Mobile Physical Inventory Count Software With Barcode / QR Code Scanning

Modern mobile inventory count software. Use a QR Audit barcode scanning mobile application to complete inventory count fast and without errors. Submit inventory count data from the mobile devices to the backend cloud database in real time. Review and download inventory count reports from anywhere, automatically identify and adjust inventory discrepancies.

QR Audit Mobile Inventory Control

Inventory Count Mobile Application

Use barcode scanning mobile application to count inventory, review scanned inventory batches on the smartphone screenbefore submitting to the cloud.
Multi-user Inventory Count System

Any number of employees can work concurrently in the different parts of the warehouse to complete physical inventory count fast.
Inventory Count And Discrepancies Reports

Review and download inventory count reports, inventory discrepancies reports and raw inventory batches reports.

Physical Inventory Count System: Mobile + Cloud

Use QR Audit barcode scanning mobile application linked to the cloud inventory management software for the fast and efficient physical inventory count.

Taking physical inventory manually requires a lot of effort, employee-hours and money. Often businesses need to shut down operations for several days to do a complete inventory count. In spite of all the effort manual inventory counts are usually not very accurate. Inventory count data recorded with paper and pencil are lost, misplaced or are not entered to the computer.

Luckily, modern technologies and modern inventory software simplify the inventory count process, makes it efficientand error-free.

QR Audit is a modern cloud inventory software that helps you do physical inventory fast and error-free. Instead of using paper and pencils for the inventory count recording company employees will be using smartphones for barcode scanning of the inventory items. As they scan inventory, a running inventory feed is displayed on the smartphone screen - so they know exactly what is in the current inventory batch. At any moment an employee can review the inventory count batch and submit it to the cloud. No need for double entries, no missed or misplaced inventory count data.

Any number of employees can take part in the inventory count simultaneously, working in the different areas of the warehouse. Collected inventory count data are never lost or repeated - the scanned inventory batch stays on the employees phone until (s)he submits it to the cloud, and is deleted after the successful submission.

An administrator controls physical inventory count schedule via the web interface. He defines in what location(s) inventory count is performed, whether it is a complete or cycle inventory count, which inventory groups need to be counted, when does the inventory count starts and ends.

Once physical inventory count is done, a complete set of inventory count reports is available: total inventory count, inventory count by groups and locations, raw inventory batches, inventory discrepancies. Review inventory count reports online or export reports for syncing with your inventory management system. You can also combine QR Audit software with QR Inventory software for a comprehensive inventory control solution.


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QR Audit is a brand name of the mobile inventory count software by AHG -- a provider of the mobile and cloud-based applications for business. Our unified mobile platform improves business operations efficiency by eliminating manual tasks and physical paperwork, while providing a secure cloud storage for the business records, real time access to business data for all stakeholders, comprehensive data reporting and analytics. Headquartered in beautiful Boise, Idaho, AHG software is used to manage hundreds of millions of dollars annually in inventory and assets.

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