Bluetooth Mesh IoT Software Benefits: Why Use BLE Mesh Commissioning Software Platform

"Today, I am happy to hear many lighting industry members say that not only has Bluetooth mesh met their expectations but also delivered more than they had thought was possible."
Rafan Han, Silvair   

Wireless IoT networks in the smart buildings provide a lot of benefits to the building tenants. In order to be able to manage, configure and control IoT networks devices you need a software and / or a mobile application. BLE Mesh Commissioning software does just that. It allows businesses to easily configure and control IoT networks in the smart buildings using a mobile application linked to a backend database and a Bluetooth cloud software.

Benefits Of Using Bluetooth Mesh IoT Networks For Industrial Sensors And Smart Buildings

Wireless IoT networks (industrial IoT devices, smart lighting networks, smart buildings) automate business operations, provide real time centralized information access, reduce manual labor, increase business productivity and efficiency. Industrial IoT networks eliminate manual data collection, provide timely alerts to help alleviate operations problems, reduce maintenance and operations costs. Connected wireless IoT devices in smart buildings (such as smart lighting, wireless security systems, wireless HVAC systems, etc.) increase energy efficiency, give facility managers and tenants more control, reduce facility operations and maintenance cost.

Bluetooth mesh is a popular wireless communication protocol for the IoT networks. Bluetooth mesh has several advantages as compared to other Internet of Things technologies:

  • Bluetooth mesh is an open standard. The open standard of Bluetooth mesh allows for the vendor interoperability. You can combine devices from the different vendors in one platform. You can use a Bluetooth mesh IoT software from any vendor, a third party BLE mesh software or develop your own software / mobile application to control IoT networks.
  • Bluetooth mesh networks can be controlled by the regular smartphones. Bluetooth mesh is the only IoT technology that does not require special proprietary firmware for the network devices provisioning, configuration and control with the smartphones. Native bluetooth support by the smartphones allows you to use a Bluetooth mesh mobile application from any vendor to control any Bluetooth mesh IoT network.
  • A single BLE mesh network can be used for the multiple IoT applications. You do not need to create multiple networks for the different applications - a single network can be used for the multiple purposes. For example, a smart lighting network can be used for the asset tracking and / or indoor navigation.
  • Long communication range. Bluetooth mesh technology allows for the messages to travel across an entire network for a long distance, eliminating the need for the multiple gateways.

Bluetooth mesh networks are used in a variety of businesses for increasing productivity and business efficiency. Some common use cases are:

  • Predictive equipment maintenance. IoT sensors network for the industrial machinery collect data on the equipment state and conditions and help detect problems early.
  • Warehouse climate control. IoT sensors networks in the warehouses, cold storage facilities, greenhouses, etc. monitor temperature and humidity. Authorized personnel receives alerts if temperature or humidity goes out of range and can immediately take corrective actions.
  • Smart lighting networks. Wireless lighting controls automate lighting system operations, increase energy efficiency, give building managers full control on the lighting system configuration and valuable data.
  • Smart buildings. Smart building can combine IoT devices for the multiple functions. IoT networks in the smart buildings can include smart lighting systems, building access control, HVAC and appliances, building security systems, sensors networks for the climate control and predictive maintenance, and more.
  • Real time asset management. Bluetooth beacons help companies automate inventory management and asset tracking.
  • and more...


Benefits Of Using Bluetooth Mesh Software For Managing IoT Networks And Devices

In order to commission and control BLE mesh IoT devices you need a software and / or mobile application. BLE Mesh Commissioning software gives you necessary tools for the efficient IoT networks management.

  • Administrators manage smart lighting / smart buildings projects and IoT networks, create networks configuration and review on site devices data via an admin web dashboard.
  • On site installers provision Bluetooth mesh devices into the network and apply preset configuration using regular smartphones or tablets and the BLE Mesh Commissioning mobile application.
  • Bluetooth mesh IoT software provides a secure centralized data system, where all authorized users always have an access to the real time networks information.

Centralized Bluetooth Mesh Software Platform For Managing IoT Networks

Manage multiple commercial IoT networks based on the BLE mesh. Configure networks via the web dashboard, apply preset configuration on site using a mobile application.

Web Interface For The IoT Networks Management

Use a secure admin web dashboard in the Bluetooth mesh IoT software to manage network applications and devices. Create and configure IoT networks, and review status of the network devices in the field. Bluetooth Mesh IoT software is designed to minimize redundant work and data input, and provides intuitive drag and drop interface for managing devices groups and groups interaction.

Easy IoT Networks Commissioning With The Mobile Application

Bluetooth mobile application allows on site installers and customers to easily provision new devices into the network and apply preset configuration. Mobile application users can quickly configure IoT networks without knowing any details of the Bluetooth mesh internal operations.

Bluetooth Mesh IoT Software With A Secure Centralized Data System

Bluetooth Mesh IoT software has a secure, centralized data system in the backend. You do not need to rely on the specific mobile devices to hold network data, or do manual import / exports. All authorized software users have access to the up-to-date networks data, on the office computers and on the smartphones.

A user privilege system in the Bluetooth Mesh IoT software ensures that each user can only perform the functions he is allowed to perform, and can only work with the projects / networks to which he was granted access by the administrator.

Bluetooth Mesh IoT software has an internal locking mechanism to ensure data integrity of all networks.

Use Bluetooth Mesh IoT Software For Multiple Applications

Bluetooth Mesh IoT software is not confined to a specific use case. You can use it for a variety of applications - smart lighting, smart buildings appliances and security systems, building access control, industrial sensors networks, etc. In case of the smart buildings with the multiple IoT applications (such as lighting, HVAC, security, etc.) you can use a Bluetooth Mesh software to manage IoT networks for the entire building.

Bluetooth Mesh IoT software allows you to specify the application(s) that you want to use, and device types that are going to be a part of each application. For example, you may have a smart lighting application, that will include light fixtures, sensors and switches, and HVAC application, that will include A/C units, heating units and thermostats.

You create applications and device types for all of your smart lighting / smart buildings projects just once. This information is used to configure each IoT network you create.

Flexible IoT Devices Grouping And Communication Scenarios

BLE mesh specifications provide a lot of flexibility in how IoT devices can communicate to each other. A device can send messages to a single network device, to a group of devices or to all devices in the network. A BLE device can have multiple elements that can publish data to the different subscriber groups. A device can listen to the multiple other devices, and play a role of both a publisher and a subscriber.

Bluetooth Mesh IoT software uses these capabilities to allow for the customized, flexible grouping of the network devices. IoT devices that communicate to each other do not need to be confined to a geographical "zone". You can create intersecting groups of devices that listen to different wireless controllers without a confusion or complexity. No matter how simple or complex your network design is, a Bluetooth Mesh IoT software will be able to accommodate it.

Bluetooth Mesh IoT Software With No Redundant Data Entry And Operations

Bluetooth Mesh IoT software is designed to minimize the amount of work needed to create and commission new networks. It eliminates redundant data entries and makes use of templates while creating a new network. Mobile application uses preset configuration to do all the work behind the scene, soliciting minimal input, navigation and clicks from the user.

IoT Networks Setup - Web Interface

  • Create BLE mesh applications and device types for all of your smart lighting / smart building projects just once. Bluetooth mesh IoT software re-uses this information for each new network you create.
  • Use graphical drag and drop interface to create publisher / subscriber groups and defining groups interaction.
  • Use templates to copy configuration parameters for the similar networks, then optionally apply changes.

Field Commissioning Of The IoT Devices - Mobile Application

Apply preset configuration to the multiple IoT devices with one click in the mobile application.

  • Select devices that should be a part of the same application or group, apply setting to all devices at once.
  • Select multiple applications or groups to apply to the device at once.

Bluetooth Mesh IoT Software With Flexible Hosting Options

Select software hosting option that suits your company best:

  • Host BLE mesh IoT software with us. Use our secure cloud hosting, and we will take care of all the server administration work and data backups. You will get all software updates immediately as they are released.
  • Host BLE mesh IoT software on your network. Prefer to have all data in-house? You can host software on your internal company network. We will install the software on your server and make sure everything functions properly. You can opt-in for the periodic software updates.
  • Host BLE mesh IoT software with a different cloud provider. You can host BLE mesh software in Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or with any other cloud provider of your choice. We will install the software for you and make sure everything functions properly. You can opt-in for the periodic software updates.

Reduce Time To Market And Initial Investment In IoT Software Development

Standard software significantly reduces your time to market and required investment. However, a standard software might not confirm to all of your specific requirements.

Bluetooth Mesh IoT software provides you the best of both worlds. You can use it as is, you can white label it, or we can customize the system for you to fit your requirements.

Regardless of the option you select, our existing software base will significantly reduce the development time, required investment and time to market as compared to the development of the custom Bluetooth mesh software from the scratch.


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