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Mobile Apps
For Business

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Mobile Apps for Business

Portfolio: Android and iOS Mobile Applications

Areas of Expertise

Inventory and Asset
Management with QR Codes

Mobile Inventory Control Solution
for Small and Medium-Size Business

QR Codes Based Asset Tracking, Inspections, Audits

Restocking Orders with QR Codes

Mobile Commerce

Apple Passbook Tools

Mobile Catalogs

  • Creating native apps across different mobile devices and OSs including iOS, Android, hybrid and HTML5
  • Efficient code, reliable Quality Assurance, scalable apps, fast zero-to-app
  • Enterprise apps designed to help you achieve strategic imperatives and better business performance
  • Experts in integrating mobile apps with existing infrastructure and software
  • Inventory control and ordering solutions based on QR- and barcode scanning
  • NO proprietary scanning equipment, works with iPhones and Androids
  • Track and lookup inventory anywhere with your phone
  • Track assets, conduct inspections and audits
  • Speed, automate and error-proof B2B ordering
  • Simple, affordable, scalable and customizable
  • Generate and update Apple Passbook-compatible passes without programming
  • Send updates and promotions to customers via Apple Passbook
  • Match Apple Passbook promotions with customer interests
  • Use scanner application to process passes
  • Individualized product catalogs, mobile shopping cart
  • Integrate with existing software, POS

Selected Customers

  • Bostic Corp.
  • Brookwood Media Arts
  • Deep Well Services Corporation
  • Baden-Jensen A/S, Denmark
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • B&G Manufacturing
  • Paper-Pak Industries, Inc.
  • Olori High Reach
  • Speedo (Authentic Fitness Corp., Subsidiary of the The Warnaco Group Inc.
  • De-Sales University
  • WDS Logistics
  • Polycom, Inc.
  • Rutgers University
  • Souders
  • Steris Corp.
  • University of RI
  • Ice Services, Inc.
  • Transcore Corporation
  • Adaptive Textiles Corp.
  • My 4 Points Corp.
  • Center For Dairy Excellence
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