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Business Mobile Application Development, Cloud Software, Data Analysis and Blockchain in Boise, Idaho and around the world.

AHG, Inc. develops integrated cloud-mobile applications (Android and iOS) that increase business productivity and add to your bottom line. We specialize in business mobile applications in the areas of inventory management, mobile data collection, workflow and business process documentation. Integration of data analysis provides you with in-depth view of your business and trends. We use blockchain technology to allow safe and secure traceability for authorized users across corporate boundaries.

Contact us for custom mobile applications development, or check out Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications.

Manage Inventory, Track Assets Anywhere Using A Smartphone

QR Inventory is a powerful cloud-based inventory and asset management system that utilizes QR codes, NFC tags and smartphones for fast and error free inventory tracking. It is affordable and customizable.

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Automate Workflow With Mobile Forms Data Collection & QR Codes

Automate business workflow by tracking business operations and processes, filling out mobile forms using a smartphone or tablet. Create any type of mobile forms or checklists. Use multiple reports and filters to find information fast.

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Shared Traceability With QR Codes and Blockchain

Shared Traceability can be used for one company or across the entire supply chain network. It records traceability information anywhere in real time. Blockchain technology assures safe and secure traceability across the corporate boundaries.

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Data Analysis: Transform Data You Have Into Insight

Our software includes reports and data analytics tools that provide unique inside into your business. We also offer custom data analysis. Do you have data that is difficult to make sense or to work with? We will help you make sense of this data.

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Bluetooth Mesh: Mobile Applications & Software

Custom mobile applications development for bluetooth mesh networks: provisioning, configuration, control. Mobile applications are linked to a back-end cloud database and web interface for the bluetooth mesh data sync, access control and reporting.

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Mobile App Development Android, iOS, platform-independent

You need a mobile application, and you needed it yesterday. Our american team of expert mobile app developers is ready to help you define, execute and manage intelligent mobile app solutions that work well with your existing software: ERP, databases, accounting systems.

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Why AHG?

AHG, Inc. develops integrated cloud - mobile applications that are modern, innovative, can be implemented quickly and increase your company productivity and efficiency. We specialize in the applications in the areas of: assets and inventory management, data collection, project management and workflow automation. Modern technologies (mobile, cloud, smartphones, QR codes, NFC, data analysis, blockchain) make everyday business tasks faster to complete, eliminate data loss and errors, streamline information exchange withing your organization.

Over 25 years of experience in business IT, are reflected in our Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software in the areas of inventopory and asset management, process management and mobile forms, food safety, lot & batch traceabiliyty, database development, ERP and MRP integration and others.

Mobile And Cloud Software Used By Customers
In Diverse Industries Around the world

Pennsylvania State University Global Payments, Inc. Paper-Pak Industries, Inc. Speedo (Authentic Fitness Corp., Subsidiary of the The Warnaco Group Inc. Steris Corp. Harvest Moon Harvest Corp.
B&G Manufacturing Polycom, Inc. Rutgers University Ecofitt Corp. Bostic Corp. University of RI
IONEX Research Corp. Center For Dairy Excellence Baden-Jensen A/S, Denmark Souders Brookwood Media Arts WDS Logistics