Digital Forms Software For Business: A Mobile Forms Application With Cloud Backend

Use digital forms software to eliminate physical paperwork and access electronic records on demand from anywhere

How Digital Forms Software Helps With The Business Paperwork

Benefits Of Digital Forms For Business

  • Fast, easy completion on the mobile devices. Field employees can use their own smartphones or tablets that they already carry around and are familiar with to fill out digital forms on site.
  • Advanced capabilities. Digital forms have advanced capabilities that are not available in the paper forms. These capabilities include built-in verification, dynamic sections that can be added to the form on demand, smart auto-fill, QR code and barcode scanning, capturing photos for visual documentation, capturing electronic signatures, capturing GPS location, and more.
  • Automated data flow without manual entries. The data collected via digital forms are submitted from the mobile devices to the backend cloud software. No additional actions are needed to preserve and access collected documentation.
  • Real time data access by all team members. All team members can access submitted records in real time, from anywhere, on the office computers and mobile devices.
  • Organized documentation accessible on demand. Collected documentation is securely stored in a centralized cloud location, is easily searchable using multiple filters, and is accessible on demand from anywhere by the authorized software users.

Steps To Replace Physical Paperwork With Digital Forms

  • Create custom digital forms. Use forms builder tool in the QR Mobile Data software to create custom mobile forms for your business tasks.
  • Link digital forms together using a workflow (optional). For documenting multi-step business processes create a custom workflow, and link mobile forms to the specific workflow steps.
  • Fill out digital forms on the mobile devices. Digital forms that you created via a cloud software web interface are available in the mobile application for the business employees to fill out on the smartphones or tablets.
  • Submit completed forms to the cloud software. Submit completed digital forms to the backend cloud software in real time. If there is no internet connection submit all completed forms at once when connection becomes available.
  • Use cloud software web interface to review reports. Review completed digital forms via a secure cloud software web interface. Search records by multiple parameters to find the exact information you need.
  • Export collected data. Export data collected on the mobile devices in .csv file for importing into the internal software systems.
  • PDF reports. Create custom pdf reports based on the submitted data. Automatically e-mail pdf reports, or send to the project management software systems, such as Procore or Asana.

How To Use Business Digital Forms In The QR Mobile Data Software

Go paperless with the digital forms custom made for your business workflow. Use digital mobile forms to collect data in the field and send to a backend cloud software in real time. Create customized pdf documents, send to the customers or automatically route to the project management software system.

Create Business Digital Forms Online, Fill Out On a Smartphone

Custom digital forms for your business, fillable on the smartphones or tablets. Access results in real time via the cloud software web interface.
  • Create custom digital forms for your business via a QR Mobile Data software web dashboard.
  • If you need to document multi-step processes link digital forms together using a workflow.
  • Make it easy for the field employees to fill out forms in the field. Include instructions, scannable fields and checklists, selection lists, checkboxes, hint lists, dynamic repeatable sections, smart auto-fill options, and more.
  • Add image fields to allow field technicians to take photos with a smartphone and attach to the completed forms for visual documentation.
  • Field technicians fill out digital forms on site, in the field or on the shop floor, using a smartphone or tablet.
  • You can pre-fill part of the mobile form online via a QR Mobile Data software web interface, assign a form to the field technician, and dispatch it to the technician's smartphone.
  • Alternatively, you can dispatch an unassigned digital form to all field technicians, so that any available technician could pick it up.
  • Field technicians can transfer partially completed digital forms between mobile devices, so that each technician can fill out a part he is responsible for.
  • Digital forms can be filled out at once or in steps. All data are saved on the mobile device until the form is completed and submitted to the backend cloud software.
  • Once a completed form is submitted it is accessible by all authorized software system users, on the mobile devices and on the office computers.

Store Business Digital Forms Submissions In The Cloud, Access On Demand From Anywhere

Make sure that important business documents are always at hand, are not misplaced or lost. Store electronic records submitted using business digital forms in the cloud, access required documents on demand from anywhere.
  • All records collected via digital forms are sent to a backend cloud software, and are stored in a central database.
  • Authorized software users can access completed records via a cloud software web interface, or on the mobile devices in the field.
  • Search submitted records by date, project, job number, location, record type and other parameters to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Access completed digital forms online via a cloud software reports, download as .csv file, and / or create pdf documents with custom layout.
  • E-mail pdf documents internally, to the customer or external auditors, from the smartphone or later using a cloud software web interface.
  • Automatically send pdf reports to the project management software systems, such as Procore or Asana.

See It For Yourself - Business Digital Forms In The QR Mobile Data Software

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