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Bluetooth Applications For Android and iOS

Android and iOS mobile applications for bluetooth low energy

Mobile applications for interacting with bluetooth low energy devices and bluetooth wearables, commissioning and controling bluetooth mesh, bluetooth beacons applications for real time location tracking.

Bluetooth low energy technology plays bigger and bigger role in the industry and in the personal life.

Bluetooth beacons give companies a low cost option for real time assets and people tracking, enable indoor navigation in large spaces (airports, museums, hospitals, etc.), push relevant information to the smartphones based on the person's location.

Industrial devices equipped with the bluetooth give users an easy way to interact with them: configure devices, read data, etc. using a smartphone with bluetooth mobile application installed. There is a growing number of bluetooth wearables that measure anything from a heart rate to the blood glucose level, and deliver results to the people's smartphones in real time.

Bluetooth low energy mesh (a network of connected bluetooth low energy devices) is used in a variety of applications, from smart lighting and smart buildings to industrial sensors networks. Bluetooth mesh is the only wireless IoT (internet of things) technology that does not require multiple gateways. BLE mesh networks can be commissioned (provisioned and configured) and controlled using regular smartphones (no need for the special hardware). The convinience of use and lower costs make BLE mesh grow in popularity fast.

Android and iOS mobile applications - what we can do:

Regardless of what type of bluetooth project you have, we will help you with the mobile application development, linking mobile application to the web dashboard and back-end database, software implementation and consulting. We will work with you to create a customized solution that fits your business needs:

  • Mobile applications for real time assets and people tracking using bluetooth beacons.
  • Mobile applications for interacting with bluetooth devices and bluetooth low energy wearables.
  • Bluetooth mesh mobile applications: BLE mesh commissioning and control.
  • Keep BLE mesh network data synced on multiple authorized devices using a secure cloud.
  • Linking mobile applications to the cloud softare and back-end databases.
  • Users control and privileges.

Types of bluetooth low energy mobile applications that we develop:

Communication With Bluetooth Devices

Android and iOS mobile applications that communicate with the bluetooth enabled devices and bluetooth wearables. Communication can include device configuration, changing parameters, reading data provided by the devices, etc. The data can be displayed on the smartphone / tablet (in a tabular or graphical format), and / or sent to the back-end database for processing. We will work with the standard bluetooth profiles or custom.

Bluetooth Beacons Mobile Applications

Bluetooth beacons can be used in a variety of real time location applications. The applications can include real time asset tracking, people tracking, providing relevant data to the user's smartphone based on the location, indoor navigation, etc. We develop android and iOS applications that can detect bluetooth beacons, read beacon information and act on it based on the application type (e.g. take GPS location and send to a remote database, calculate user or asset position on the map, display data to the user, etc.).

Bluetooth Mesh Mobile Applications

We develop android and iOS mobile applications for bluetooth mesh commissioning (provisioning and configuration of BLE mesh nodes) and BLE mesh nodes control (setting lighting levels, scenes configuration, events scheduling, etc.). Mobile application can be stand alone or linked to the cloud software / database. In the latter case part of the bluetooth mesh configuration can be done via the web dashboard, and applied to the bluetooth mesh network on site using a smartphone or tablet. More details on the BLE mesh mobile applications development are available here.

Where Can You Use Bluetooth Mobile Applications: Business Use Cases

Equipment / Wearables Interaction

Let users easily set and change equipment and wearables setup parameters using a smartphone. Receive data on a smartphone, review data in the mobile application and / or send to a backend database for processing.

Real Time Asset Tracking

Use bluetooth beacon tags and a smartphone application to track assets and equipment in real time: in the field, on the job sites, in any out-of-the-office location. Track assets inside the large buildings (on the shop floor, in the hospitals, etc.) using bluetooth beacon tags and bluetooth mesh network.

Employees / Visitors Tracking

Track employees time in / time out automatically, employees or visiotors location within the building. Create a "geofenced" areas and receive automatic alerts if a visitor or an employee got in the area where they are not supposed to be.

Indoor Navigation

Use stationary bluetooth beacons to give customers map-based directions in the large indoor areas where GPS location is not available. Send relevant notifications to the customers' smartphones based on their location.

Smart Lighting Systems

Wireless lighting systems based on the bluetooth mesh (smart lighting) allow you to completely automate lighting management (scenes, scheduling, brightness levels, etc.) These capabilities result in the most efficient power use, with the minimum maintenance cost and employees interaction. Bluetooth mesh mobile application allows authorized employees to commission, configure and control lighting systems without a need for the maintenance calls and special hardware.

Smart Buildings

In the smart buildings multiple appliances, such as lighting, HVAC system, security, etc. are based on the bluetooth mesh. Unlike other wireless technologies, you can control the whole complex system of appliances using a web-based software and mobile application - no additional harware required. Use web dashboard to create and configure BLE mesh networks. Provision devices and apply configuration parameters on site, adjust configuration if needed using mobile application.

IoT Sensors Network

Modern facilities are relying on multiple sensors (temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure, CO2 content, ambient light, etc., etc.) for automatic maintenance of the correct environment, and alerting the authorized personnel on the process completion or potential problems. Mobile application can be used to configure and control BLE mesh sensor networks, as well as reading accumulated data and sending them to the back-end database for processing.

Smart Homes

Although bluetooth mesh is mostly used in the industrial facilities, bluetooth mesh based smart home systems are rapidly catching up. Bluetooth mesh systems allow people to easily control home lighting, heating and air conditioning systems, door locks, etc. Mobile application allow users to easily configure and change settings without professional help. For example users can configure which switch turns on / off what lights without a need for inviting an electrician and do rewiring.

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