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Bluetooth Equipment Tracking: Real Time Equipment Monitoring With BLE Tags And A Smartphone

BLE field equipment tracking provides a lower cost / easier deployment alternative to the GPS asset tracking. Using BLE beacon tags and a smartphone you will be able to monitor field equipment location in real time. You will know current equipment location, who is or was using it, and equipment utilization history - all without the need for the field employees to scan barcode or QR code tags at each equipment location.
bluetooth asset tracking

What will the real time bluetooth asset tracking module do for you?

With real time bluetooth asset tracking module you will be able to automatically track location of tools and equipment, as well as whether the equipment is in use and by which employee, using bluetooth beacon tags and smartphones.

Field technicians who handle equipment do not need to do anything except having either Android or iPhone in their pockets, with QR Mobile Data application running in the background. The data on where equipment is located and who is handling it will be sent to the centralized cloud location automatically in configurable time intervals.

What information will you get from the bluetooth tags collected data?

From the data collected bluetooth beacon tags you will get:

  • real time view (map and tabular) of equipment location, if equipment is being used and by whom
  • log of equipment usage: location, employee(s), project, dates and time, duration
  • summary reports on equipment usage for projects, job sites, employees time on the job using specific equipment
  • data analysis of equipment utilization and suggested improvements to the process to increase efficiency

What does Mobile Data Collection software do?

Real time asset tracking module is a part of existing QR Mobile Data software. QR Mobile Data allows you to track equipment service and maintenance, fill out paperwork using mobile forms, track projects progress and create custom documentation. During the pilot you can test other features of QR Mobile Data if you find them useful, but this is not required.

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