QR Audit Software Inventory Control, Used Inventory Reports

Use QR Audit software for the project inventory control. Count on hand inventory using QR Audit mobile application with barcode scanning. QR Audit software will compare on hand inventory with the original inventory list and create a list of inventory used for the project.

QR Audit Software Inventory Control

On Hand Inventory Count

Use QR Audit mobile application to count project leftover inventory with barcode scanning.
Cloud Inventory Count Processing

Upload inventory count data from the smartphone to the backend cloud database in real time.
Used Inventory Reports

QR Audit software processes inventory count data and produces a report of the iventory used for the project.

Project Inventory Control

Use QR Audit software to efficiently count inventory used for the project or per the job site, review and download inventory reports. Here is how you can create reports on used inventory with the QR Audit software and a mobile application:

  • Upload a list of inventory allocated for a project.
  • If inventory items have barcode or QR code labels from the manufacturer, you can use them. If not, use QR Audit software built-in tool to generate, layout and print QR code labels for the inventory.
  • After project completion, or at a certain time interval, company employees use QR Audit barcode scanning mobile applicatio to count remaining inventory.
  • Company employees can use their own smartphones or company issued smartphones, or mobile computers for barcode scanning / inventory count.
  • An administrator sets a timeframe when each team should conduct inventory count. Alternatively, authorized employees can do ad hoc inventory counts for the inventory in their service trucks or in the small area under their supervision.
  • Several employees can count inventory at the same time in their designated locations.
  • As employees scan in inventory, they can see current inventory feed on the smartphone screen and can make corrections if needed.
  • Employees can submit inventory count batch to the cloud at any time. Once inventory count batch is successfully submitted it is deleted from the user's smartphone to avoid double entries.
  • Once inventory count is closed QR Audit software compares submitted inventory count to the original inventory list, and produces used inventory report.

This method will work well for you if you do not need to know details: when and how each piece of inventory was used, by whom, get detailed reports on inventory transactions, etc. For a complete inventory control, use QR Inventory - a mobile inventory management software with QR code scanning.


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