation data, temperature variations, operational parameters for the industrial machinery, etc.

Regardless of the specific IoT application, IoT devices in the network have to be commissioned - provisioned into the IoT network, and configured so that they can communicate to each other and the gateway, if present.

Bluetooth mesh is the popular technology for the IoT devices networks. It has been created with the commercial wireless lighting systems in mind, but is used for a variety of other IoT applications, from smart thermostats and smart security systems to industrial IoT applications to agricultural IoT networks (smart farms), etc. The big advantage of the bluetooth mesh IoT networks as compared to the other IoT technologies is the ability to commission and control network IoT devices with the regular smartphones or tablets, without the use of the special hardware and / or gateways.

This is exactly what the BLE Mesh Commissioning software is used for. With the Ble Mesh Commissioning software you can manage IoT networks via the web dashboard, and commission IoT devices on site using a smartphone or tablet and BLE Mesh Commissioning mobile application. BLE Mesh Commissioning software allows you to manage bluetooth mesh IoT networks of any kind. Use a single software to manage different kinds of IoT networks, such as IoT networks in the smart building or smart city.


Bluetooth Mesh Commissioning Software: Business Use Cases For Different Types Of IoT Networks

BLE Mesh Commissioning software gives you necessary tools for efficient management of the multiple wireless IoT bluetooth mesh networks. Administrators manage bluetooth mesh networks, create networks configuration and review on site data via an admin web dashboard. On site installers provision bluetooth mesh devices into the IoT network and apply preset configuration using regular smartphones or tablets and BLE Mesh Commissioning mobile application. BLE Mesh Commissioning software provides a secure centralized data system, where all authorized users always have an access to the real time IoT networks information.

Smart Lighting Networks Management, Commissioning And Control

Bluetooth mesh was designed with the smart lighting application in mind, so this is a most frequent use case for the bluetooth mesh IoT networks. BLE Mesh Commissioning software allows you to manage and commission multiple smart lighting IoT networks using one centralized software platform.

Smart Lighting Networks Management - Web Interface

Use BLE Mesh Commissioning web dashboard to manage multiple IoT smart lighting projects, and smart lighting networks within each project. Configure the smart lighting networks via the secure web dashboard using a graphical drag and drop interface. Define the groups of the light fixtures, and which switch(es) / relay(s) and sensors each group should interact with. Create flexible grouping that is not confined to the geographical zoning, or use zones where all devices interact with each other - whatever better fits your IoT networks design.

Smart Lighting Networks Commissioning - Mobile Application

Field commissioners / installers provision on site IoT devices (light fixtures, switches, sensors, gateways) into the bluetooth mesh network and apply preset configuration using smartphones / tablets and a mobile application. BLE Mesh Commissioning mobile application does not require any knowledge of the bluetooth mesh internal design from the installers - they simply apply preset IoT network configuration with the minimal work, navigation and clicks.

More On Smart Lighting Control Software / Mobile Application

Smart Buildings: One Software To Control All IoT Networks

Smart buildings include a lot of subsystems functioning together: HVAC systems, security systems, lighting, etc. Any and all of these systems can include connected wireless devices (IoT networks) communicating to each other and providing relevant data to the building operators. Bluetooth mesh technology allows you to create bluetooth mesh networks that include all these different type of devices, each set of devices confined to their application. IoT devices only process messages directed to their application, but can pass on messages directed to the other applications, contributing to the better throughput of the bluetooth mesh network as a whole. BLE Mesh Commissioning software allows you to manage IoT networks of different types of devices from different vendors, each type of IoT network with its own set of devices, groups and communication rules.

Smart Buildings IoT Networks Management - Web Interface

Use BLE Mesh Commissioning web dashboard to create relevant applications for the smart buildings you manage (such as Lighting, HVAC, Security, etc.). Add types of IoT devices for each application, and use this information to create network groups. Define how network groups interact for different applications using graphical drag and drop interface.

BLE Mesh Commissioning software gives you a lot of flexibility in organizing IoT networks and grouping of IoT devices. You can create one IoT network that includes several applications, create separate IoT networks for each application, or multiple IoT networks within the same application.

Smart Buildings IoT Devices Commissioning - Mobile Application

Field commissioners / installers use a single mobile application to provision and commission all different types of IoT devices and bluetooth mesh networks within the smart building. The IoT networks, network applications, groups of IoT devices within each application and how these devices should interact is already determined - field employees do not need to get into the details of it. All they need to do is to use the mobile application to provision on site devices into the relevant IoT network, and apply preset configuration.

Industrial IoT Networks - Automate Process Control And Equipment Maintenance

Implementing connected wireless devices in the industrial settings helps companies automate operations, optimize equipment and industrial machinery maintenance, and collect valuable data that can be used to further optimize business operations. Industrial IoT networks consist mostly of sensors that detect environmental conditions (such as temperature and humidity) and machinery operations regime (temperature, pressure, vibration, etc.). Sensors can be connected to the devices that can automatically alleviate the conditions (such as HVAC equipment that can automatically support required temperature in the warehouse, or irrigation system that can be turned on when the soil humidity is low). IoT sensors are usually connected to the gateways that send data collected by the sensors to the cloud for the storage and processing.

BLE Mesh Commissioning software allows you to provision IoT sensors into the bluetooth mesh network, and connect them to the right devices for mitigating the situation when environmental conditions fall outside of the acceptable range.

Industrial IoT Networks Management - Web Interface

Use BLE Mesh Commissioning web dashboard to create a list of the bluetooth mesh devices included in your industrial IoT networks. Specify which bluetooth mesh models are installed on the sensors and other IoT devices. Use this information to create groups of sensors and link them to the correct IoT device that should react to the sensors data (for example, to A/C or heating unit to support the correct temperature range, to the humidifier to support the right humidity level, to the pump to support the correct pressure, etc., etc.)

Industrial IoT Networks Commissioning - Mobile Application

On site installers use a mobile application to provision installed IoT devices into the network, and to apply predetermined groups to the provisioned IoT devices. In order to apply the groups to the IoT sensors and other network IoT devices, a field employee selects a group, checks off all IoT devices that should belong to this group, and apply configuration to all devices in the list with one click of a button. No redundant operations, no manual input, extra navigation or clicks is required, and field employees do not need to have any knowledge of the bluetooth mesh networks internal details.

Connected Wireless Devices Networks

There are a lot of other situations that are hard to categorize, where connected wireless devices should communicate to each other, and when a specific event detected or performed by one IoT device in the network should lead to the specific actions from the other devices. For example, in the video surveillance systems a movement detection by a sensor, or a specific action by another IoT network device can cause the cameras around to be turned on. A smart computer docking station can turn off devices that are not in use. Building doors can be locked or unlocked in response to the detected events. No matter what functionality your bluetooth mesh IoT networks have, and what types of devices it is using, you can use BLE Mesh Commissioning software to manage the IoT networks and commission IoT devices.

Connected Wireless Devices Networks - Web Interface

Use BLE Mesh Commissioning web dashboard to create applications and types of devices that you use in your IoT networks. Use this information to create configuration for each IoT network. Select which application(s) will be in use in each IoT network, and create network groups using the device types for the specific application. Define how IoT devices groups should interact, and this information will be available to apply to the on site IoT devices using mobile application.

Connected Wireless IoT Devices Commissioning - Mobile Application

Use a mobile application to provision IoT devices, apply preset applications and groups, review information on each IoT device, de-provision IoT devices and remove non-functioning IoT devices from the network.


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