Barcode Inventory Count Software: Stocktaking With A Smartphone

Use smartphones and QR code / barcode scanning for the efficient physical inventory count / stocktaking. Review real time inventory count reports via the web dashboard.
If you need to periodically check on hand inventory or verify that all company's assets are in place, you know how tedious and error-prone manual inventory counts and asset audits can be. Business needs to be shut down for a day or more, with all employees counting and re-counting inventory several times until numbers match, then enter all these data to the computer.
If you want to speed up, simplify and error-proof this process, QR Audit might be the answer!
QR Audit uses QR code, mobile and cloud technology to make inventory control tasks fast and easy. Using QR Audit mobile application, employees can scan assets or inventory instead of taking it manually with paper and pencil. Multiple employees can take part in the inventory count at the same time to expedite the process.
As employee scans inventory in, (s)he can see running feed on the smartphone screen, and can make corrections if necessary. At any time during the process an employee can submit the batch directly to the cloud. There are no misplaced or lost information, and no need for any manual entries.

Expedite Inventory Counts, Stocktaking, Asset Audits

Automate inventory count by using smartphones or tablets for barcode scanning and data collection.
Multiple employees can count inventory concurrently, speeding up the process.
QR Audit mobile application is designed for the continuous barcode scanning with minimum user interaction.
Scanned data are send directly to the inventory management cloud software: no data loss or double entry.

Minimize Inventory Count Errors

Eliminate manual inventory SKU / part number and count entries and prevent errors. Use smartphones for the barcode scanning and data entry.
Employees see running inventory count feed as they scan, so there are no doubts what was scanned and counted.
Employee can make corrections to the current inventory count batch if needed and submit each batch to the backend inventory management cloud software.
No manual entries - no errors!

Prevent Inventory Count Data Loss

With QR Audit software collected inventory count data are safe. As an employee scans in inventory, items are automatically saved on the smartphone. User can stop and resume inventory count without any data loss.
At any time an employee can submit scanned inventory count batch directly to the cloud. After inventory count batch is submitted successfully it is deleted from the user's smartphone, and the user is ready to start a new batch.

Flexible Physical Counts Schedule

Plan to do inventory count in a large warehouse, or company-wide assets audit? Administrator can initiate a planned audit, with multiple employees counting inventory at the same time.
An administrator creates a new physical count / audit via the web dashboard, defines when inventory count should start and end, what inventory location(s) should be counted, and what inventory groups for the cycle counts.
Need periodic audits of a small space by a single employee? Authorized employees can initiate, complete and submit an ad hoc audit from their smartphones without the administrator's involvement.

Inventory Count Reports

Inventory count and asset audit reports are available to all authorized users and devices in real time.
Review and export the list of assets and inventory as reported by the audit, as well as raw inventory count data. QR Audit software will compare submitted inventory count to "on the books" inventory and produce discrepancy report.
Get a bigger picture by accessing cumulative data on the missing inventory, statistics and trends.

Sync With Internal Inventory Software

Upload inventory or asset list for each location to QR Audit software. This list will be used to compare "on the books" inventory with the inventory count results, and produce discrepancy report.
Export inventory count results and / or discrepancies report for import into the inventory management software and do adjustment.
Want to have real time integration with the inventory management software? We do custom integrations.

QR Code Generation, Inventory Labeling

If your inventory or assets are labeled, you can use the existing labels. QR Audit software supports barcodes, QR Codes and NFC tags.
If your assets or inventory are not labeled, use QR Audit software built-in tool to generate, layout and print QR Code labels.

Works Seamlessly With QR Inventory

QR Inventory is a modern, lightweight yet powerful mobile inventory management and asset tracking software. It employs modern technologies: QR codes, mobile devices, NFC, cloud computing, smartphones - to make inventory management simple, efficient and affordable for the small businesses. QR Inventory unique design allows you to easily adjust it to your business workflow.
QR Inventory software works seamlessly with the QR Audit software.

QR Audit is a brand name of the mobile inventory count software by AHG -- a provider of the mobile and cloud-based applications for business. Our unified mobile platform improves business operations efficiency by eliminating manual tasks and physical paperwork, while providing a secure cloud storage for the business records, real time access to business data for all stakeholders, comprehensive data reporting and analytics. Headquartered in beautiful Boise, Idaho, AHG software is used to manage hundreds of millions of dollars annually in inventory and assets.

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