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Restocking Orders With QR Codes - Just Scan To Order

Placing Restocking Orders With QR Codes: How Does QRwave Work

Mobile Shopping Cart

QRwave consists of two parts: mobile application (Android and iPhone/iPad) and back-end web admin area. Your clients will use mobile application to place orders. Instead of searching for the correct items on the web site, they will scan QR code label on the items they need to order to place them in the shopping cart. Once order is comlete, it is submitted and you are alerted by e-mail.
Using admin web interface you can manage inventory for sale, generate QR codes and (optionally) review submitted orders.
You can use back-end web area as a hosted service and let your customers download standard QRwave application from Google Play or App Store to place orders. Alternatively, we can create custom branded mobile app for you and you can install web area part on your network.

B2B and B2C Situations

In business-to-business environment the application can be used to place orders directly with the supplier or to submit order request to the office. If submitted to the office, authorized office employees will be able to review it before submitting to you.
In the B2C ecommerce / retail environment, your customers will re-order items by scanning QR code on the packaging. The order will be sent directly to you.

Connecting to existing ERP / database

QRwave is designed to integrate seamlessly with your accounting or ERP system. It can communicate with your system to authenticate users, obtain custom pricing information, shipping options, etc. It can also post orders to your system for processing. Alternatively, you can include pricing / shipping information in the product QR code and receive placed orders by e-mail or download them via secure web interface. Whatever your current ordering workflow is, QRwave will fit right in.

New: If adding QR codes to 1,000s of inventory items is not practical, we can make your version of QRwave work with regular bar codes that are likely to already be present on your products.

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