QR Code Inventory Count, Asset Audit With QR Audit Mobile App And Cloud Software

Streamline inventory count and asset audit process with the smartphone and QR code / barcode scanning. Use QR Audit mobile application for QR code / barcode scanning and data entry. Send inventory count batches to the backend inventory management software in real time.


Planned Inventory Counts And Asset Audits

If you want to do a company wide physical inventory count or assets audit with the participation of multiple employees, schedule a planned inventory count or asset audit via the QR Audit software web dashboard. You can define inventory count or asset audit location(s), select if it is a complete or cycle count, and select which inventory groups should be counted.

Once inventory count or asset audit is scheduled, company employees participating in the inventory count will be able to access this planned audit on the smartphones in QR Audit mobile application. They will use QR Audit mobile application for the QR code / barcode scanning, each employee conducting an inventory count in his designated area. As employees add inventory or assets to the running batch with QR code / barcode scanning, they see running inventory feed on the smartphone screen, and can make corrections if needed. At any moment stocktakers can submit the current inventory count batch to the cloud and start a new batch.

QR Audit mobile application is designed for the continuous QR code / barcode scanning with the minial manual input. Scanned inventory batches are auto saved on a smartphone - an employee can stop and resume inventory count at any time without losing collected information.

When inventory count or asset audit is completed, an administrator closes it via the admin web based interface. Once inventory count or asset audit is closed company employees cannot select it on the smartphones, and cannot submit any more inventory count data for this audit.

Ad Hoc Inventory Counts And Asset Audits

If the company employees need to periodically verify assets in their possession, count inventory in their service trucks, or conduct frequent inventory counts / asset audits in the small locations, it is not practical to create a planned inventory count or asset audit for each case. In this situation an employee performing the inventory count or asset audit will create an ad hoc audit on the smartphone without an administrator's involvement.

Once an ad hoc inventory audit is created, an employee will scan in inventory or assets using a QR Audit mobile application for the QR code / barcode scanning. From this point a QR Adit mobile application works in the same manner for the planned and ad hoc inventory counts. An employee scans in inventory or assets with a smartphone, and scanned inventory batch is automatically saved. Once inventory count or asset audit is completed, the inventory batch is submitted to the cloud. Ad hoc inventory count or asset audit is closed automatically when inventory count batch is submitted. Ad hoc inventory counts and asset audits submitted from the mobile devices are available to authorized users in real time for the inventory reports and analysis.

Inventory Counts And Asset Audits Reports

Inventory count and asset audits results are available in real time to all authorized users of QR Audit software. Reports include:
  • raw inventory count batches, with the submission date / time and an employee name
  • total inventory or assets count
  • inventory and assets discrepancies, if any

In addition to the reports for each audit, you get cumulative reports on the missing assets or inventory during the specified time period and monetary value of the lost inventory.

Sync Inventory Audit With The Internal Inventory Software

QR Audit software allows you to import / export inventory data to synchronize QR Audit with the inventory management software or asset tracking software of your choice.

You can import inventory and assets list, inventory stock and assets locations into the QR Audit software. The imported inventory and assets data will be used by the QR Audit software to compare inventory count results with the "on the books" inventory stock in the audit location, and report inventory or asset discrepancies.

After the completion of an inventory count or asset audit you can export the inventory count results and inventory discrepancies report for import into the internal inventory management software.

Perpetual Inventory Management - QR Inventory

Combine QR Audit software with the perpetual inventory management software - QR Inventory. QR Inventory is a web based inventory management software with the mobile inventory processing and look-up. It allows you to track assets and inventory in the multiple locations (warehouse, job site, service van, client site, etc.) using smartphones or tablets for QR code / barcode scanning. QR Inventory software works seamlessly with the QR Audit - no manual import of inventory data and export of the inventory count results is required.

QR Audit is a brand name of the mobile inventory count software by AHG -- a provider of the mobile and cloud-based applications for business. Our unified mobile platform improves business operations efficiency by eliminating manual tasks and physical paperwork, while providing a secure cloud storage for the business records, real time access to business data for all stakeholders, comprehensive data reporting and analytics. Headquartered in beautiful Boise, Idaho, AHG software is used to manage hundreds of millions of dollars annually in inventory and assets.

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