Automate Business Workflow With Mobile Data Collection

Work Order Software For Construction With Asana Integration

Complete work order management system for construction. Schedule, dispatch, manage and document construction project tasks using QR Mobile Data - Asana integration.
Manage construction work orders and collect project documentation on site using a smartphone or tablet and digital forms. Create digital mobile forms for all types of the construction site tasks: daily progress reports, safety audits, inspection checklists, vehicle inspection DVIR forms, project commissioning forms, equipment maintenance forms, field report forms, etc., etc. in the QR Mobile Data software. Assign tasks to the field employees, create a work order with a relevant mobile form, and dispatch a work order to the technician's smartphone in seconds.

Schedule Construction Project Tasks And Work Orders In Asana

Asana project management software helps you plan and schedule construction tasks and work orders, keep track of the work order progress and completion. Here is what you can do to efficiently manage tasks in Asana software:

  • Set up the tasks for the construction project. You can then use the tasks for scheduling work orders, assigning work orders to the employees, and dispatching work orders to the employees' smartphones and tablets.
  • After you created the tasks structure for the first construction project, save it as a template to use for the other projects. This will significantly speed up new construction projects setup.
  • Establish tasks dependency to account for the changes in the construction project steps completion.
  • Assign tasks to the field employees, and set tasks start and end dates.
  • Use various view in Asana project management software to get a good perspective on where you are and what you need to do at any stage of the construction project. See at a glance the project progress, completed work orders and documentation.
  • Field employees can check a list of tasks / work orders assigned to them, and can communicate with other members of the team via Asana software.
  • Keep construction project documentation well organized. Attach relevant documents to each task, access documents on demand as needed. Completed work order documentation is uploaded to Asana and is attached to the construction project task automatically.

Digital Documentation For The Construction Work Orders In QR Mobile Data Software

QR Mobile Data software helps construction companies digitize all types of the construction site paperwork. Company employees can fill out construction mobile forms on the smartphones or tablets and submit to the backend cloud software in real time. Authorized company employees can instantly access completed mobile forms, on the office computers and on the smartphones in the field. Here is what you can do in the QR Mobile Data software to efficiently manage work orders and documentation for the construction projects:

  • Create custom digital forms for all types of the construction project paperwork via the QR Mobile Data software web dashboard.
  • Create construction work orders, attach mobile form to the work order and dispatch work order to the field employee smartphone or tablet.
  • Fill out mobile forms on the construction site and submit to the backend cloud software in real time.
  • Create pdf documents based on the submitted work order forms, e-mail to the clients or internally. Automatically upload construction site documents to Procore or Asana project management software.
  • Create custom alerts and receive e-mail if submitted mobile form contains out-of-range data that require immediate attention.
  • Pass digital forms between the field and the office, or between mobile devices, so that each employee fills out his / her part of the work order form.
  • QR Mobile Data advanced mobile forms capabilities make them fast and easy to complete in the field and on the job sites.
  • Electronic documentation on the construction projects work orders is securely preserved in the cloud, is well organized, accessible on demand from anywhere by authorized personnel, and is easily searchable.

Managing Construction Project Tasks, Work Orders And Documentation Using QR Mobile Data - Asana Integration

QR Mobile Data software integration with Asana helps you combine construction project management, work orders scheduling and dispatch and construction site documentation. QR Mobile Data software administrators can create work orders for the construction project tasks, and attach mobile forms that should be completed for this work order. When a work order is linked to the Asana task it gets automatically assigned to the right employee and is dispatched to the employee's smartphone.

Field employees access work orders assigned to them in the QR Mobile Data mobile application. They complete the work order, fill out relevant mobile forms on a smartphone and submit documentation to the backend QR Mobile Data software in real time. After work order is done a pdf document based on the completed mobile form is automatically created and is uploaded to Asana project management software. At the same time Asana task linked to the work order is marked as completed.

As a result:

  • You can lay out construction project workflow, schedule and assign tasks and work orders, monitor project progress and work orders completion.
  • Field employees complete work orders and associated paperwork efficiently, fast and error-free using a smartphone and mobile forms.
  • There is a real time communication loop between the field and the office, and between the field employees on the construction sites.
  • If any problems are detected the right personnel is immediately alerted and can take corrective actions fast.
  • You have all construction project documentation well organized, easily accessible and searchable.

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