On Hand Inventory Audit With A Smartphone And QR Code Scanning

Give field employees a fast and convenient way to verify on hand assets inventory on a periodic basis. Company employees use a smartphone and QR cde / barcode scanning to verify inventory possession, submit on hand inventory count to a cloud inventory management software for processing.

Fast On Hand Inventory Count With A Smartphone

Barcode Scanning Mobile App

Use smartphones or tablets for the barcode scanning. New assets can be labeled, entered into the QR Audit software and scanned into the inventory audit batch on the spot.
Cloud Asset Audit Software

Asset audits data are saved in a secure cloud. Search and access past asset audits, identify missing assets, export data to sync with the asset management software.
Use QR Codes, Barcodes or NFC

QR Audit software supports QR codes, barcodes and NFC tags. Use labels or tags that you have, or generate QR code labels using QR Audit software built-in tool.

Streamline On Hand Inventory And Asset Audits For The Distributed Workforce

If you have teams working in the multiple field locations it may be hard to keep track of the assets and inventory they have on hand and use. QR Audit software is a right tool for the job. It makes on hand assets inventory verification and audits fast, effective and error-free.

Field employees can use QR Audit mobile application to identify on hand inventory and assets in their posession using QR code / barcode scanning. They can count inventory on the daily, weekly or monthly basis, and submit inventory count from the smartphone to the backend inventory management software in real time.

Once inventory or audit count is submitted, a series of reports is created: on hand inventory count, missing or found assets, as well as cumulative reports on inventory count in multiple locations. You can review missing or used inventory and assets statistics by SKU / part number, team, time period. Export inventory and asset audit reports to sync with the internal inventory management software, or use along with the QR Inventory software.


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QR Audit is a brand name of the mobile inventory count software by AHG -- a provider of the mobile and cloud-based applications for business. Our unified mobile platform improves business operations efficiency by eliminating manual tasks and physical paperwork, while providing a secure cloud storage for the business records, real time access to business data for all stakeholders, comprehensive data reporting and analytics. Headquartered in beautiful Boise, Idaho, AHG software is used to manage hundreds of millions of dollars annually in inventory and assets.

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